Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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[I believe there is something about the smell of New York City that makes me feel at home... Although it can be a little more palatable when there is an onshore breeze...]

[For most of us, the city is filled with familiar sights and landmarks—often a mix of pleasant and not as pleasant memories...]

[...Neighborhoods where we grew up and long to return...]

[...Or a new shelter we hope will help us weather the coming storm.]

[The boys have been working hard since we got back...]

[...Improving security mostly.]

[Tripwires and motion sensors... A few cameras...]

[...Sealing off any access we don't control...]

[...As well as my favorite, more ventilation.]

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[But all work and no play can be a breeding ground for bad ideas...]

Donatello "So Raph's going to walk in, get both feet on that grate cover, and boom, that'll spring the mechanism that sends him down into the newly renovated rainwater pool at the bottom of the lair!"

Michelangelo "Perfect! Now, we can't have anyone get in the way—I know Raph's on a short run, but are you sure Leo was going all the way up to the George Washington Bridge scouting today? And where did Casey and April go?"

Donnie "One hundred percent. Leo was looking for any new trails, tags or Foot hideouts, and Prince Charming took April to a hockey game I think, or some other kinda stupid mushy date thing... Geez!"

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Casey Jones "...So then, when my dad brought me and my mom to see Gretzky here, that was it, I knew I wanted to be the best hockey player ever!"

April O'Neil "Awesome, Casey, I didn't know that about you..."

Casey "Well, a guy has to keep a little mystery about himself, right?"

April "Ha, yeah, something like that... What position did you play?"

Casey "Only the baddest position ever, defenseman—cross my blue line and pay the price!"

April "Wow! Sounds awesome!"

Casey "Yeah, for a semester and a half I was... Well, pretty good!"

April "I wish I had seen you in action. Hey, I wonder what the boys are doing tonight?"

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Donnie "So I'm a little worried about the weight distribution, and swing angle when he comes off the first net, so he can hit the roller just right..."

Mikey "Ah, don't worry, Raph bounces pretty well..."

Mikey "Besides, once it starts it's either going to carry him to each level as planned, or it's straight down into water anyway!"

Donnie "True, true... But maybe we should move that third gag a few inches over just to be sure... Hmmm..."

Mikey "Nahh, it's perfect—don't change a thing!"

Donnie "This is going to be the best prank ever!"


Splinter "Hmmm. Remember... To play with fire is simply the desire to get burned..."

Splinter "...And Raphael is a flame that only burns hotter when teased."

Page 6

Leonardo "We're home!"

Donnie "Oh no! Both Raph and Leo are coming home at the same time! This is soooo not good—let's call it off!"

Mikey "Shhhhhhh! Maybe Raph will come in first..."

Mikey "Ah crap. To late now! Hide!"

Raphael "Hey bro—how'd the scouting mission go?"

Leo "A little lame, lots of Foot trails and marks, nothing really solid though—hope you had a good workout..."

Mikey "Man, whatta bucket of monkey guts!"

Donnie "You're telling me!"

Raph "Maybe we should leave some trail marks of our own and freak the Foot out!"

Leo "Not yet, we want to stay on the down-low right now..."

Raph "Is that you talking, or Master Splinter?"

Leo "Master Splinter has his own plan, and will reveal it in time."

Raph "Got it—so we just wait..."

Leo "Yep."

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Renet "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Splinter "Grumble, grumble, such a bad idea..."

Renet "Frick'n, frack'n, stupid wormhole! What genius came up with the idea that this is the best way to time travel?"

Renet "Stupid helmet! Another stroke of genius! A third-year apprentice should get to wear whatever she wants!"

Renet "Ohh, hi guys!"

Renet "It's me—Renet! How's it goin?"

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Renet "Here we go—this looks much better on you! Which one are you again?"

Renet "Picasso? Bernini? Rembrandt? I forget... Hee hee! We'll get back to that in a moment, I have so much to tell you!"

Mikey, Donnie, Raph & Leo "?"

Renet "I need to talk to you about something very serious..."

Renet "Here's the long and short of it—there's like this really big fight every year these big boss guys put on, and me and my teacher are like, really sick of it..."

