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Feudal Japan: Oroku Saki holds a funeral for his father's honor, the rest of the clan unaware that is was he who killed him. With Master Masato "missing" (Saki kept hidden the death of Masato), all the chunin voted Saki to be the next Jonin, ruler of the clan. Saki declares he will restore the honor of the Foot Clan.

Present day: April, Casey, Splinter and the turtles bring Dr. Miller to the Skara Brae, a pub owned by the father of Casey's friend Angel. Dr. Miller is expressing his reluctance to believe in reincarnation. Michelangelo likens it to playing video games: one can play as many different characters in an endless number of games, but still remain the same person controlling the game. Casey looks out the window to see a car pull up, and the Shredder step out, along with Karai and Alopex. Splinter, remembering a strategy used by Saki in the past, warns the group to defend the rear entrance, where sure enough Foot ninja enter moments later. Dr. Miller, finally realizing that everything he's learned that day is true decides to grab the Ashi No Himitsu and bring it outside to the Shredder, but he is stopped by a mean right hook to the face courtesy of April. He flees outside and pledges his services to the Shredder. Splinter instructs the others to leave and take the book with them, then steps outside to face the Shredder. The two battle briefly, until Shredder realizes Splinter is covering the others' escape. Leonardo and Raphael hold off Karai and Alopex while Casey, April, Donatello and Michelangelo leave with the book. April calls the police to the bar to force the Foot to flee. 

A few days later, the group is at the turtles' home reading the Ashi No Himitsu. They discover how Oroku Saki managed to live for so long: by drinking a specially prepared potion and hibernating until awakened by one of his  descendants. After reading the book, they destroy it. 

At the Foot's headquarters, the Shredder expresses his displeasure over the loss of the Ashi No Himitsu to Karai and Dr. Miller. The Shredder offers Dr. Miller an ultimatum: find the secret resting place of Kitsune and be granted immortality, or fail and be killed. 

Feudal Japan: Oroku Saki and Kitsune stand before the shrine to the Iron Demon, the interdimensional portal the Utrom uses to travel. Kitsune says she has found the key to permanent immortality, and all it requires is more of the Utrom's elixir. The Utrom steps through the portal with a canister of mutagen, and is then ambushed by a group of Foot soldiers shooting flaming arrows. Having acquired what they need, Saki and Kitsune make the final arrangements for their master plan. Saki drinks a highly potent preparation of the Utrom's mutagen and commits hara-kiri (ritual suicide), and his body is then put in a casket and submerged in pure mutagen. Saki died, but his spirit was bound to his body, and over the years his body and spirit were strengthened by the mutagen. Finally, one day his descendant Karai woke him with a blood offering, completing Saki's transformation into the Dragon Warrior. Saki is then ready to rule the land seen in Kitsune's vision—New York City.





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