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Years ago, on Planet Utrominon, a messagenger delivers a statement from General Krang to Councilor Lorqa. A large holographic Krang tells Lorqa and his team of researchers living in an underground bunker that their mission will soon be over. They will soon depart for Planet Earth, as the Utroms have ultimately lost the war against the rebels lead by the Triceratons. Before joining them in the emergency bunker, Krang stops to see his father, Emperor Quanin, who thinks he came to gloat. Krang reveals to his father his secret plan enacted years ago. Krang brought together the leading scientists to develop new ooze technologies that would keep them alive in stasis, using what little ooze still exists. Krang explains that he had to keep it a secret from Quanin, because he would have ruined it like his father had ruined their empire. Krang tells him that he will bring the scientists through an inter-dimensional portal to a piece of land on Planet Earth called Burnow Island. Quanin brings up Krang's failure during his last trip to Earth (see Secret History of the Foot Clan Part ). As bombs begin to be dropped on the compound, Krang begs his father to accompany him but Quanin is too stubborn. Krang sees that his father is not worth the effort and departs.

On Burnow Island, present day, Baxter Stockman destroys the evidence of his flyborg in an incenerator. In a fit of rage, Stockman trashes his laboratory, fed up with being a prisoner on Krang's island.

Elsewhere on the island, the power is restored. Fugitoid debates whether or not to go forward with the next step of his plan, or to flee and destroy his body, so that his knowledge cannot be used to aid Krang in his efforts against the Neutrinos or others. He ponders his predicament, caught between the misguided ambition of Krang and the aggessive self-interest of Stockman. Fugitoid decides he cannot leave fate to those two and uses the computer to send out a message. Before the Fugitoid is sure the message was sent he is apprehended by a stone soldier.

Krang manages to make it back to the stasis room where the Utroms' vials are being refilled with ooze. He orders all of the scientists to get out. Krang thinks back to many years ago, when he carried out his plan to put the few surviving Utroms into hibernation. Lorqa was unsure that they had developed the technology sufficiently, but Krang told him how bad things were on the surface. Lorqa wishes that Quanin had came with them, but Krang does not. He blames the Utrom Empire's demise on his father. Lorqa and the other Utroms are put into vials with ooze and Krang oversees their transport through a portal to Burnow Island, to the room where Krang currently is. He vows to complete his plan soon.

In Northampton, Donnie continues reading Fugitoid's work journal. Donnie is realizing what a catastrophic threat the Technodrome poses and wondering how he and his family can possibly hope to neutralize it. Raph tells him that they'll handle it the same they handle everything else: make a plan, and then fight.

Back on Burnow Island, Stockman works on another one of his flyborgs when another scientist asks if they will be resuming work on the Fugitoid project soon. Stockman is surprised to learn that Fugitoid is back but glad nonetheless, as the flyborg he's currently working on he intends to use to destory Fugitoid. Unfortunately when he arrives in the lab he sees that Krang is already there. The Fugitoid is telling Krang all about how Stockman helped him get the ooze flowing again after the power system "malfunctioned". Stockman hurriedly agreeds and then leaves, afterwards cursing the fact that he is now indebted to the Fugitoid. Fugitoid continues talking to Krang. He tells Krang that he's just tired of fighting, that all he wants to do now is survive. Krang is quiet for a moment and Fugitoid worries that his ploy to be allowed to walk around the compound freely will fail. Fortunately, Krang can sympathize with the desire for survival.

The Turtles are on their way back to New York City following the Foot finding them hiding out in Northampton (see Northampton Part Three and Four). Donnie receives a message on his tablet from the Fugitoid. It contains plans for an inter-dimensional transporter, which would allow the Turtles to get to Burnow Island to fight Krang. The message also says that Fugitoid is contacting other parties with this information, as the more allies they have the likelier they will be to defeat Krang.

In one of the Foot Clan's bases, Karai receives the same message from the Fugitoid and shows it to the Shredder.




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