Renet "Seriously sick of it..."

Renet "...And all the guys that have to fight in it are sick of it too, because it is so stupid!"

Renet "So we have a plan to end it, a really good one... Well, mostly good... But to make it work we need the best fighters in the universe to help us—and I thought of you!"

Renet "Cool, right?"

Renet "Pretty sorta kinda simple, but in a really intense way!"

Renet "So you guys down or what?!"

Page 9

Mikey "Whoa?!"

Raph "What?!"

Donnie "Where?!"

Leo "When?!"

Renet "Oh, oh! Okay right, got it, rewind—either we've already met and you know who I am and what I'm talking about..."

Renet "...Or I've come back before our last adventure and you have no idea what I'm talking about and think I'm some kinda crazy loon!"

Renet "Hee hee! Right?!"

Renet "Hmmm, well my master teacher, boss, whatever, does think I'm the biggest loon pie in the universe, and he also happens to be very upset with me right now—none of which was my fault by the way, I mean seriously, it was complete miscommunication over exactly what my last few missions were!"

Renet "It happens, you know what I mean?"

Renet "Anyway, I personally think he still has a lot to learn about me so he can be a better teacher! Give and take, right?"

Raph "Wait, wait, wait! So you're saying, you're like a time traveler, who we might have met before—who has come to get us to help you with a fight?!"


Renet "Pretty much... Huh? Okay! Man, you'd think they'd have a better way to text in the future!"

Renet "Poop on a stick! All right, we're out of time for chit chat..."

Renet "I'll fill you in on the rest when we get there..."

Renet "You guys ready to roll an rock?!"

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Renet "I promise I'll explain everything else shortly, but even if you don't remember me now, trust me, you guys really liked me before! What's important here, is I know who you are..."

Renet "...Champions that fight for right!"

Renet "The balance of like, lots of people hang in a balance of a really important balancing act... Thing... And will continue to hang there, or even go out of balance if you don't help everything get balanced up! More or less..."

Donnie "Wait—what was the middle part again? I am ssoooooo confused..."

Renet "I think you're Donatello, right? As handsome as ever—here, hold my scepter a second..."

Renet "Stupid helmet—I got ten demerits for not wearing it last trip! Okay, gimme the scepter back."


Donnie "You can have it! This thing is gonna blow!"

Page 11

Renet "You guys don't get sick during time travel, do you?"


Leo, Raph, Donnie & Mikey >Yahhhh!!!!<

Splinter "What a racket! They're tearing up the place!"


Splinter "I think a good two-hour run back and forth across the East Village should do the trick!"

Splinter "{Sniff sniff!}"

Splinter "Has someone burnt another burrito in the microwave?! Boys? Hello? Hmmm, must have gone to work out on their own... That's interesting..."

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Leo, Raph, Donnie & Mikey "Yahhhhh!"

Page 13


Renet "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Leo, Raph, Donnie & Mikey "Yahhhh!"

Renet "I'm seriously asking for a raise... Soon!"

Renet "See what I'm talking about?! Isn't this completely wrong?"

Renet "Stupid helmet! Stupid landings! Stupid job—I haven't had a day off since, since forever..."

Renet "...And I mean the real forever, not just the ever and ever you've heard about! Grrr!"

Renet "Ah hah! Here they are—look Captain—the fresh meat has arrived!"

Page 14

Guard A "Renet! You made it with about six seconds to spare—all the final warriors are already in their cages and the fights have started!"

Guard A "Lucky for you, otherwise you'd have been tossed in with the other combat fodder this time!"

Guard "You smell like a sewer! Hah! Hah!"

Turtle "Grrrr... That's our home you're talking about..."

Guard A "These thugs should last a few minutes before they're eliminated, maybe. We'll throw them in with your friend Baltizar. Renet, you can join the others in the stands!"

Renet "Don't worry, guys, I'll handle things on my end. You do your part. And in the end, I'll make us all a big cake."

Turtle "Cake?! I don't know what you've gotten us into, lady, but we're going to have a very serious talk when this is over!"

