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Music, mayhem, and most importantly: family. The TMNT all return to NYC and begin to see a path forward for themselves in Mutant Town. The conclusion to Sophie Campbell's first ongoing story arc ends with heart and isn't to be missed!

Appearing in #105

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Splinter Clan attends the After the Bomb concert at the Kennel Klub. While Jennika, Sally, and Michelangelo are absolutely enjoying themselves, Alopex and Raphael despise the noise and the crowd, and Donatello is uneasy until Mona approaches him. Meanwhile, Leonardo seems to find tranquility among all of the chaos.

Alopex and Raph leave, discussing how much they hated the concert. While Alopex teases him, Raph tries to apologize for his actions. This leads to the two finally sharing a kiss.

From the Kennel Klub rooftop, Bludgeon and Koya oversee the pair, and discuss the music they can hear from outside. Koya says she likes the music, but is disgusted when her brother tells her that it's considered "fun" to gather to one venue to listen to it.

Following After the Bomb's set, Jennika approaches the band's lead singer, Sheena, and makes small talk. They are, however, confronted by Bandit and Puggle, wanting to get even for Jennika breaking the latter's bill. Leonardo walks up to stop them, telling them that they can take this quarrel outside if they want, but they're all there to enjoy the music. The two Mutanimals reluctantly agree to not fight, and Puggle is astounded to learn from Michelangelo that they'd never been to a club before. Jennika offers to buy Sheena a drink, while Man Ray and an unidentified octopus mutant conspicuously watches the group.

Outside, the Splinter Clan rendezvous together, and Koya still expresses revenge on Leonardo. Bludgeon senses that the Clan is full of love and refuses to let his sister attack them.

Back at Splinter Dōjō, Leo explains that although Splinter and his rivalries were specifically the very thing that the Clan is now trying to get away from, Splinter did give them everything, including himself. Thus, it is in his name that they proceed with their new community service initiative. The turtles then officially induct Alopex as a member of the Splinter Clan's instructors, gifting her with a green bandana.

Later, Leonardo and Jennika train a self-defense class, with Lita and the weasels among the students. When Jenny asks the class to split up into partners, Zink is paired up with Mushroom, and Lita's young goat opponent attacks her with malice instead of in effort of kumite.

Donnie and Mona work on getting power running. Mona says she's a physics major and knows nothing of what she's doing. Don protests that she knows more than anyone else around there about science-y stuff, and posits that conductivity would be covered by condensed matter physics. Mona admits that she's just being hard on herself since she was unable to get the internet access in the dōjō running. Don successfully gets the power on, and Mona slides up close to him, calling him smart.

Meanwhile, Michelangelo is making a meal for the weasels, Pepperoni, and Klunk, and is excited to see that the power is on. He serves up the food, and makes the weasels promise to not steal food from the pets again.

After a good night's rest (except for Don who is reading), everyone prepares for the following day. Raphael is woken up at 2 PM, apparently though, by Jennika playing guitar in her room. They then head to the main portion of the dōjō to teach class with the rest of the Clan. Among the new recruits to the class is Sheena. Then Leonardo teaches kadō, with Bea from Alopex's shelter as one of the students. Mikey attempts to teach the weasels how to use nunchaku, Don does a stick-fighting class, and Raph shows a heavy bag to a young mutant pangolin. Jennika instructs Sheena, Lita, and a frilled lizard mutant on calligraphy, although Lita has spilled ink everywhere. Then, Alopex teaches the weasels about stealth.

As the students start to head home at the end of the day, Leo and Jennika discuss how well their class is going. Leo sees Lita being bullied by the goat from before, along with a young walrus and tapir. He intervenes, and Lita runs off to cry. Jenny goes after her and tells her that she got made fun of when she was younger too, and recounts the words of Splinter on how she is a ninja and that it is what is inside her that makes her one, and those words also apply to Lita.

As Jenny imparts the words Splinter gave her about being the future, and that the future is limitless, a grown-up Lita from the future arrives outside the O'Neil Farm carrying the Time Scepter.


Above: In the Archie continuity, Raphael and Ninjara share a breakup kiss.
Below: In the IDW continuity, Raphael and Alopex share a makeup kiss.

  • The scene of Raphael and Alopex's makeup kiss has a similar scene composition as the scene of Raphael and Ninjara's breakup kiss in TMNT Adventures issue #70: A Dusk, a Dawn, published 25 years prior in 1995. Like Alopex, Ninjara was a ninja fox who was introduced as an adversary of the Turtles, then became an ally and friend, and grew especially close to Raphael.
  • Michelangelo's room has an Ultra Man poster, action figures of Godzilla & Gamera, Akira poster & manga and boxes of X-Men & Legion of Superheroes comics.
  • The mutant members of Bebop and Rocksteady's gang from the 1987 TV series can be seen at the After the Bomb concert.
  • This issue reveals that Bandit and Puggle are boyfriends.
  • At least two posters of Lita Ford, Lita's namesake, can be seen in Jennika's room at Splinter Dōjō.
  • This issue introduces two different unconnected mutant characters named Siobhan—at least initially. The one character permanently named Siobhan is a member of After the Bomb named by reader Steven W. Hunt.[1] Veronica is a dōjō student which had not been named until after her reappearance in TMNT #112. Sophie Campbell initially also gave Veronica the name Siobhan, but this was soon changed so there would not be two characters named Siobhan in the same story.[2]

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