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The Turtles' time-travelling adventure comes to its epic conclusion in the not-too-distant future! The Turtles are shocked to discover a Manhattan greatly changed from the home they know. Surprising enemies and allies await them, in addition to grave decisions. Will they be able to make it back home AND save the future?


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The Turtles appear in the middle of a crowded, futuristic city full of mutants, ready for anything. They stand in anticipation of an attack but after a moment realize that they aren't even causing any second looks. Realizing that for once in their new lives, they can go about their business unnoticed, in plain sight. They quickly find the nearest sushi pizza shop and get a meal. 

As they dig in to their food, Don theorizes that they are in a future New York City where all their efforts paid off and they won in their battle against Krang and the Shredder. Don is interrupted by a mutant goldfish woman who asks if he and his brothers are really ninjas, which she had wanted to be when she grew up, but instead the Master assigned her to be a guard. Don tells her that if her heart is telling her to be a ninja then she should become one and get a new master which instantly makes her nervous. A mutant lion, overhearing the odd turn in their conversation, asks the Turtles where they're from and Don tells him that they're from Manhattan, where they currently are. The lion tells him that no one calls it that anymore, realizing that they're not supposed to be there and telling him that now it is called Shredder Island. The lion and his mutant buddies attack the Turtles, who flee out the storefront window while mutant guards round up fugitive humans and escort them into the back of a Foot Clan military vehicle. 

As the Turtles round a corner, Renet appears looking for them, knowing that they would be nearby at that time. The Turtles run straight past her in their haste but she is able to buy them some time by accidentally tripping their pursuers, allowing the Turtles to head into the sewers. Eventually the Turtles make their way back to their old hideout where they find a disturbing world map on the wall that informs them that Shredder has taken control of North and South America, while Krang controls Eurasia and Africa and Baxter Stockman Australia. Beside the map, the Turtles' bandanas hang on the wall. Don is utterly perplexed but a moment later Renet teleports down to the sewers to explain the cause of the Turtles' uncontrolled time travel. She explains that after the Turtles' sojourn to the Battle Nexus (run by Councilman Nieli who had hijacked the Dimensional Council, as seen in TMNT Annual 2014), they were over-saturated with quantum particles, and she was unable to help as her time scepter was broken, leaving the Turtles at the mercy of the universe, which transported them to critical moments in their history that lead them to their current predicament, in order to teach them a lesson. Leo says that enough is enough, and asks Renet if she can take them home to ensure this version of the future never happens, but Don is angry because they can't know if they'd already done whatever caused this future. 

To answer Don's concerns, Future Don appears out of the shadows, telling them that it wasn't just one mistake, but many that lead to the current situation. Mikey is excited and asks Future Don where the rest of the Turtles are, but Future Don tells him that they have all died and he has not left their lair in years, having given up hope. Future Don tells Present Don that in light of such impossible odds, he didn't see the point of keeping up the fight, but their brothers continued, which lead to their eventual demise. Although the rest of the resistance kept fighting, Future Don informs Present Don and the other Turtles that the resistance's leader and remaining members have been captured and are to be publicly executed that night. Present Don and the other Present Turtles refuse to let them happen and vow to do anything in their power to stop it.

Future Don, convinced to lead the way, shows Renet and the Turtles to the square where the resistance fighters are to be executed. As soon as they arrive, they attack mutants loyal to Shredder in order to cause a distraction. The Turtles, having incited a riot, make it to the raised platform where the prisoners are being held but as they try to free them some of them are shot and killed. The executioner is about to fire again when the goldfish guard the Turtles met earlier shoots him, having been roused to action by the Turtles. Future Don tells the Turtles to run while he leads the resistance fighters to safety. Before the Turtles can make a move, Future Shredder appears in full warrior garb, flanked by dozens of Bebop and Rocksteady clones. Knowing they are outnumbered, Renet transports the Turtles back to the safety of their own time.

In the future sewer hideout Future Don asks Woody, one of the resistance fighters, why he didn't reveal himself to the Present Turtles. He tells Future Don that there was no point, because he isn't the Woody they used to know. Woody urges Future Don to become a leader again, to give the resistance hope. 

The Present Turtles and Renet collect their thoughts on top of a building. Don is visibly shaken by meeting his future self who gave up on their cause. Don is worried because they only may have a chance to change the future they've seen. Raph tries to console him, telling him the Don he knows would never give up, but Don shocks them all by saying that he has thought about giving up at times. Don's brothers each reason with him in their own way, trying to give him hope again, even though it all may be for naught. In the end, maybe is enough for Don.





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