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The Black Stone is issue #35 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, published in August 1992 by Archie Comics. This issue included a backup story, Mah Name!.



The turtles, Splinter and Ninjara ride motorcycles across Iran, before sneaking onboard an oil tanker ship bound for Oman. Arriving to Saudi Arabia, they are attacked by Al'Falqa blaming them for stealing the Black Stone of Mecca. Following a sandstorm, Shredder appears, after having spied on them throughout the issue.


  • This issue's subject matter is considered more delicate today than it was in 1992 when it was published, as North American society at the time tended to regard Islam as a more obscure and foreign cultural topic. Though the story's tone is relatively benign, it still makes certain naïve faux pas in its presentation of the underlying subject matter, including an illustration of Muhammad, as Sunni Muslims generally believe it is forbidden to create images of him. As the writer Stephen Murphy (here under alias Dean Clarrain) throughout his writing career has employed the promotion of international cultural understanding as a recurring theme (and especially throughout TMNT Adventures), it is generally understood that this story made a credible good faith attempt to show respect rather than offend, but that this attempt has not aged well since it was originally published.
  • When IDW published trade paperbacks reprinting TMNT Adventures, they intentionally skipped reprinting this issue.



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