Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Attack!!!, part 1 is the second story in Turtle Soup (vol. 2) 1.

Appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Attack!!!, part 1






The Turtles are walking around the town of Florence, Massachusetts, when Michelangelo spies a pizza joint, suggesting they stopped in. His suggestion is rebuked, and instead they're going to go to "Cottage Kitchen" for some real food.

Elsewhere in a "slightly different dimension" in the future, an alien lad named Henry is working diligently when his doorbell rings. At the door is a young lady who introduces herself as Betti Clane and says that she's there for the blind date that the Random Dating Council sent her on. Henry was not informed of this appointment.

Henry seems to be trying to get Betti to leave, but she takes interest in his work. She asks if he's a "scientist or something", and he tells her that he's training to be a Temporal Dimensional Analyst. He's working on a Time Gauntlet that will allow him to not only travel to any time period he chooses, but also can bring things from a time period to him. A curious Betti presses a button on the gauntlet, and suddenly they are thrown into the street in Florence, right in front of the Turtles.

The two parties are understandably surprised, confused, and a little unnerved. Henry attempts to recall the last command and reverse it to return to their rightful time. However, instead of doing that, he summons forth some dinosaurs, which the Turtles prepare to fight.

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