Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Page 1

Masato (flashback) "He found it?"

Oroku Maji (fb) "Yes."

Maji (fb) "I should have hidden it better, I should have—"

Masato (fb) "So Saki has taken the book. He was seen leaving this morning with provisions..."

Maji (fb) "Yes, west, towards the mountains."

Masato (fb) "If this is the beginning of the witch's curse... It could mean disaster for the Clan."

Maji (fb) "I have already considered this, Masato."

Maji (fb) "And I have taken steps to stop him."

Page 2


Oroku Saki (fb) "While it is true that I have been distracted... Surely you don't think that you could hide your presence from me?"

Saki (fb) "I would have expected my father to send better men."

Page 3

Saki (fb) "You are only following your master's orders. I respect this."


Saki (fb) "And you are all my Clan brothers..."


Saki (fb) "...So I will give you this one chance to lea—"


Saki (fb) "Yaargh!"

Ninja A (fb) "We were told not to kill him!"

Ninja B (fb) "No—"

Ninja B (fb) "We were told to try not to kill him."

Saki (fb) "Rrrrr—"

Page 4

Saki (fb) "—Rrrrrraaaaaaaagh!"

Saki (fb) "Father..."

Saki (fb) "...You have betrayed me."

Kitsune (fb) "Indeed, Oroku Saki..."

Kitsune (fb) "...Your father betrayed us all."

Page 5

Leonardo "Okay, everyone—attack!"

Raphael "We are attacking."

Michelangelo "Maybe we need a catchy battle cry so no one is confused?"

Mikey "Y'know, something cool and fun to say!"

Leo "Mikey, shut up and fight!"


Mikey "Mm... No, I don't like that one."

Casey Jones "C'mon, April—let's go find that professor..."

Page 6

April O'Neil "Are you sure we should be doing this without the guys?"

Casey "Don't worry. With them putting on a big show out there, there's probably only a couple ninjas guarding him..."

Casey "...And my little friend here can handle a couple lousy ninjas."

April "If you say so—look. I'll bet they went that way."

Casey "Okay, punks... Let the professor—"

Casey "—Go."

Casey "Aw, crap. I'm gonna need a bigger bat."

Alopex "End them."

Casey "Guuuuys!"

April "Help!"

Page 7


Casey "Whew."

Casey "What took you guys?"

Donatello "How 'bout a little credit for noticing that you two snuck away in the middle of a chaotic brawl?"

Alopex "Focus on the turtles, we can finish the humans later!"

April "Dr. Miller, come with us!"

Patrick Miller "Young lady...whoever you are, I can't just leave! My life's work can finally be—"

Miller "—Cut short if we don't get out of here, Professor!"

Page 8

Oroku Karai "You are undisciplined, turtle. Unworthy. And your form is pathetic."


Raph "Hey, Leo—I think she likes ya!"


Raph "In fact, if you two wanna go take a walk on a beach, or somethin', it's fine, I'm fighting everybody else anyway!"

Shredder "Your children lack focus, rat."

Splinter "But they do not lack honor, Oroku Saki. They would never betray their father, or their clan."

Shredder "My father betrayed me!"


Splinter "Unh!"

Shredder "And he paid for his treachery... I saw to that."

Page 9

Saki (fb) "Aaah!"

Kitsune (fb) "Another nightmare, Oroku Saki?"

Saki (fb) "Yes, I... It was my father. He... Murdered me. It was so clear, as though it really happened."

Kitsune (fb) "Oh, but in a way, it did."

Kitsune (fb) "Your spirit is awakening. It is remembering the past."

Saki (fb) "You speak in riddles, woman."


Kitsune (fb) "I speak the truth. And you are as impatient in this life as you were in your last."

Saki (fb) "...What?"

Kitsune (fb) "Breathe in the smoke, Oroku Saki, and meditate. Open your mind—"

Kitsune (fb) "—And all will become clear..."

Page 10 & 11

"Our story—yours and mine—begins with a powerful demon who found his way into this realm."

"The demon promised me the secret to life itself if I would but serve him."

"To secure what the demon required, however, I would need help..."

"...And I found it in a warrior, betrayed by his lord and sent to a death he would not accept."

"Together, we built an army that fed my demon's appetite for conquest."

"We ruled the Foot Clan for over one hundred years, until..."

Saki (fb) "Father!"

Kitsune (fb) "Yes, the warrior was struck down by your father—Oroku Maji, but his spirit refused to accept death. It thirsts for vengeance..."

Saki (fb) "...And it lives on in me."

Kitsune (fb) "Yes, Saki. It is your destiny to avenge your past life and retake the Foot Clan."

Saki (fb) "And what of your demon? Does he still exist?"

Kitsune (fb) "He does."

Saki (fb) "What would he ask in return for help in reclaiming my clan?"

Kitsune (fb) "You think too small, Oroku Saki. The real question is... What price are you willing to pay for immortality?"

