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Oroku Karai returns to New York City and means business! Will she come to Splinter and the TMNT seeking peace... or war?

Appearing in #91

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All is quiet in the hotel of Oroku Karai's party. Ocho sleeps on the balcony furniture while Koya roosts on the banister nearby and Bludgeon dozes in the hot tub. Natsu has passed out in a chair with a bowl of popcorn her lap, and in bed, Karai herself is suddenly roused from her slumber by a voice. Karai is startled awake and slashes with the Kira no Ken at the culprit, which turns out to be the astral form of her grandmother, Kitsune. The witch attempts to manipulate Karai, telling her of her grandfather's skull being kept as a trophy by Splinter, and how dishonorable his actions are. Karai believes the rat will simply step aside and allow her to take her rightful place as leader of the Foot Clan.

Karai arrives at Foot Headquarters and is greeted by Splinter. Meanwhile the orphans are engrossed by Karai's troupe. Karai and Splinter go off to have tea, but are interrupted by Clan Hamato. Karai and Leonardo reveal to Splinter that they had met again recently, and Raphael asks where the "tattooed lady" is. Karai replies that Natsu wished to retain security of the hotel, but unbeknownst to Karai, Natsu uses the opportunity to sneak "sweet drinks" from the minibar.

Karai requests to pay respects to Saki, and Splinter tells her it would be an honor to escort her to the tomb. Leonardo asks to accompany them, leading to Raphael shooting snark, which is rebuffed by his father.

At Earth Protection Force Headquarters, Metalhead continues to attempt to broker an alliance with Jonathan Bishop. Metalhead offers his weaponry, but Bishop is unimpressed. After seeing what Bishop truly is with infrared vision, and Bishop asks for something else to offer, Metalhead gives him the opportunity to access mutant turtles. This wins Bishop over and he orders his men to stand down.

Back at Foot HQ, Michelangelo discusses Koya's "magic wings" and Bludgeon's "radar power", which he says makes him like a "shark version of his favorite comic book character". Donatello interjects, asking if it's echolocation, but Bludgeon clarifies that his sight is more light-based, leaving Donatello to deduce it's more like lidar. Ocho approaches Raphael and taunts him with the knowledge that he fears his own rage, which makes him weak.

Splinter and Leonardo take Karai to Saki's tomb, and Splinter explains that Kitsune has absconded with the body. Karai goes in and tells her grandfather that his chunin has returned.

Elsewhere, on the road, the motorcycle Casey and Jennika had taken to Coney Island had broken down on the way back. Jennika reveals that he might want to learn about the carburetor when they get back, leading Casey to be surprised that she knows about engines. This leads the two to discuss their backstories, including their fathers and Casey's mom.

Back at Saki's tomb, Leonardo reveals what took place last time Clan Hamato met Karai, and told him of Karai's plan to reclaim leadership of the Foot Clan, and that the Turtles had negotiated a smooth change of power with her. Splinter angrily asks that Leonardo dare speak for the Foot Clan in his stead, but Leonardo responds that he would indeed do so if it meant getting his father back. This softens the rat's expression, but before he can say more, Karai returns, having paid her respects. As the three of them leave, Splinter warns Karai of how having to see her grandfather as such, as well as the egregious aspects of the life that had been, and both old and new burdens face Karai.

Suddenly, Michelangelo shouts for Raph to stop being stupid, surprising the trio and drawing their attention to Raphael on Ocho's shoulders, atacking her. An angry Karai and Leonardo strike, with Karai kicking the mole and Leo tackling his brother off of her shoulders. Ocho asks if Karai would strike her, with Karai responding that she would do far worse for disrespecting the sanctity of the meeting. Bludgeon interjects that Ocho's aura is "nothing but darkness", but Karai silences him. Meanwhile, Leonardo snaps at Raphael for his role in the quarrel, as well as Michelangelo's tattling. Splinter then surprises everyone by agreeing to the transfer of power of the Foot Clan.



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