"Raphael - Well bro, you won't have to worry about me dragging you down anymore.

Michelangelo - What's that supposed to mean?

Raphael - I'm going out on my own, first chance I get.

Michelangelo - How we're gonna finish our Hip Hop christmas album, bro? You're the hype man!

Raphael - You spit in my eye.

Leonardo - He's not going anywhere, we all stick together.

Michelangelo - Sorry I spit in your eye, bro."

"Donatello - I forgot to soak my retainer."

"Raphael - And every time I talked about walking away it was because I was scared! I just can't that I was good enough to stand next to you and call you brothers and tell you... I love you, I love you guys so much."

"Michelangelo - What's up, angel cake?"

"Michelangelo - She's so hot I can feel my shell tightening.

Raphael - We can hear you!"

"Leonardo - It's harder than I thought."

"Michelangelo - I'm in the zone! There's literally nothing that could break me right now... Starting to break.

Splinter - The 99 cheese pizza.

Michelangelo - I don't even know what that is."

"Splinter - Listen closely my sons. Leonardo, be one with the blade. Donatello, instinct over strategy. Raphael, precision. Michelangelo, control."

"Michelangelo - If I don't return, you can always find me. In here.

Leonardo - Don't be an idiot."

"Eric Sacks - The world will be ours."

"Raphael - Over here!

Michelangelo - I'm on it. He-he-he."

"Splinter - We were created to fight the evils of the world."

"Splinter - My son, your training is over. It's time to go out in the open."

"Raphael - Remember that thing you used to say when we were kids?

Michelangelo - You made me promise never to say it again.

Raphael - Forget about that. Still got one in the tank?

Michelangelo - Have been holding it in for years.

Leonardo - Wait guys, wait up...

Michelangelo - Cowabunga!"

"Raphael - Cowabunga."

"Michelangelo - Is that what I think it is?

Raphael - It's an avalanche.

Michelangelo - Yep, that's an avalanche."

"Donatello - Mikey, was that you?

Michelangelo - Eh, pepperoni."

"Michelangelo - I'm a snapping turtle, fool. Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap. I meant to do that. I meant to do it."

"Michelangelo - Please keep your arms and legs inside the shell at all times."

"Michelangelo - Anyone else see that?"

"Raphael - We're bulletproof!

Leonardo - Sweet!"

"Eric Sachs - Crime, violence and fear have run rampant, our great city is being destroyed. People want justice restored to this world, people want heroes, Ms. O'Neil. But heroes aren't born, they're created. That's what your father and I were trying to do, create heroes."

"Splinter - You live, you die, you fight... As brothers. Remember, nothing is as strong as family."

"Vernon - Four Turtles, one's fighting a robot samurai. Why not?"

"Michelangelo - Oh no, no. No, no. Woah, chill. It's just a mask, see? Don't freak out, right?"

"Donatello - Surveillance is showing heavy foot clan activity

Raphael - They're taking hostages.

Leonardo - Let's Rock N' Roll!"

"Raphael - This is our city."

"Raphael - That's what I'm talking about. Like shadows in the night.

Michelangelo - Yeah.

Raphael - Completely unseen. (flash)

Michelangelo - What was that?

Donatello - It's a camera flash. By my calculations it's a girl.

Michelangelo - Are we gonna kill her?

Donatello - What?"

"'Raphael' - Give me the camera.

Michelangelo - Oh look, he's doing his Batman voice. Oh, she's hot, I can feel my shell tightening.

'Raphael' - We can hear you! If you don't give me the camera, I'm gonna-

Leonardo - Enough! Back off, Raph.

'Raphael' - I only saw Batman once.

'Leonardo' - Ma'am? Hello, I apologize. My colleague here forgot to say "please". So...would please hand over the camera?"

"Leonardo - Do not say a word about this to anyone. If you do, we WILL find you.

Michelangelo - Yeeeaah, we'll find you. I'm sorry that came across super creepy. Okay? That's……We will find you though."

"Splinter - My sons, I have trained you your whole lives to protect the city above. But I fear your not ready for its greatest threat... Shredder"

"Eric Sachs - We're taking your armor to the next level."

"Splinter - You must stop Shredder."

"Splinter - Together you're stronger than he can ever be."

"Raphael - Let's go save my brothers."

"Bernardette - You are now telling me, that there are four, 6 foot talking turtles walking around New York City and no one had seen them but you?!

April - That's what I'm telling you.

Bernardette - Is there anything else we should know about them?

April - They're ninjas.

Bernadette - I'm sorry, what?

April - And they do karate.

Bernadette - Ok, get out."

"Vernon - So they're aliens?

April - No that's stupid. They're turtles."

"Leonardo - We were created as weapons and we knew the world would never accept us, but one day it would need us."

"Raphael - Drive.

Vernon - You're a talking turtle.

Raphael - Yeah, I'm a talking turtle. And you're a human nerd. Now that we got that out of the way, hit it."

"Donatello - Allow me to be the bad-ass for once"

"Splinter - Your Training is not yet complete, but you will be the warriors that legends are made of."

"Leonardo - Donnie, what are the odds of us surviving?

Donatello - 0.000003%."

"Leonardo - Raph, take them out."

"Michelagelo - My bad... still figuring out the buttons."

"Vernon - O'Neil, what are you doing? Yeah, that's good. Make sure you're getting everything."

"April - What are you?

Leonardo - We are ninjas.

Raphael - We're mutants

Donatello - Well, technically we're turtles.

Michelangelo - Oh, and we're teenagers. But we can still have, adult conversations.

April - Ninja mutant turtle teenagers?

Donatello - When you put it like that it sounds ridiculous."

"Leonardo - Get us out of here Donnie.

Donatello - Oh my gosh, they have guns."

"Raphael - Why are you always telling me what to do?"

"Shredder - I'm glad you could join us."

"April - Hi everyone, it's April O'Neil from Channel 6 News."

"Donatello - Can you hear me? Do you know what city you're in?"

"Michelangelo - DJ Mikey indahouse."

"Vernon - So they're... Heroes in a half shell."

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