This article is about the 2004 console/PC game for the Game Boy Advance game see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus (Game Boy Advance).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus is a video game of the beat 'em up genre, that was released by Konami, for Microsoft Windows PCs, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox in 2004. The GBA version is more of a Side-scrolling Platformer/Shoot'em up action game. The game is the sequel to the previous year's TMNT game, and is loosely based on the 2003 TV series' second season.

The game offers cell-shaded graphics, four-player option and has the classic arcade game of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as an unlockable. Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo are playable from the beginning, while Karai, Slashuur, Splinter, and Casey Jones can be unlocked.

Battle Nexus received a mostly negative critical reception, getting a 1.5/5 score from GameSpy and 6/10 from IGN. Reviewers complained of repetitive gameplay, poor controls and terrible AI.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus is a video game mostly based on the second season of the animated 2003 TV series. It features levels based on the episodes: Search for Splinter (Parts 1 and 2), Turtles in Space (Parts 1 2, 3, 4, and 5), Secret Origins (Parts 1, 2 and 3), The Ultimate Ninja, What a Croc, Return to the Underground, City at War (Parts 1, 2, and 3 and Rogue in the House (Parts 1 and 2). The game also has 4 tournaments consisting of waves of enemy attacks. The fourth, Battle Nexus Tournament, is based on the four part episode The Big Brawl.


Unlike the 2003 TMNT game, Battle Nexus supports up to four players. Each player may select a "team" that is color-coordinated to represent each Turtle - Blue for Leonardo, Red for Raphael, Orange for Michelangelo, and Purple for Donatello. Every team must be present in the game, and any team not selected by a player initially will be available during the game to cycle through. Initially, only the four Turtles are available for their respective teams, but one other character will become available for play for each team as the game progresses - Slashuur on Blue, Casey Jones on Red, Karai on Orange, and Splinter on Purple.

Each team has their own specific abilities that can help players progress through the game. Blue Team can attack while dashing, and cut through certain obstacles (grates, trees, bamboo, et cetera). Red Team can lift and push certain heavy objects. Orange team can reflect arrows with their guard (and Michelangelo can fly with his nunchaku). Purple team can utilize computer consoles (and Donatello can fire a laser instead of throwing shuriken).

Unlike the previous game, players share one health bar so if one player gets hurt, the health decreases for all of them. Characters have "weak" and "strong" attacks and they do different moves with different combinations. To beat the level, you must either get to the designated point of the level, kill all enemies, kill the boss, survive until the time runs out or do the specific goal until the time runs out. Side goals are to collect artifacts that are usually in hidden or hard-to-reach places and to collect crystal pieces that increase your attack, defense, charge attack and shuriken throwing ("flying") abilities.


The game begins with a battle with the Foot Clan and Hun in Oroku Saki's skyscraper. The Foot is defeated, and Master Splinter mysteriously disappears. The Ninja Turtles chase the trail down to a building marked "T.C.R.I.", which proves to hide a bizarre secret beneath its innocuous exterior: its employees are members of a brain-like alien race, the Utroms. Whilst battling these strange new foes, the Turtles are accidentally teleported to different points across the galaxy, meeting the Fugitoid Professor Honeycutt on D'Hoonib, and end up as crossfire in the war between the Triceratons and Federation - both sides are after the Fugitoid for his technology. Along the way, they come across an intergalactic bounty hunter named Slashuur. Said to be the most powerful bounty hunter in the universe, Honeycutt heard legends of him as a young child. Ironically, Honeycutt is who Slashuur is after, having been hired by the Triceratons to capture him. After the Turtles beat him, Slashuur reveals that he has knowledge of Hamato Yoshi before taking his leave. Before escaping the Triceraton Homeworld, the Turtles befriend and free a noble Triceraton warrior who had been forced to fight as a gladiator, Traximus.

Upon returning to Earth and the T.C.R.I. building, it is revealed that the Utroms had rescued an injured Splinter and were caring for him. The Utroms place the TMNT and Splinter in a virtual reality machine to better explain their origins to them. Hundreds of years ago, the Utroms were traveling across the galaxy, transporting a murderous rogue of their species, Ch'rell. Their ship crashes on Earth in the country of Japan. Ch'rell escapes, while the Utroms are forced to wait for Earth technology to catch up with their own, so they can return home. Some time later, after the Utroms have enlisted the help of some humans as Guardian Ninja, the Utroms are ambushed by a heavily armored warlord known as The Shredder. Meanwhile, in the real world, Baxter Stockman sabotages the virtual reality machine, and the dangers within become presented as real to the Turtles and Splinter. After defeating Shredder and his Feudal Foot Ninja, the Turtle meet up with the Utrom Mortu, who gives them a device that allows them to return to the real world. Unfortunately, when they get there, they find Shredder and the Foot attacking the T.C.R.I. building. During their fight, an organic destruction device is planted, and the Utrom escape through their Transmat. The Turtles defeat Shredder before he can chase after them, and it is revealed that not only is this Shredder the same one they saw in Feudal Japan, but he also is the evil Utrom Ch'rell! The Turtles escape the building before the device goes off, but Ch'rell is not so lucky.

