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The penultimate release in the TMNT Image comics series, prior to its rebirth as TMNT: Urban Legends.

Solicit (Urban Legends)[]

While Leonardo recovers from his fight in the sewers and Casey Jones celebrates his “victory” over the monsters inhabiting it, trouble brews within the Foot Clan. Will Raphael be able to hold on to his title of leader when he’s challenged by Pimiko, the woman who claims to be the Shredder’s daughter?

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Leonardo's alarm clock goes off, and he crushes it with a metal hand. He realizes that his hand is this way, and freaks out at having a bionic hand, assuming that it's part of the cyborg symbiote attached to Donatello. He cuts off the hand, but it regrows, and he cuts it off again. The severed hands begin growing into metal clones of Leo, and they attack him, one wanting his brain and the other wants his other hand.

Leo wakes up for real this time, screaming for help, as Donatello tries to calm him down. He splashes water in Leo's face and Leo starts coming around. He tells Don about his nightmare, but then sees that he actually does have a metal hand - but Don is quick to remind him that it's a prosthetic they fitted him with the previous day, not a cybernetic one.

At Foot headquarters, the Foot Ninja Honshu tells Raphael that it is time for his duel with Pimiko. Raph thanks Honshu for being a good lieutenant and Honshu tells him it is an honor to call him sensei. Honshu asks Raphael if he's going to wear the Shredder armor, but Raph declines, saying he'll face her as-is. Honshu says he'll kill Pimiko if she wins, but Raphael says there's no sense in both of them dying, and that if she wins, he may be able to learn from her.

The two members of the Japanese Foot Clan's ruling council that had made it to New York declare the beginning of the fight between Raphael and Pimiko for rule of the New York Foot Clan and mantle and legacy of the Shredder.

Pimiko opens with a salvo of twin shuriken, which Raphael blocks with his sai. She gets first strike with a boot to the face, but he cuts her with his sai, drawing blood first. Raph notes that either she's been practicing since their last fight, or she was holding back then, but he, too, had been holding back. Poking her in the eyes with his fingers, he angers her into throwing a kunai into his shoulder. Pimiko then whips her ponytail, which is tipped with hooks, and digs it into Raph's shell. She tosses him with her ponytail, and she says she's won. The council members, however, say that she hasn't since he's still breathing.

Back home, Donatello tries to assuage Leo's fear that his prosthetic is part of the organic metal of his cyborg symbiote. They prepare to spar so Leonardo can test his new hand in combat.

Meanwhile at his apartment, Michaelangelo and Horridus sit on the couch watching TV, seeing Casey, April, and Shadow enjoying a ticker-tape parade in Casey's honor, for having beaten the komodo dragons that were infesting the sewer. Horridus and Mikey start making out on the couch.

Downtown, April and Casey discuss his potential incoming job opportunities at the parade, and Casey notes that the $10,000 reward should tide them over until his next employment regardless, with April reminding him that part of the reward is Leo's since he was the one who actually killed the dragons. Shadow spots the Teletubbies and says she wants to meet Tinky-Winky. Across town, Shadow's biological grandfather, mob boss Antoine Puzorelli sees her and Tinky-Winky on TV and tells his nephew Joey that now that he knows where she is, they need to go get her again.

Back at Foot HQ, Pimiko prepares the finishing blow on Raphael, but he counters, pulling the kunai out of his arm and cutting her ponytail off. Raph declares that she's disabled now and he is victorious, that he doesn't need to kill her and that they could still learn from one another. The councilmen disagree and command him to kill her. Raph continues to refuse, and they sic the entire present Foot Clan on him - including his once trusted lieutenant, Honshu.

As Mike and Sara get frisky on the couch, Splinter interrupts them and says that Sara has a visitor. Rock says there's an emergency and that she needs to come with him to take care of it. Splinter resumes playing chess with Dr. X.

Raph makes his way through the attacking Foot, using Pimiko's now-detached ponytail to serve his needs. He sees Cheng, who Raph says is his closest friend outside of his brothers, and he uses the ponytail to climb up to the balcony to him. It turns out that even Cheng is no longer aligned with Raph, as he had lead Raph to a boot to the face from a female adversary in a suit of Shredder-like armor - the "Lady Shredder", there to take control of the New York Foot and title of Shredder. Raph assumes it's Pimiko, but Pimiko appears behind him, leading them to wonder who is in the armor.

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