Unidentified "Holey moley! This is like the Super Bowl!"

Unidentified "Without the paycheck..."

Unidentified "Or a trip to Disneyland if we win..."

Renet "My favorite is chocolate..."

Turtle "Is she still talking about cake?"

Page 15

Renet "Don't worry, guys, I can make vanilla too! Be strong, you'll know what to do when the time comes! Isaw it in a dream!"

Guard "Get them to their cage—only the very best lodgings for your last night in this universe!"

Guard "Or any for that matter..."

Guard "Left. Right."

Guard "Left. Right."

Guard "Left. Right."

Guard "Here we go... Get inside!"

Guard "Call the front desk if you need anything! Hah!"

Guard "Here's your new roommate!"

Turtle "Who's this guy?"

Page 16

Baltizar "In the dark of all darknest dark nights. In the middle of a mostly dark day... What madness stands before me now?! My only rule is Baltizar fights alone!"

Balt "From the looks of you lizards, I will be anyway. Stay out of my way and you might survive the first match!"

Balt "If not, I know what is coming, and if you're lucky—your end will be quick! I'll show you where the weapons are—if you know how to use one..."

Balt "Just don't look for a helmet like mine. This was specially made for me by my aunt's cousin's friend. And only looks good on someone as handsome as I am!"

Balt "I'm sure you're clueless, so here's the situation. Here in this place, we are just puppets for their amusment... But no one else here is laughing..."

Balt "They are ageless—I'm talking about the Dimensional Council. And they put on these games. Every twelve cycles they gather the best of the best from all the realms and force us to fight each other in the arena. My people are always chosen as warriors, because we're the best."

Balt "The winners of each match get to fight another match, but the losers get beamed away... Banished to a hellish slave-camp until the end of their days."

Page 17

Turtle "First off—we're turtles, pretty boy."

Turtle "Wait, what kind of council does this?"

Turtle "I'm not buying any of this."

Turtle "Where can I get a helmet like yours?"

Balt "I already told you no on the helmet! Geez!"

Balt "Here, choose your arena weapons quickly! These will only work in the arena. They can cause damage to another warrior like any other fight, but if it is a "death strike" the combatant is beamed away immediately."

Balt "Once sent away, no one has been heard from again. The final winner is supposedly beamed to a paradise... But no one has proof of that either. We think it's lies... All players become slaves!"

Turtle "Totally. Sounds like a load of bull to me!"

Leo "Ditto..."

Guard "All ready, meat?!"

Guard "You're up next, let's go!"

Balt "For those about to die... It's time!"

Guard "Let's go, ladies!"

Page 18 & 19

Donnie "Looks like something out of a big movie..."

Balt "It will be more real than the realest thing you've ever really seen, lizard guys!"

Leo "We're turtles, sharpshooter, turtles."

Guard "Hold here until you are called."

Turtle "Man, and I thought the sewers smelled bad..."

Turtle "Serious stench-a-roonie!"

Turtle "That's your big worry here—the smell?!"

Turtle "I'm not playing their game—I'm not fighting..."

Balt "You will fight, or you will... Well, might as well lay down and wait for your end..."

Guard "All right—time to go!"

Balt "For my home! For my people! For my mom and dad!"

Mikey "I think these guys mean serious business, bros..."

Donnie "...And not the good kind..."

Page 20

Leo "I still don't get this! Who or what controls this fight, and if we lose, they send us where?! I don't even know where here is?!"

Turtle "What are we fighting for?!"

Balt "I have told you all I know... If for nothing else, fight for your other lizard brothers."

Councilman A "Welcome to the next round of today's festivities! The Dimensional Council hopes you enjoy the final bout before intermission! Live long and prosper!"

Balt "Run, hide, and wait, warriors—I'll protect you as long as I can!"

Turtle "Not likely, sport!"

Spectator "Oh, that Baltizar is sooooo handsome!"

Renet "Back off, girl—he's mine!"

Renet "Hi, Baltizar! Kick some butt! Hi, turtles! Remember what I told you—show them what you're made of!"

Renet "And don't forget our secret plan! Whoops! Shh! Shh! I didn't just say that..."

