Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The first issue of the fourth volume of Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Despite its status as Volume 4, Peter Laird decided that Image Comics' "Volume 3" run was not the direction he wanted to take the characters (yet) and chose to ignore those events in the Mirage continuity.

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A Fugitoid makes its way across the moon in leaps, passing by Tranquility Base and marveling at how it has stood the test of time. It meets up with an Utrom, and the two discuss their plans to finish completing a large craft and bring these "guests" that they have with them.

In a New York City alley, the Ninja Turtles face an all too familiar scene - carapaces against an alley wall while a street gang - this time, the Madhattan Maulitia - have them cornered. While the four of them are more of a match for the fifteen dullards in the Maulitia, the Turtles decide to take the rooftops as soon as possible to gain some distance between them and their foes. After a moment of reflection, they head on their way, only to find they are less safe than they had hoped, as the Maulitia has somehow followed them up with snowmobiles. After trouncing the Maulitia up on the rooftops and heading back down, Donatello comes across a snowmobile all on its lonesome and steals it. Michelangelo tries to get Don's attention for a ride in the treacherous snow, but his brother doesn't hear him and Mike slips and falls in the street. Moments later, he's hit by a bus, and a costumed character named Magnrok finds him, carrying him into an alley calling someone in to pick him up.

Meanwhile, Don rides the snowmobile into a subway and loses control, crashing it through a wall, where he finds an old, abandoned armored truck.

April and Casey head out to a fertility doctor, while Shadow trains with Metal Head. After their sparring session, Shadow worries about the outcome of the appointment. Splinter dismisses it as the impatience of a teenager, but Shadow has a premonition that big things are in store for the entire world.


  • The Turtles' introduction in this issue, facing down the Madhattan Maulitia, is a parroting of their introduction in the very first issue, complete with Leonardo's narration and the gang mistaking the Turtles for something they're not (Purple Dragons thinking they're wearing costumes, vs. the Maulitia thinking they're aliens).

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