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The Turtles hit the high seas when they are dropped in the middle of a pirate battle! Little do they know that the true leader of the pirates is an enemy they are all too familiar with. Getting out of the time period alive will all depend on the quick wits of the Turtles' captain... Michelangelo!?


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The Caribbean Sea, 1726: the pirate captain of Shirley's Revenge is telling his men to stay their current course, even though the Kraken's men patrol the waters. As soon as the captain is done giving the order, a lookout alerts him that a ship is approaching impossibly fast and moments later it rams them. The Kraken's men, lead by a man whose face is covered in red bandages, attack the men of Shirley's Revenge. All of a sudden, the Turtles appear on deck in full samurai gear, transported through space and time. The Kraken's men, a superstitious lot afraid of interfering with a potential plan of their boss's, retreat. The captain of Shirley's Revenge asks who the Turtles are and how they got there but Raph tells him to back off. The captain and his men explain that they abide by a unique code of honor, avoiding killing when they can and only partaking in some smuggling in order to make a profit while remaining free men who answer only to themselves. The Turtles ask who was just attacking their ship and offer to help defeat them, but the captain has become convinced of the unholy power of the Kraken and is content to leave the area entirely. Michelangelo cautions them against turning tail and running, warning them that if they run they will be doomed to run for the rest of their lives. The captain, unconvinced, disagrees, but the crew decides to instill Mikey as the new captain.

The Turtles and crew spend the next few days sailing to the Kraken's base of operations on a small island, learning the ropes of life on the high seas in the meantime. A day or so before they arrive, Mikey advises the former captain not to worry too much about the future or the past as neither will do much good, but to focus on the present, as that's when one can make a difference. As Mikey finishes his motivational speech, Raphael tells him that they've arrived at Burnow Island. 

On the island, Krang admonishes the man in the red bandages, Mr. Rhodes, as intruder alarms sound throughout his compound. Krang tells Mr. Rhodes to deal with the problem while he deals with other matters. Mr. Rhodes leads Krang's men in an attack on the Shirley's Revenge, and the pirates lead by Michelangelo counter them. In the midst of the battle, Renet appears again. Mr. Rhodes is about to shoot Renet with a laser gun but Mikey takes the shot, getting knocked overboard in the process. Mr. Rhodes says that any men who wish to surrender will be allowed to join the Kraken's crew, but the Shirley's Revenge's old captain is roused to action by Mikey's deeds and attacks Mr. Rhodes, slicing his laser gun in half and incapacitating him.

The Shirley's Revenge's old captain, having defeated Mr. Rhodes, offers the Kraken's men the same deal, a place on his crew should they throw down their weapons. The majority of them accept the offer when the Turtles are again zapped away to another time and place. 

Before leaving Burnow Island, the Shirley's Revenge's reinstated captain orders his men to destroy the Kraken's/Krang's base, blowing it up with kegs of black powder. One of his men tells him he's found a large glass vial of strange green ooze that they can likely get good money for, but the captain orders it destroyed. The men throw it and the other vials they found into a nearby swamp, where a nearby alligator unknowingly bathes in it.





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