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| teacher = [[Doctor Shreddarius]]
| teacher = [[Doctor Shreddarius]]
The '''Terrorkinetics''' are enemies of the [[Super Turtles]], an alternate version of the [[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]].
The '''Terrorkinetics''' are enemies of the [[Super Turtles]], an alternate version of the [[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]].

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Doctor Shreddarius and Terrorkinetics

Megatropolis (alternative New York)


Henchman of Doctor Shreddarius

Physical description


Out of universe information


First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (vol 4) 7

Created by

Peter Laird

Teachers and Students

Doctor Shreddarius


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The Terrorkinetics are enemies of the Super Turtles, an alternate version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


In addition to their official leader, Doctor Shreddarius, the Terrorkinetics include the following members:

The sub-leader of the Terrorkinetics. He is a humanoid cyborg, rocket launchers are fitted in his shoulder pack and finger tips.
A steel cobra, whose "tongue" consists of a laser emitter.
Gnet Gnet
A short stature, humanoid cyborg who tries to outmaneuver his opponents with his agility and small size.
A cyborg with a dog body and steel teeth. To move faster rollers can be mounted on his legs instead of paws.
A jellyfish-like, airworthy cyborg in the form of a disk with two protruding eyes and twelve tentacle arms. Has the ability to circle it's arms around it's bodies equator and attack his opponents with them as a kind of flying saw.


In an alternate reality, a man named Lucks earned the right to lead the world during an apparent invasion by aliens in return for the protection he could offer to mankind. After the governments of the world have given their consent, Lucks created, a group of bio-mechanical soldiers, the Terrorkinetics by using a team of scientists. One of the scientists and friend of Lucks, a certain Doctor Shreddarius began to suspect Lucks of foul play and therefore experimented on four turtles with the goal of mutating them into his bodyguards. The chemical mixture that he used, while mutated the turtles, was also very unstable and exploded. The four turtles not only became humanoid in shape and intelligence, but were also given super powers; likewise a rat licked Shreddarius wounds and was also mutated by the chemical cocktail.

The rat was henceforward called Sliver and began to teach the Super Turtles in the use of their powers, but he was anything but a kind and patient teacher. In his desire to make the Super Turtles ultimate warriors, he often turned to methods that almost killed his students. Eventually two scientists, Jonas Case and Neil O'Malley, convinced the Super Turtles that Lucks, Shreddarius and Sliver were selfish and power-hungry and the invasion was only a created by Lucks, as a facade to acquire world domination. The Super Turtles then turned against their creators, making them harmless; Shreddarius however, managed to escape, and from then on he and the Terrorkinetics became bitter enemies of the Super Turtles.

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