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The Turtles' journey through time continues, and the next stop is Feudal Japan! The Turtles will meet some familiar faces and be forced to make one of the most important decisions of their lives. Will stopping the Shredder mean the end of the Turtles as we know them?


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The Turtles suddenly appear in Japan, millions of years later. Donatello is able to tell by looking at the flora and topography, and Leonardo can tell that humans are around by the grooves in the road made by cart wheels. Michelangelo wonders why they didn't wind up back in New York; Donnie hypothesizes that it could be a quantum singularity, or a chronometric energy surge mingling with the remnants of mutagen in their bodies. Renet suddenly appears, but is still unintelligible and quickly vanishes again. 

Leo decides that they need to do some recon, as they don't know how near they are to civilization. Leo thinks they should find disguises to hide their appearance. Raphael hears a commotion from a nearby river, and they spot four samurai bathing, their clothes on the riverbank. Leo is hesitant to steal from them, but Raph points out that they have no other choice. 

Meanwhile, a short distance away, the Hamato Yoshi walks down a path through the woods. He is surprised by six fellow members of the Foot Clan, claiming he has been disrespectful towards their jonin, Oroku Saki. The Foot members are about to attack Yoshi but he is able to get the upper hand and attack them first, holding his own in combat. 

From a perch in a tree up above, Raph admires the swordsman's skill. Mikey is angered that six men would attack one in such an unfair fight, but Donnie wants to err on the side of caution and simply sneak past, worried that their actions may alter the course of history. Mikey is unswayed and jumps into the fray. The six attacking Foot Clan members, fearing they have awoken demons, flee. Yoshi thanks Mikey for helping him, and Mikey says it was only right as he can understand Japanese (see The Secret History of the Foot Clan). Yoshi offers them a meal and introduces himself. The Turtles are stunned, as they now realize that this is their father, Master Splinter, in his past life.

Later on, at Hamato Yoshi's house, Leo remarks on just how surreal this whole situation is. Raph asks him to elaborate as they watch Mikey and Donnie play with their past life selves. Raph can tell Leo is upset and wants to know why; Leo tells him its because they know whats going to happen to their former family at the hands of Oroku Saki. Raph tells him not to worry about it too much, as there's nothing they can do about it, but Leo wonders if there is. 

The next morning, Mikey wakes up to Tang Shen asking him if he'd like some tea. Mikey says he'd love some and asks if Yoshi is awake. She tells him that he was summoned by the Jonin early that morning and is already gone. She explains that it is part of the power struggle between the two. Shen asks Mikey if he can see the future and tell her if Yoshi will one day push Saki too far, but he is saved from answering by Donnie and Raph interrupting him to ask if he knows where Leo is. Raph tells the others about Leo wondering if he could prevent the deaths of their human selves, which Donnie says could cause irreversible damage to the space-time continuum. Mikey asks Shen if she can give them directions to where Yoshi is, as it is of dire importance, and she says something in her tells her it is okay to trust them. She points them in the right direction and lets them borrow some horses. Mikey thanks her and gives her a big hug, overjoyed that he got to hug his mom. 

At the Foot Clan compound, Oroku Saki is about to execute a man for failing to complete a mission successfully yet again, when Leo jumps out of the shadows and stops him. Saki wonders who would be foolish enough to attack him. Outside at the front gates, Raph, Don, and Mikey charge in on horseback, seeking to cause enough of a distraction for Raph to sneak in and find Leo. Although Saki and Leo can't understand each other, they fight fiercely. Leo, speaking more to himself than to Saki, states that although Saki is the more skilled fighter, Leo has an advantage: while Saki is fighting solely to kill him, Leo is fighting for more than just his life. Raph reaches the room where Leo and Saki are fighting and urges Leo to think about what he is doing. Leo tells him to go away, he can't stop him. Raph tells him he's not going to try and stop him, just make him think about the consequences of his actions. He makes Leo realize that he's not just trading their new lives for the old, he'd be sacrificing the lives of all those they've helped in their new lives. Leo realizes Raph is right and stops fighting. Saki sneaks up on Leo and attempts to stab him in the back, but is surprised by Leo's shell. Leo contents himself with simply knocking Saki out cold, and the two head outside to help Donnie and Mikey. As they approach, they disappear, whisked off to another time.

Saki stands brooding, and the witch Kitsune asks him what troubles him. He reminds her that his clan was attacked by demons, and he is curious as to why. She assures him that demons are unpredictable and he should not worry. He grabs her hand as she tries to console him, asking her why it is that these demons were so well-versed in the fighting tactics of his clan. She tells him that she believes it is an omen, that he will face treachery from within his own ranks. Saki vows to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on disobedience, killing any who question his methods.





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