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The Case of the Killer Pizzas
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Cartoon) episode
The Case of the KIller Pizzas Title Card.png
Title screen
Season Code: 02
Episode: 06
Original airdate November 5, 1988
Written by Douglas Booth
Episode chronology
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"Curse of the Evil Eye" "Enter The Fly"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1988 Season
October 1, 1988 - December 24, 1988
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"The Case of the Killer Pizzas" is the eleventh episode of the 1987 TMNT cartoon series. It is the sixth episode of season 2 (1988). This episode was written by Douglas Booth. It originally aired on November 5, 1988, in syndication. It is available on DVD in the box set released on April 26, 2005.

Plot Summary

Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady send eggs from Dimension X, which resemble meatballs, to Shredder and Baxter Stockman. The plan is to sprinkle the eggs on pizzas and hope that the Ninja Turtles eat them. Fortunately for them, a pizza bake-off with free samples and prizes is going on, so Shredder frightens off a boy handing out leaflets, and washes the remaining flyers down into the sewers.

Underground, Michelangelo is beaten by a dummy that Donatello has hooked up to a washing machine. Suddenly water floods the practice room, and leaves the flyers for "Free Pizza" everywhere. Splinter deduces from slash marks on the flyers that they came from Shredder, but the Turtles are fine with engaging their enemy again, especially if it means getting pizza while they're at it.

April and Irma also attend the Pizza Bake-Off, where Irma avoids a man who wants her as a girlfriend (with some help from April and the Turtles). April agrees to enter the Turtles in the raffle for three free pizzas.

Meanwhile, Baxter Stockman has surreptitiously placed an egg on each of the three prize pizzas. However, the pizza maker has a rush order, and sends two of the prize pizzas out on delivery, replacing them with fresh ones.

Upon seeing Baxter, they realize that Shredder must be nearby, and spot him entering a pizza place. A fight breaks out in the pizza kitchen, ending with Shredder humiliated and covered with ingredients.

When Baxter reads the winning names in the drawing, he lies, saying that Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo are the winners. April delivers the three pizzas to the Turtles, and they give her one of them as a reward for helping them out. April and Irma decide to eat that pizza at Irma's apartment - not knowing that the egg from Dimension X is on that pizza.

When Irma heats up the pizza, the energy of the microwave oven activates the egg and causes it to hatch into a glowing little red creature, which devours the pizza. Irma faints when she opens the microwave and sees it. April contacts the Turtles, who rush over to Irma's apartment and try to capture the little red creature, which escapes. Having been told that it "came with the pizza" and that the pizzas they got were not the original contest prizes, the Turtles deduce that there must be two other red creatures out there as well.

The Turtles fly the Turtle Blimp over New York City and spy Mario, the pizza delivery boy, as he delivers pizza to two wealthy children. Unfortunately, they are too late to stop the kids from reheating the pizza in the microwave, and two red creatures hatch and crawl down the side of the building.

April chases the two new creatures down the street with a camera crew, only to lose them when they burn their way through a manhole cover. At the same time, Irma follows the creature hiding in her apartment into the washing machine, where it somehow burns through the back of the washer and the wall beyond. All three creatures leap into the water in the sewers, which causes them to mutate into large yellow monsters.

Shredder and Baxter have also appeared in the sewers, where Baxter is using a handheld device to control the creatures - and specifically to send them to attack the Turtles. After a prolonged fight, Donatello smashes the controller into the water, which means that the creatures are now attacking everyone instead of just the Turtles. Reading the instructions, Baxter figures out that a large blast of energy will turn the creatures back into eggs again.

Michelangelo leaps into the water to retrieve the controller, while his brothers reluctantly team up with Shredder and Baxter to fight the monsters. Unfortunately the controller's batteries have gotten wet, but the creatures' reactions to a blast of energy give Leonardo an idea, cutting the electrical lines in a power box and arcing the electricity towards the creatures. The power overload causes the monsters to become eggs again, and Shredder and Baxter Stockman escape.

As the story ends, Michelangelo comes in with a pizza and a small bowl of meatballs, which he assures them are not the eggs... until they suddenly start bouncing.