Page 21

Balt "...And for Renet!"

Leo "Gah—for the love of Pete!"

Raph "For Splinter!"

Donnie "For Earth!"

Mikey "Hmpf. This is so stupid."

Renet "Oh, Balt!"

Warrior "Grrr!"

Warrior "Rah!"

Warrior "Snort!"


Warrior "Yahhh!"

Warrior "Rahhh!"

Page 22

Balt "Hold back, lizards—my mighty sword Stab Slasher will drink first and deep! Cowabunga!"

Balt "Have at thee, point-headed scum!"

Balt "You hesitate? Fine—I'll come to you!"

Balt "How's this for skill, fish face! Hah! Hah! Hah!"


Balt "Leaving so soon?"

Balt "This is how it works, lizard frog green guys—join the fight or I won't see you with my eyes anymore—because you'll be all gone!"

Turtle "Whoa! Did he really say cowabunga?"

Raph "What an overconfident idiot!"

Raph "Time to show these goofballs how ninja turtles fight, before the mighty Baltizar runs out of dumb luck!"

Page 23

Mikey "I don't like this, but we have to take them out..."

Raph "...Before they take us out!"


Donnie "What a senseless waste of warriors!"

Leo "We didn't make the rules. Let's just make sure it's not us that gets wasted!"

Balt "You guys are still alive?!"

Raph "We're just getting warmed up, chump!"


Balt "Who you calling chump, chimp? Hah! Hah!"

Mikey "Yipe! Back off, freako! Whoa!"

Leo "Nobody touches my brother! Yahh!"

Page 24

Leo "This fight has left me no choice..."


Leo "...So I choose to protect my brothers!"


Mikey "I didn't need help, Leo, but thanks—and you're welcome!"

Raph "Stand back, blondie—I got this!"

Balt "Stand back yourself, greenie—you're just in my way!"


Balt "See?! I got the beast first!"

Raph "In your dreams, horn head—I struck first!"

Balt "We'll call it even... I think with a few years of training on my world you could be pretty good at this!"

Raph "I think with a few years training, you would understand basic math! How about I give you a private fighting lesson when this is over, longshanks?!"

Donnie "Take it down, Raph—we won, let's go home!"

Page 25

Leo "Okay, we've only been here for like three hours and we've been fighting for most of it! I'm over this!"

Mikey "I'm still not completely sure what is going on here... You guys?"

Raph "Old school Roman gladiator stuff—like Baltizar said, we're amusement for the crazy council and the alien crowd!"

Donnie "I don't see what we're supposed to accomplish... Where is that Renet chick and her stick?! Time to leave!"

Balt "No one leaves here until the games are over. I don't know why Renet brought you here—all I know is we survived today, so we fight again tomorrow..."

Renet "Yahh! You're all still alive! My plan is working perfectly! Hurray!"

Announcer "By special order of the glorious Dimensional Council, tomorrow's match will be a triple threat—three combatants to each of their one!"

Raph "I'm taking that council down, a limb at a time!"

Balt "Save your anger, lizard, you'll need it in the morning."

Balt "I've heard you never really know someone until you fight them. Or with them. Or with someone who has fought with or against them. But you are warriors, nearly worthy of my respect."

Raph "What? How many times have you been hit in the head?"

Guard A "All right, you lucky beasts—back to your cages, and we'll see if you survive tomorrow! Hah! Hah! Hah!"

Guard "Left right left right... Wait, right left right left... Hurry up!"

Turtle "Dudes, I hope they have guards to guard these guards, or we should just keep walking and see if they notice..."

Page 26

Turtle "This really is insane, Baltizar. We've been brought here against our will, and only want to return home!"

Balt "Like the rest of us, we are all here against our will..."

Balt "...As I told you when you first arrived... You fight or fight... Or get sent away... Most likely die... There is nothing else."

Raph "If everyone here feels the same, we should all join together and stop them from doing this anymore..."

Turtle "Why don't you fight back?"

Balt "You're not the first with this idea, or even the second or third—you're like, way down the line..."

