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The Blue Door is a script by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec dated 30 January 2012, for a Ninja Turtles film, originally scheduled for Christmas 2013. The announcement for the idea of a film with the turtles being extraterrestrials occurred in mid-March 2012 and the script leaked to the Internet in August 2012.

The script had the Turtles and Splinter being extraterrestrials originating from Dimension X. The Turtles originate from a species of Turtle Warriors. The script also had an extraterrestrial antagonist, Colonel Schrader (nicknamed "Shredder" by Michelangelo), who leads a black ops group called "The Foot" who comes from Dimension X. He has yellow skin, red eyes and can grow blades on his body. Casey Jones is an ice hockey player from Noah Falls in Michigan, and his mother is called Evelyn Jones. April O'Neil is a CBS news intern. Krang appears as Schrader's boss and the murderer of the Turtle parents. Bebop, Rocksteady and the Technodrome also appear though they are not given an origin.

The script was later abandoned and instead the 2014 film was produced.

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