The Teleportal Machine

The teleportal is a device that could transport anything across space without need for spacecraft in the 2003 TV series, and the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus.

Professor Honeycutt had designed the teleportal as a way to promote peace, but General Blanque, head of the Federation military, had plans to use it to defeat their enemies, as did the Triceratons, which Honeycutt refused. But as his mind was accidentally transferred to his robot assistant Sal, both sides could force him. But with the arrival of the Turtles, through accidental use of the similar, but more complex transmat, they figured that they could use the teleportal to return home to Earth, as well as take it and Honeycutt with them to safeguard them. With Don's help, they were able to make a base model of the teleportal but it failed to work, but the transmat on Earth allowed them to return home.

While on the Utrom homeworld, Honeycutt witnessed the Triceratons' invasion of Earth and resolved to put an end to the carnage. He deleted information on the teleportal.

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