Balt "It would take a mighty wind to blow this in the other direction... Too many different kinds of creatures here, too many differences."

Turtle "What would it take to convince the few hundred warriors in the cages around us to join a fight?"

Balt "Maybe we could make some giant robots or something... Hey, any more lizards on your planet? That would be so cool, and a big help!"

Turtle "Umm, nope... Only the four of us, and our dad."

Turtle "Hey, where did you learn to... Um... Fight?"

Page 27

"We lived on the side of a volcano and our house burned down nearly every other month."

"So when we weren't rebuilding that, we had to fight our dad every few hours to eat, and then fight the creatures that tried to eat our crops all night..."

"...If surviving that wasn't enough, monthly tribal gatherings were just an excuse to try and kill each other..."

Balt "...So, from birth until my death, I will have been a true warrior!"

Balt "So that's me. Would love to hear your story, but honestly, I gotta crash..."

Turtle "Please do... Our story would never compare to yours..."

Renet "Hey! Boss Teacher Master—whatever—we need to get this plan finally sorted out, time is running short!"

Lord Simultaneous "Time may seem short to you, but I have been trying to stop this tournament for decades."

Renet "Well, then, what are you waiting for?! Time to get this party started!"

Renet "You need to lead the charge!"

Simultaneous "I don't have the power against the council leader Nieli! That is why I was banished from the council to this cell..."

Simultaneous "We don't have the crowd on our side, or the fighters to accomplish the mission!"

Renet "We have my turtles friends and Baltizar... That is the seed..."

Renet "...Small seeds grow into really big things, really big! We can do this..."

Renet "I know this will work this time! Step up or keep getting stepped on!"

Simultaneous "I mostly agree with you, at least the parts I understand..."

Page 28

Renet "Well, work on understanding the parts you don't understand, this is going down this year whether you are part of it or not!"

Simultaneous "It is just too soon—maybe next year..."

Rangor "Baltizar... Speak to me if you are awake."

Balt "I am here, Rangor..."

Rangor "Our people, like yours, have fought here for as long as I can remember. We both know these events are wrong and unfair... A pathetic game to this council, and we are not alone here."

Rangor "All the warriors here feel the same—we fight and die for nothing... We would rather fight against them than each other, and I know you feel the same."

Balt "Yes, it is true... But what can so few warrior slaves do against the council? They have too many well-armed guards to make a worthy stand."

Rangor "Maybe, maybe not... If we all stand together, and fight together against them... We have a chance... Even if we don't, at least we will fight for ourselves, instead of against each other for their amusement!"

Balt "I agree... And although I am the natural choice, I cannot lead... I have skills, just not smarts... And if the others don't join us, we die for nothing."

Rangor "Um, I wasn't saying you were our first choice for leader... But you and your lizard fighters inspire the men, and their blood is boiling."

Rangor "With the right spark, this place will go up in flames!"

Rangor "Destiny is not something you choose, it chooses you."

Balt "I will give it more thought, Rangor—but now I must sleep, tomorrow will be a long day..."

Page 29


Balt "Ahhhh!"

Guard A "Hah! Hah! Hah!"

Guard A "Take this!"

Balt "Argh..."

Leo "Back off, jerk face, or I'll remove it!"

Guard A "Hah! Baltizar can barely lift his weapons now... And will be taken out in the first few minutes of the match you're all sure to lose!"

Guard A "Suit up, "warriors"—you have one minute to get battle ready!"

Leo "Can't win fair and square so you have to cheat, huh?!"

Leo "Scumbag! We'll show them we don't go down that easy."

Turtle "How are you doing, Balt?"

Balt "I'll... I'll be fine... I can fight."

Turtle "Dude, you can barely stand..."

Guard "Keep it moving, losers, let's get this over with!"

Donnie "Form a circle, let them come to us, and let's keep our friend safe."

Raph "Next speech, try to include things we don't already know!"

Donnie "Can it and focus, Raph!"

Leo "My helmet is so cool..."

Page 30 & 31

Balt "I can... Fight... {Groan}"

Raph "Hold your own wherever you can, Balt, we're going to keep them away from you for now and kick ass at the same time."