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Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Case of the Killer Pizzas


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 2
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection



  • The creatures, when they reached their full growth, look very similar to the xenomorphs in the 1979 film Alien.
  • The part where Michelangelo fights the washing machine dummy with his nunchucks is removed from UK airings of this episode.
  • April contacts the Turtles via cordless phone instead of her Turtlecom.
  • Bebop and Rocksteady appear for the first time since "Return of the Shredder".
  • The creatures that are the villains of this episode later appear in "Sewer Surfin'", the third level of the video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. They appear throughout the level jumping from the water to attack the player, and a cluster of them make up the level's boss battle. They were replaced in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game by the Rat King on a Footski. The instruction booklet of the Super NES version named them Chunky Cheese Pizza Monsters. One also appeared as a mini-boss in Back from the Sewers. The manual for Back from the Sewers named them Sewer Mutant. The end credits for both games simply called them Pizza Monster.


There was an unusually high amount of mistakes in the episode:

  • Shredder's gauntlet blades seem to be longer when he uses them on the fire hydrant.
  • Leonardo's red chess piece flashes red and white as he starts his turn.
  • The slash marks on the pizza flyers change size, shape and location with almost every shot.
  • When Raphael said he could practically smell Shredder, his mouth didn't move.
  • The Turtles seem to withdraw their heads into their bodies (which real turtles can't do). This was a common mistake in the series, most prominently used in the live action films, particularly the first and third.
  • Raphael is seen with Donatello's colors when he spins the pizzas with his Sais.
  • When Baxter receives the contest winners' tickets (and lies to trick the turtles) the fourth ticket disappears as it shows the actual winners' names.
  • The creature is animated late just as the box lid flies open.
  • Leonardo's mask tail is missing when he's looking through the hole.
  • When Raphael says "if it isn't history by now" he is seen with Leonardo's Katanas.
  • Just as Leonardo and Raphael are coming inside from the roof, Donatello replaces Leonardo.
  • Raphael replaces Michelangelo inside the house.
  • When Leonardo says they should catch the creatures, Michelangelo is seen with Leonardo's katanas.
  • The TV shows April and her crew chasing the creatures with the cameraman shown too.
  • The full grown monster throws a brick without picking it up and throwing it, ignoring the hole on the wall.
  • Michelangelo seems to jump onto the giant monster from nowhere.
  • After the Turtles mistake April for a pizza monster in a corner in the sewers, Michelangelo speaks in Raphael's voice.
  • Leonardo pushes Shredder out of the way, and fully becomes Raphael a shot later. When the pizza monster picks up Raphael (Leonardo), he completely becomes Raphael (voice becomes Raphael's), and Leonardo is on the ground.
  • Leonardo jumps over the monster to the electric switch, even though it and the other monsters were in front of the turtles.
  • Baxter's hair changes length throughout the episode.
  • When Bebop throws the eggs through the portal, the stomach area of Krang's body is red.
  • When Shredder slides by in the trolley in the pizza parlor he is drawn smaller than when Michelangelo is waiting next to him to throw the pizza at him.
  • The Turtles were holding their weapons when Shredder threw the knife at the saucepan hangers but their weapons were then shown still on their belts in the next shot.


Krang: The eggs must be handled with care.
Rocksteady carelessly sends the eggs through the portal by way of a tennis racket.
Baxter: No, you idiots!
Baxter leaps to catch the eggs.
Shredder: Excellent reflexes, Baxter! We may make a ninja out of you yet!
--Ironically, they later end up making him a fly.


Leonardo: April O'Neil, on behalf of pizza lovers everywhere, it gives us pleasure to award you this...
Michelangelo: One slice!
Leonardo: Michelangelo!
Michelangelo {dejectedly}: I mean... One pizza.


Leonardo: OK, Where's this killer pizza?
April: It's not the pizza, it's the creature that came with the pizza!
Raphael: Hey! Sounds like a great title for a horror movie!
--April almost gets killed, Raphael sees comedy gold. It happens.


Vernon: You go ahead, I'll cover my rear..Uhh uh, THE rear!
April: (dragging Vernon's by his arm) Ohhh, Vernon!!



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