Page 12

Mikey "Uh... Donnie? We knocked out most of the bag guys and found the dude we're lookin' for... Can we go now?"

Donnie "You know what? You make a good point."

Mikey "Sweet!"

Donnie "I'll keep foxy loxy busy, Mike—you go get the others!"


Mikey "On it, bro!"

Mikey "We got what we came for, dudes—we'd better make tracks!"

Leo "On our way, little brother!"


Shredder "No! Stop them!"

Page 13

Raph "Where's Casey?"

Donnie "He's getting the van!"

Leo "Donnie, go with the others and deal with any Foot hiding on the way out."


Leo "Raph and I will cover you!"

Donnie "Check—see you outside!"


Leo "Agh!"

Karai "Hah! You can't even block the simplest strike!"

Leo "I don't know what your problem is, but I'm starting to take it personally."


Leo "So back off!"

Page 14

April "Hurry, Professor—just get in the van! You'll be safe!"

Miller "But there are... Turtles..."

Donnie "Don't worry, sir, we grow on you."

April "Oh! Are you all right?"

Leo "I'm fine. It's not very deep."

April "Where's Raph?"

Leo "He should be right behind—"


Leo "Raphael!"

Raph "What're you guys waiting for? Get outta here!"

Leo "But Raph—"

Raph "I know my way home, Leo, so tell Casey to floor—"

Raph "—iiiit!"

Page 15

Karai "No! Leave that one alone. It's the professor the master wants—and the book."

Karai "So go fetch."


Raph "Unf!"

Motorcyclist "Geez!"

Motorcyclist "Hey buddy, are you okay? I didn't—"

Motorcyclist "What the—"

Motorcyclist "You're a monster!"

Raph "Not quite, buddy..."

Raph "...But I'm takin' your bike anyway."

Motorcyclist "Ahhh!"

Page 16



Mikey "Wha-hoah—we got company!"

Alopex "Give me the book!"

Page 17

Alopex "I said—"

Donnie "We heard you!"

Mikey "Dude, why aren't you whacking her harder?!"

Donnie "I don't have time to explain Newton's second law right now, Mikey!"





Alopex "Unh!"


Raph "Seeya later, sweetheart!"

Alopex "Rargh!"

Page 18

Mikey "Dude, that is so sweet! Where'd you get it?"

Raph "Picked it up by the Foot building."

Leo "I hope you plan on returning it to its rightful owner."

Raph "Well... I'm thinking about it..."

Miller "Foxes... Turtles... The Foot Clan... This is..."

April "It's okay, Dr. Miller. It's all okay now."

April "Guys, we need to get him to a safe place."

Leo "So where do we take him? The shop? The church? Or..."

Splinter "No, Leonardo. It is not wise to bring strangers into our home at this time."

Casey "No worries, everyone. I know just the place to go."

Casey "Deep breaths, Doc, we'll be there in no time."

Splinter "We mean you no disrespect, Miller Sensei. We are merely exercising caution."

Miller "Of... Of course... I..."

Miller "My God."

Page 19

Miller "Wait—let me get this straight..."

Miller "...The man in the armor is the same man you know from feudal Japan? You're serious?"

Miller "When I came across rumors about the Foot Clan having the secret of "immortality," I assumed they were simply exaggerating properties of a lost medicine..."

Mikey "Does the ashy book say anything about how Shredder could've come back? Like, as the exact same dude?"

Miller "I didn't have much time to look at these pages before... Everything happened."

Miller "But I did see a passage mentioning resurrection..."

Miller "Ah here."

Page 20

Miller " "The Dragon Warrior is eternal, his thirst for vengeance can never be slaked... And no death can truly hold him." "

Miller "It goes on to talk about the Dragon Warrior's ability to be reborn whole... Which certainly sounds like "coming back" as the exact same dude to me."

Leo "So essentially, sir, what you're telling us is... If the Shredder is the Dragon Warrior—"

Leo "—He's basically unkillable."

Page 21

Saki (fb) "Father."

Maji (fb) "Eh?!"

Saki (fb) "I brought you a present."

Maji (fb) "Masato! Saki, what have you done?"

Saki (fb) "I have come to take my revenge, Oroku Maji."

Saki (fb) "Did you think I would never know the truth?"

Page 22

Maji (fb) "You... You found Kitsune?"

Saki (fb) "She found me—after your men failed to kill me."

Maji (fb) "Saki, whatever the witch told you, whatever you think may have happened... Everything I have ever done was for you..."

Saki (fb) "Stop lying to me!"

Saki (fb) "Kitsune showed me who I was, how I was murdered by one of my own. The spirit of Takeshi Tatsuo has awakened, "father." "

Saki (fb) "And Kitsune didn't just show me my past. She showed me the future. A city made of light, mine to rule."

Saki (fb) "A pity you shall never see it."

Maji (fb) "My son..."

Saki (fb) "Stop calling me son, Oroku Maji..."

Saki (fb) "...And pay the price of betraying your lord."

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