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A winner is crowned in Jennika's battle of the bands and two old foes make surprising revelations as the TMNT and allies prepare to take Mutant Town in a new direction! Important steps towards the next chapter of the TMNT saga are made here!

Appearing in #117



  • Mutant arctic fox
  • Deity
    • Fox deity
    • Rat deity
  • Mutant falcon
  • Mutant hammerhead shark
  • Human
    • Human-born mutant ant
    • Human-born mutant armadillo
    • Human-born mutant bat
    • Human-born mutant bear
    • Human-born mutant frilled lizard
    • Human-born mutant giraffe
    • Human-born mutant gray wolf
    • Human-born mutant orca
    • Human-born mutant poison dart frog
    • Human-born mutant porcupine
    • Human-born mutant rhinoceros
    • Human-born mutant salamander
    • Human-born mutant turtle
      • Human-born albino mutant turtle
    • Human-born mutant warthog
    • Human-born mutant weasel
    • Human-born mutant zebra
  • Mutant lioness
  • Mutant lizard
  • Mutant mandrill
  • Needlenose
  • Protoceratops
    • Mutant protoceratops
  • Mutant turtle
  • Mutant velociraptor



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Jen and the Holograms.jpg
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  • Michelangelo expressed surprise that Jennika didn't name Created in Darkness "Jen and the Holograms." This is a shoutout to Jem and the Holograms, a franchise about a colorfully-dressed fictional women's rock band. A rebooted version by IDW Comics was published from 2015 to 2017, with IDW TMNT writer Sophie Campbell illustrating many of that series' issues.
  • In the scene where Big Lita returns to the future taking Rahzar and Tokka with her, there is a momentary glimpse of a new future timeline, with many characters gathered in Northampton, Massachusetts to greet her.[1] Alopex, Amy, Bludgeon, Donatello, Jay, Jennika, Casey Jones, Koya, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Mona Lisa, Mushroom, April O'Neil, Oroku Saki, Raphael, Sheena, Wanda, Zanna and Zink are present and recognizable. Other characters also appear, some of them debut appearances, and some of which are new versions of characters previously appearing in other TMNT continuities.
  • Jennika is the first mutant turtle in the TMNT franchise to be portrayed as LGBTQIA+.

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