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As the Turtles struggle to come together in the face of recent setbacks, Old Hob's unusual new enforcers make their presence known. Will they be friend or foe?

Appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 103 (IDW)

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Donatello awakens from a Bebop and Rocksteady themed nightmare and feels an ache in his carapace. He exits his tent and packs stuff up and finally makes it to his destination to see April. She offers to let him "crash" with her for a bit, once she cleans up her mess, but then they get to talking and since Don had been planning to make it into Mutant Town and April couldn't even get in on her credentials, they decide to sneak in.

As Raphael and Pepperoni exit Alopex's shelter, Jennika tries to appeal to Raph to bring them together and have the others train her, but Raph gets upset that she wants to be a part of them since she's not family. Jennika shoots back that despite bot being Splinter's child, he was still important to her and she had hoped to find solidiarity in the sons of his who she now resembled. They argue and Jenny calls Raph out on his childish behavior, but just as he and Pepperoni walk away, a trio of mutant weasels jump past Jenny into the shelter and devour everything in sight, then flee when Alopex throws them out. Sally shows up and sees the damage, and then she, Mona, and Jenny decide to track the weasels and make sure they don't cause any more damange or harm.

Meanwhile at the O'Neil Farmhouse, Michelangelo looks for his cat Klunk and notices that the front door is ajar. He bundles up and goes off into the snow to look for him, and stops by Leonardo's greenhouse to ask his brother for help. Leo goes out to help, and when they still can't find the cat, Mikey plops down in the snow and voices his despondency over everything and one he cares about leaving him. Leo holds his brother as he cries.

Back at Mutant Town, April and Don slip past some EPF guards and make their way past the walls into the town. A pile of garbage that they pass happens to be where the mutant weasels have been sitting, eating food from the trash. The unnamed albino turtle who had run from the shelter in TMNT #101 approaches the weasels, who surprisingly don't attack her, but instead approach her kindly. Sally, Mona, and Jenny comes across the weasels and Jennika fears that they're going to attack the albino turtle, but Sally tells her to hold back and it's made apparent that the turtle is teaching the weasels how to roll snowballs. Mona makes the observation that they're like little kids.

Just as the weasels and their new friend are about to start their snowball fight, Old Hob and Koya appear and Hob throws a net over the weasels. Sally confronts Hob angrily over his decision to ship mutant children to The Foot to be used as soldiers in exchange for supplies. Hob tries to exonerate himself, but Sally obviously is having none of his nonsense and slugs him hard in the face, declaring the Mutanimals to be over.

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  • This issue's cover A depicts a scene that does not occur in-story.
    • The cover shows Hob's weasels attacking the Turtles. In-story, they had not attacked anyone since Diamond in the previous issue, and in this issue they did not actually attack anyone, merely raiding Alopex's shelter and other buildings' garbage for food.
    • In the cover, all five young adult Turtles are shown being attacked by the weasels. In-story, of these Turtles, only Jennika was at the shelter when the weasels raided it. Later, when the weasels encountered Lita (the albino turtle girl), they did not attack her, but stopped to play in the snow together like the little kids they were. Raphael did not see the weasels at all, and neither did Donatello who just arrived in Mutant Town.
    • In the cover, the five Turtles are dressed in pre-issue #101 bandanas and ninja gear—that is to say naked with belts, compared to the clothes they all wear now. In-story, none of the Turtles are currently dressed this way, and mutant Jennika has never so much as appeared topless outside of promotional art.
  • Sally punching Hob and quitting the Mutanimals comes 49 issues after her first serious friction with Hob in issue #54: "Order from Chaos, part 4". In that issue, Sally condemned Hob for not destroying the weapons the Mutanimals were seizing from criminal gangs, but instead secretly hoarding them in his warehouse and hiring Hun to resell surplus weapons back on the street for profit. In this issue, Sally finally rejected Hob for selling mutant children to the Oroku Karai to become child soldiers in exchange for food and supplies.
  • The back of Michelangelo's hoodie when he goes looking for Klunk has Superman's logo on it.
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