Leo "Raph—hold your position, and wait for my instructions—we're doing this old school, like Master taught us!"

Warrior "Crush 'em all!"

Warrior "Puny, weak lizards! Ha!"

Warrior "I'm hungry for fresh meat!"

Leo "Don, go straight up the middle, Raph and I will nail the flanks! Mike, deal with anyone that heads for Baltizar!"

Balt "I'm... I'm ready... Starting to get some feeling back... The shock is wearing off..."

Page 32

Rangor "Brothers in arms! How much longer are we going to take this?! You saw what they did to Baltizar in his cell—you see how the Dimensional Council cheats—you see how the lizard men fight to protect a warrior they own nothing to!"

Rangor "Tear down your cages! If we all join together, we can defeat the guards as well! Today we take back our freedom!"

Donnie "Strike and move, strike and move—watch it, they're breaking through!"

Balt "Behind you!"

Leo "We're all over it, there's just too many!"

Raph "We've fought more Foot than this by accident!"

Raph "Turtle up!"


Mikey "One down!"

Leo "Fourteen to go!"

Page 33

Leo "Incoming! Got it covered!"

Mikey "Break left... Here comes the hammer!"


Raph "That's sledgehammer if you don't mind..."

Leo "Bring it back in, guys, keep the circle tight!"


Leo "What?!"

Balt "I have your back, brother, now watch mine!"

Nieli "Come on! I won't stand for this! Send in more warriors—I want these guys taken out no matter what the cost!"

Nieli "So commands Councilman Nieli!"

Page 34

Balt "I fight for my lizard brothers, my warrior brothers still stuck in their cells—and for my soon-to-be girlfriend, Renet!"

Balt "Booyakasha!"

Page 35

Donnie "Easy—watch your right!"

Balt "...And you watch your left! Hah! You ready to take this guy?"

Donnie "Only one way to find out!"

Donnie "Hi—yah!"

Balt "Hi—low!"


Spectators "Boo, Dimensional Council!"

Spectators "Yeah, Baltizar! Lizards!"

Spectators "Baltizar! Lizards! We want a fair match!"

Nieli "I do not care what it takes! I want every guard in the city in there. End this match now!"

Nieli "Why are you still standing there?!"

Nieli "I don't care if you need to arm your kids and pets!"

Nieli "Destroy them!"

Guard "But, sir... That's not fair..."

Page 36

Renet "Yeah, it's totally unfair! You're all great warriors, the best, and the council wastes you with their stupid games! Why obey their orders? Why not lay down your arms and have an awesome picnic and eat too much and hang out? Come on!"

Leo "Holy... What the hell is that?!"

Balt "A Triceraton... Fierce warriors, I've never seen one beaten..."

Mikey "You go first—we'll back you up!"


Rangor "Rahhh! Come on, brother warriors!"

Guard "Stop! Stop or... Ahhh!"

Rangor "Too late! Your tyranny ends now!"

Rangor "Take all the guards' weapons and keys, free everyone—today everyone fights for freedom!"


Zog "Gahh!"

Donnie "Whoah! This guy is huge!"

Turtle "The bigger they are—the more they hurt!"

Page 37

Renet "I'm not going to stand around any more—I want to fight for right with my friends!"

Renet "Actions speak louder than words, Dimensional Council! Today we take a stand to end your stupid games!"

Simultaneous "Renet! No! Stop!"

Mikey "Yahh! His arm is as big as me!"

Raph "Strike and run! Strike and run!"

Zog "Rahh! Zog destroy!"

Leo "I'll keep him focused on me..."

Donnie "...And we'll keep hitting him from all sides!"

Balt "I'm coming! Hold on!"

Balt "Renet! What are you doing?!"

Renet "I got this! Back off and join our side, warrior!"

Balt "You're crazy!"

Renet "Crazy for you! Let's end this fight—together!"

Page 38

Rangor "Forward! Forward! Free everyone!"

Raph "Whoa! I don't know, guys, this one's a brute!"

Donnie "We have to tire him out—keep circling him, strike when you can and keep your distance..."

Mikey "Maybe if he goes to sleep we'll have a chance!"