The Turtles later encounter a gigantic anthropomorphic alligator in the sewers by the name of Leatherhead. After a scuffle, Leatherhead realizes he and the Turtles are on the same side. He tells his own origin; that he was once a baby gator, found by an Utrom and adopted. Leatherhead came into contact with some Retromutagen Ooze, and became as he is currently, just as the Turtles had. He lived with the Utroms, considering them his family. When the T.C.R.I. building exploded, he fled to the sewers and took up residence in the Turtles' old lair, attempting to build a Transmat of his own to follow the Utroms. Unfortunately, it is revealed that his partner in this endeavor was none other than Baxter Stockman, feigning alliance with the Utroms. Baxter, realizing his jig was up, threw a chemical tank and fled, causing the ceiling of Leatherhead's lair to collapse. Leatherhead urges his new friends to escape while he held the collapsing rubble. The Turtles escaped just in time to see the ceiling collapse in its entirety on Leatherhead.

An otherworldly ninja calling himself the Ultimate Ninja appears, seeking to challenge Oroku Saki to a battle to the death. Finding that the Turtles have already disposed of him, he turns his bloodlust on them. The Ultimate Ninja is defeated, and suddenly his father, a Daimyo appears and berates him. Apparently an old friend of Splinter's, the Daimyo apologizes for his son's actions and takes him back to their dimension. The Turtles then find a lone Triceraton in the sewers. Named Zog, the Triceraton has begun to hallucinate due to breathing Earth's oxygen-enriched atmosphere, and believes the Turtles to be Triceraton generals. Reluctantly using Zog's delusion to their advantage, they come across a robotic Splinter doppelganger, which is defeated by the Turtles and Zog. The real Splinter, enraged that the Foot would use his countenance to attack his family, builds a plan to stop the Foot once more.

The Turtles are suddenly transported to a version of New York City in the future, and face Slashuur there once again. Slashuur is defeated, and his memory is jogged; he is actually an Utrom, whose family was attacked and murdered by Ch'rell back on the Utrom Homeworld. Slashuur miraculously survived, although he was heavily scarred and had lost his memory. Slashuur bids the TMNT a fond farewell, and returns them to their own time.

Splinter, Zog, and the Turtles board the Foot freighter ship the Kuraiyama. They rip through the Foot army, culminating in fights against the Elite Guard, Hun, and Karai, Shredder's adopted daughter, who is conflicted between her word of honor to not harm the Turtles, and loyalty to her father. The group then is joined by Slashuur as the resurrected Shredder attacks with a mass of Foot Mechs. Splinter, Zog, and Slashuur take care of the Mechs as the Turtles fight Shredder upon the burning Kuraiyama. Despite a long and exhausting battle, Shredder is not yet defeated. Zog grapples Shredder leaps into a burning hole into the depths of the ship with the villain in his grip, sacrificing himself to save the Turtles.

Slashuur teleports the Turtles and Splinter to the docks just as the Kuraiyama explodes. The heroes lament the loss of Zog's life, and Slashuur leaves once more, telling the Turtles he will see them at the Battle Nexus, a location the Turtles are unfamiliar with, but Splinter is aware of. Out in the distance, Baxter Stockman's brain bobs out of the Kuraiyama's wreckage, and the disembodied doctor boasts his longevity.



There are bosses in story mode.

Battle Nexus Mode[]

This mode is available in the TMNT home once going there you are able to go to Tournament section, and select tournament to win. They opened during the game progress: Open Brawl unlocked after completing episode 0-2, Monster open unlocked after completing episode 5-8, Foot Fight unlocked after beating the Mega Shredder in episode 11-7, and by winning Foot Fight, is available final Battle Nexus Tournament. All tournaments take place in Battle Nexus dimension.

1. Open Brawl

  • Round 1: Foot Ninja
  • Round 2: Mousers
  • Round 3: Bats
  • Round 4: Shooter
  • Round 5: Team Utrom
  • Round 6: Archers
  • Round 7: Federats
  • Round 8: Giants
  • Round 9: Muscle
  • Round 10: Alien Invasion

Prize: Crystal, Antique Search

2. Monster Open

  • Round 1: Bergs
  • Round 2: Greens
  • Round 3: Raptors
  • Round 4: Durians
  • Round 5: Spiders
  • Round 6: Raz
  • Round 7: The Rocks
  • Round 8: Nails
  • Round 9: Rynokks
  • Round 10: Leatherhead

Prize: Crystal

3. Foot Fight

  • Round 1: Techs
  • Round 2: Elite Guard 1
  • Round 3: Feudals
  • Round 4: Elite Guard 2
  • Round 5: Mega Foot
  • Round 6: Hun
  • Round 7: Elite Guards 3
  • Round 8: FootMech Splinter
  • Round 9: Karai
  • Round 10: Mega Shredder

Prize: Crystal, Antique

4. Battle Nexus Tournament

Prize: Crystal, Antique

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game[]

A version of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game is available as an unlockable. By finding Stage 9-1's Artifact on a rooftop and taking it back to April, she will comment on the Artifact - the TMNT arcade game. It will then be unlocked for play on the main menu.


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