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Solicit (Urban Legends)[]

It’s a Triceraton invasion! As Leo rushes to gather allies for a last-minute attempt to stop the teleportation machine that’s allowing the aliens access to Earth, Donatello fends off the ground forces. And during the chaos, Pimiko, Shredder’s daughter, makes an unexpected reappearance…

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Up in the Triceraton aircar, Donatello and Horridus realized they've been ambushed by a teleporting Triceraton. The Triceraton flings Donatello out of the car, and he struggles to keep himself from hitting the pavement. Eventually, he produces a helicopter rotor from his back.

Back in the aircar, the naïve Horridus/Sara is convinced by the Triceraton that she is a "sister" species to his, and tells her that he's met her kind before. Just then, The aircar flips over and drops the Triceraton out, before Donatello returns - he'd used a remote to flip it over, Sara being saved by her seat belt. Sara, however, wants to prod the fallen Triceraton for answers, as she'd learned from Dragon that her mother was kidnapped by aliens, which was how she was born.

The Triceraton - "Tricetatom", or "Tom" for short, as Sara insisted on calling him, after mistaking that to be his name - had fallen through the roof of the Museum of Natural History. Donatello calls Splinter, interrupting his viewing of South Park, to update him on the situation, so he can warn the other turtles. Just then, Pimiko approaches him from behind....

Donatello finds "Tom" dead of a broken neck, and Sara flips out on him, just as two more Triceraton teleport in. The Triceratons blast them, with Sara narrowly avoiding danger.

Meanwhile, Casey gets out of a taxi cab and tells the driver that he's got to go in and get the money since all he's got on him is a check for $10,000. This jogs the driver's memory and he recognizes Casey as the one credited for killing the "alligators" (komodo dragons) in the sewers, telling him that his ride was free of charge for a hero. As Casey muses of his status as a "hero", he walks into the apartment to find Splinter sitting by a tied-up Pimiko. Casey insists he'll "come back later", but Splinter tells him to come in and asks him to put on a kettle for tea.

At the teatime, Splinter introduces Pimiko as Oroku Saki's daughter. He then realizes that she was King Komodo's partner in his recent attacks in the sewer, and flips out on her. She throws a hot mug of tea in Casey's face and she literally flips out to escape. Casey grabs a golf club in intent to pursue her, but runs into an approaching Leonardo instead. After catching Leo up to speed, Splinter bemoans his inability to keep her secured, but then drops the news on Leo of Donatello's phone call. Leo and Casey decide to take action, with Leo going to the Foot Clan to ask for Raphael's help.

Back at the museum, Don and Sara hide from the Triceratons. Don calls Splinter again, but there's no answer. Sara is convinced that the Triceraton "like" her because of what Tom told her, and she steps out to talk to them. She ends up getting their attention, which gets her shot, angering Don.

Raphael waxes poetic on his role as The Shredder, as Leonardo fights his Foot. Eventually, he cuts the fight, asking Leo why he's come. Leo tells him, and Raph realizes that the Triceratons spell bad news for all involved, and so he declares that the Foot will war with the Triceratons.

Leatherhead loses his cool at the Triceratons wrecking his home, and begins choking Michaelangelo. Casey hits him with a baseball bat to try to get him to let go, but he doesn't. Dr. X convinces him to, and Mike explains to Casey that Dr. X says Leatherhead's mutagen is wearing off and he's beginning to regress to a more animistic state. Four more Triceraton teleport in, and Casey, Mike, and Leatherhead spring into battle.

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  • This issue also included a piece of concept art by Ryan Brown featuring Leatherhead and Doctor X.
  • Gag credit for Josh Eichorn: Works a summer job at a deodorant factory testing armpits.