Renet "Yahh!"

Balt "Yahh!"

Nieli "No! No! No! No! Where are my guards?! Stop them, destroy them all, now! Gahhh!"

Spectator "Boo!"

Spectators "Down with the council!"

Spectators "Stop the match! The fights must be fair!"

Gauge "Oh my... This has gone on long enough!"

Warrior "Yahhhh! To the arena!"

Guard "Revolt! Yahhhh!"

Page 39

Rangor "This is the last of them—open the gates!"

Nieli "Gahh! I'm coming down there myself—this will end one way or another! Gahh!"

Simultaneous "I agree with Council Member Gauge! I, Council Member Simultaneous, have tried to stop these horrible games for a long time, I know most of you don't like them—Council Leader Nieli stands alone in his bloodlust!"

Rangor "Baltizar! Lizard warriors! We come to join the fight! Down with the Dimensional Council!"

Donnie "Wait! Hold up! Look!"

Simultaneous "Well, couldn't have timed that better!"

Simultaneous "Silence, everyone! Silence! Now is the talk to talk, not fight!"

Simultaneous "As a former member of the Dimensional Council, I defer to the will of the warriors and the people of our great city! Who will speak on their behalf today?!"

Page 40

Spectator "Whoa!"

Spectator "What now?"

Spectator "Shhhhh!"

Spectator "The council will destroy them all!"

Spectator "No fair! Stop the games!"

Councilman A "I personally never liked these games..."

Councilman B "Me neither..."

Councilman C "I agree..."

Gauge "Wait, watch and listen..."

Nieli "What?! What?! Are you all crazy?! Do you think this will make a difference? Heads will roll! Everyone's!"

Rangor "Baltizar! I have brought you a gift!"

Rangor "Take your revenge on the guard who harmed you!"

Guard A "Hah! You're all worthless and weak! The council will protect me! I am a loyal servant!"

Balt "No... That is the problem. We should not have to serve anyone... Fight in these dreadful fights for nothing... We are mighty warriors..."

Balt "...Our skills speak for us, and us alone."

Donnie "Baltizar is right! And I have an option for all to consider... Where we come from, blood-sport games like this ended ages ago—in their place our ancestors created real games—games of sport, like those in our Ancient Greece..."

Donnie "...Where the best of the best competed—in tests of skill and strength—where the winners were rewarded with a medal of honor, and the losers weren't sent away to some tragic end, they got to train for the next event... To test their skill against the best again!"

Page 41

Donnie "Dimensional Council, you must be wise to rule here. Can you not see it is the will of everyone for these games to end? So that something more peaceful can begin?"

Balt "How about we call them Fight'o Mania? Or, or..."

Donnie "Shhh!"

Nieli "Are you crazy?! Never! I make the rules here!"

Gauge "No! Enough! You do not make the rules here, we do!"

Gauge "Speaking on behalf of the other Dimensional Council members and myself—we have never really liked these dreadful games and want them to end!"

Gauge "Now!"

Gauge "First, we hereby suspend and banish Council Leader Nieli forever... Guards, take him away!"

Gauge "Second, I truly love sport, and I love the idea presented by the, um, lizard people... An annual Battle Nexus... A place for the warriors from all the realms to send their best, for fun and sport!"

Gauge "And betting..."

Gauge "People of our fair city, the center of all the realms, I hereby end the games as we knew them, and proclaim a set of new games of skill for the next year!"

Gauge "Lord Simultaneous, I officially invite you to rejoin the Dimensional Council, and be the ambassador for the new games!"

Simultaneous "I accept your appointment, Dimensional Council Speaker Gauge, and thank you for allowing me to return as one of our honored leaders!"

Renet "See?! I told you it would..."

Simultaneous "Shhh! The first rule of an apprentice is, never say I told you so!"

Simultaneous "We've worked together for a very, very, very, very, very, very... Long time, Renet, and I feel your accomplishments today are a nice first step in the right direction."

Renet "Can I have a raise then?"

Simultaneous "No."

Page 42

Raph "That was interesting..."

Mikey "For sure!"

