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The Turtles and their allies take stock in the wake of a tragedy. Little do they know the greatest conflict is about to come!

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At the Clan Hamato's Church, Slash's wake is attended by the Turtles, Mighty Mutanimals, Alopex, and Angel Bridge. Michelangelo gives a heartfelt but naïve eulogy, surmising that they'll see Slash again based on his and his brothers' past encounters with the afterlife. Old Hob interrupts the Turtle, calling his positivity "bull" and using Slash's death to further incite his "us vs. them" agenda - although he does concede briefly that there are humans they can count as allies. His primary target of hate is Jonathan Bishop, who is directly responsible for Slash's demise.

Meanwhile, at Earth Protection Force Headquarters, Dr. Shevlin works on repairing Jonathan Bishop's exo-suit while Bishop himself watches security cameras. Suddenly, Bishop is alerted by an EPF soldier that they are under attack by something not human.

Parked outside Second Time Around, April O'Neil drops off her parents and thanks them for helping her move. She also bemoans being unable to attend Slash's wake, but between her time at TCRI and helping Baxter Stockman's mayoral campaign has left her with just that day free to move. As if on cue, Baxter calls and reminds her of her duties.

Casey Jones shows up at Foot Headquarters on his dad's old motorcycle to pick up Jennika to head off to a date on Coney Island, leaving a couple of Foot Ninja standing guard outside to literally choke on his smoke.

Back at EPF Headquarters, Bishop suits up and gets dressed while his men are trounced by an unseen force. When the intruder finally breaches into the room Bishop is, it's revealed that it is Metalhead, who has come to propose an alliance.

Following the funeral, the Turtles discuss and argue about Hob's demeanor and their state in the world. Raphael fears he won't be able to help himself but to kill Bishop if they ever encounter him again, and advocates getting out of town so they can just avoid all of the upcoming hardships. Before they make any decisions, however Leonardo feels that they should pay a visit to their father.

Splinter sits meditating at Foot HQ, when he is interrupted by Tommy. It seems with Jennika and Michelangelo absent, he and the other orphans are unable to put in another movie due to the antiquated VHS technology. Splinter prepares to play The Octagon, and upon a girl's questioning of who Chuck Norris is, Splinter flashes back to a time when his sons debated who the best martial arts actor was. His fond memories, however, are interrupted by Oroku Karai and her crew, as she's come to take back the Foot Clan.


  • Among the posters on the wall in Foot HQ are "The Crane Kid", obviously parodying The Karate Kid, Kaneda, and Bruce Lee.
  • Two VHS tapes under the TV are labeled "Kickfighter III" and "Kickfighter V".


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