They're fancy robots

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the Archie continuity, Thanasoids are a special kind of cyborg created by implanting cybernetic polyzerkonium circuitry into dead bodies rather than a living host. The result effectively reanimates corpses, bringing them back from the dead through artificial means. The underlying technology, Thanotics, was invented by Donatello's protégé Manx (a.k.a. Verminator-X) a century in the future, which he used to augment his own decaying body. He used the same technology to create Zom-Bots, which are controlled Thanasoids—effectively zombies.

Through the rogue use of Time-Slip Generators originally invented by Donatello but stolen by Verminator-X, Armaggon and the Shredder, Thanasoid technology also made its way into the past in the 20th century: The Gang of Four, whose presence and actions altered the future Turtles' timeline, were Thanasoids in the employ of Null and Maligna.

Known Thanasoids

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