Leo "Ditto!"

Donnie "I never thought we could have made a difference. I don't like how we got here, but I'm happy we could help."

Simultaneous "I can not thank you lizard warriors enough! You do fight with honor!"

Renet "They're turtles actually..."

Balt "Are you sure?"

Simultaneous "Regardless... We all do thank you!"

Simultaneous "Renet, it is time to send them home, and get back to your studies. Retrieve your scepter please..."

Renet "Dude, I need a serious break after this! Vacation?"

Simultaneous "Maybe..."

Balt "Nice going guys! If you ever want to hang out, you know where to find me!"

Donnie "Actually... We don't know where to find you."

Leo "Thanks, Balt, you're all right..."

Balt "Thanks, Leonard! You too!"

Raph "Leonard—gotta remember that!"

Mikey "Can I bring my helmet home?"

Balt "I hope to see you again one day..."

Leo "I'll be counting the seconds!"

Renet "Goodbyes are like sad songs... Not long enough! Will we meet again?!"

Renet "Hey, wait, I can zap over anytime I want with the scepter. Brunch next week?"


Renet "So, I guess it really isn't that sad after all!"

Renet "I'll ditch your armor and zap you back home! Hold tight and TTFN!"

Donnie "Bye!"

Raph "Ciao!"

Mikey "Adios!"

Leo "Wait—can we talk about this brunch thing?!"

Page 43


Leo "Gah!"

Mikey "I wanted a hug!"

Donnie "Whoa!"

Raph "Ugh!"

Splinter "Seriously?! What the heck are they doing?"


Splinter "I think a good two-hour run across the East Village should do the trick!"

Splinter "Holy s... Ah... Smokes! Has someone burnt another burrito in the microwave?! Boys? Hello?"

Donnie "Not exactly... Boy, do we have a story to tell you!"

Mikey "Hey, look, my helmet! Aw... It's her helmet..."

Leo "Hah! Hah! Hah! Man, she either really hated this thing, or sent it along as something to remember her by..."

Leo "I don't know about you guys, but I need about a gallon of water—totally parched!"

Donnie "Leo, wait!"

Leo "Wait for what?"

Page 44 & 45


Leo "What the—?"

Leo "Hey!"


Leo "Seriously?"

Leo "Ummm..."


Leo "...Guys?!"


Leo "Stop! Hey!"



Leo "Ow! Whoa!"


Leo "Ow!"


Leo "Gahh!"


Leo "No!"


Leo "Ahh!"


Leo "Argh!"


Leo "Ahh!"


Leo "Rahhhh!"

Page 46

Leo "Grrrrr!"

Leo "Errr?"

Leo "Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!"

Mikey "Ah! Hah! Hah! Hah!"

Splinter "I have a good idea..."

Mikey "Hey! What? Ahh!"


Splinter "Hah! Hah! Hah! Now you are all wet!"

Leo "Hah!"

Mikey "Hah!"

Raph "Okay! Okay! I give! Hah! Hah! Hah!"

Mikey "Hey, I wonder what Renet and Baltizar are doing right now?"

Page 47


Renet "You know, it is kinda funny—I have had a bunch of adventures with those cool turtle guys, it's just that I keep hitting them at different times! Not my fault of course, but I'm always surprised at what they will remember when I get there..."

Balt "Ummm... Okay... I don't always understand what you can do, and what you do... But it's cool!"

Renet "You're funny! I'll find a better way to explain it one day—all that matters is we have some new friends, again, and we get some alone time to get to know each other better!"

Balt "I hear that... Or at least understood that... Have I told you about me yet?"

Renet "Yep, a few times, but that was another time... Love to hear it again..."

Balt "Well, um, okay... It's sorta long... How about we get something to eat, and I'll tell you the journal of Baltizar?"

Renet "Sounds good! I'm thinking Chinese, you down for the best food from the 14th century?"

Balt "I guess... Do they have a good dessert?"

Page 48

Renet "The best! Hold on, and we'll get going... But I have a feeling we'll be seeing those cool nutty green dudes again..."

Balt "Not if they see us first! Hah! Hah! Hah!"

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