Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

Usage notes

To place in an article, use the following code:


This template should be placed at the tops of articles with images or subjects intended for an adult audience.

  • Mature images include depictions of graphic violence, graphic gore, and nudity that would be considered excessive for non-adult audiences. (Admittedly, what's considered excessive for a given audience can be a highly subjective value judgment and may be open for reasonable debate.) Images that have been edited to meet Fandom's adult content restrictions should probably still be treated as mature content because they depict scenes that were not originally edited.
  • Mature subjects include references to story elements that are mature in theme, such as moments of cannibalism.
  • Because of its blatantly adult nature, all images from Bodycount containing any kind of violence should probably be considered mature content.

It is not recommended placing this template in articles for frivolous reasons, as its very presence can mislead readers into thinking the content is more adult in nature than it actually is, and deter an otherwise age-appropriate audience from reading it. Articles and galleries that are appropriate for teenagers but not for young children should use Template:Teen instead.

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