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Solicit (Urban Legends)[]

Donatello’s in custody! Believed to be an alien by some mysterious suits, the Special Operations Strikeforce steps in to identify him! Meanwhile, more of Leatherhead’s past is revealed… including his connections to the Utroms! And where there are Utroms, the Triceratons can’t be far behind!

Appearing in #19[]

Major characters[]

Minor characters[]


Object and vehicles[]

  • Katana
  • Shredder's helmet
  • Transmat
  • Triceraton air car
  • Triceraton blaster


After having been captured, Donatello is held by Agent Black, who calls in the Special Operations Strikeforce (S.O.S.) to confirm his identity. Unfortunately, the only one of the group who knows Don, Officer Dragon, has gone missing, and three strangers to the turtle (Kid Avenger, Rock, and Shrew) can't vouch for him. Donatello had been playing by the rules, however, at least until he became frustrated, and he starts his escape. S.O.S. attacks him, but a flirty Horridus appears and identifies him as "one of Dragon's pretty boyfriends."

Meanwhile, on TV, Casey is interviewed on the news regarding the killer komodo dragons which the Turtles had slain, taking credit for the killings. At the Jones apartment, Casey's boss Mr. Daniels calls and tells April that Casey is fired for playing hooky in order to kill the komodos. Splinter encourages Shadow to comfort an enraged April. Raphael slinks into view, wearing the Shredder's armor, and Splinter argues with him about his outfit and position in the Foot Clan.

Down in the sewer, Leatherhead shows Leonardo and Michelangelo his Transmat and they meet Dr. X, an Utrom left behind on Earth when they beamed back to their homeworld. Dr. X, Leatherhead, and the two turtles test out the Transmat, sending Leo away to a set of coordinates - and comes back wrestling a Triceraton! Mikey and Leatherhead jump in the fray, and knock out the Triceraton, but the Triceratons had been working on their own Transmat and locked in on their location, sending more to Earth. Leo destroys the Transmat and he, Mike, Leatherhead, and Dr. X manage to escape through the water, and instead of following them, Triceraton captain Zak orders them to track down a tracking beacon from a missing Triceraton named Zog... and they teleport one right in the back of the air car where Donatello fends off advances from Horridus.

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