Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Splinter Speaks
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) LCD
Release date 1990 (North America)
Genre(s) Action

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Splinter Speaks is a 1990 LCD handheld game developed by Konami.

Official Gameplay Description

We've saved the meanest for last.

Hot on the tail of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes this sewer stalking challenge of a lifetime. You'll play the role of all four Turtles (one at a time, of course) as the evil Foot Clan throws everything it has at you on your way to a final showdown with Shredder.

Cowabunga and other words of wisdom

If you hear words of encouragement during your mission, don't be surprised. It's just one of your Turtles lending words of support. So listen closely, because the better you fight, the more you'll hear. Who knows... you might even hear Splinter speak!

How to start your stroll through the sewers.

To begin, remove the plastic cover on the screen before starting your adventure. Next, press the ON/START Switch and the high score will be displayed. The word "SELECT" will appear on the screen along with the four Weapon/Turtle selections. The flashing weapon represents your current selection. Change Weapons/Turtles by pressing the Turtle Select/Control Button to the Left or Right. When your choice flashes, press the ON/START Switch a second time. Then prepare to kick some shell.

The core of the Big Apple (Shredder's slasher stages).

The only way to zero in on the Shredder is to successfully fight your way through five Turtle stages, each one tougher than the last. In the first stage you'll confront Mousers, Foot Soldiers and Tubular Transports. In the second stage, Foot Soldiers will again back the attack with a barrage of boppin' and bustin'. The third stage will end with a fight to the finish with Bebop. The fourth stage will require you to polish off rappin' and whappin' Rocksteady. Finally, if you make your way through the fifth stage you'll get your "chop chop" chance to make mincemeat out of Shredder.

In order to advance from stage to stage (sewer to sewer), you must defeat the enemy at the end of each stage. After surviving a stage, your Turtle's Life Gauge will recover automatically. At this point you may choose to select a different Turtle by pressing the Turtle Select/Control Button, then the ON/START Switch.

All the right reptilian moves

Enemies will attack from every direction, so you'll need to be nimble and quick. Press the Control Button to the left and the Turtle will face left. Press it to the right and, you guessed it, he will face right. Press the Attack Button and the Turtle will attack in the direction that he's facing. Press the upper part of the Control Button and the Turtle will jump.

When a Turtle is attacked by an enemy, part of his Life Line will vanish. After three successful enemy attacks, you will lose the Turtle and you must start over from the current stage. This Turtle will then be out of this "fight game" for good. Lose all four Turtles and the game will be lost as well (not to mention your honor as a mutant ninja warrior!).




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