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Feudal Japan: Oroku Maji realizes that Saki has learned the truth about himself and found the Ashi No Himitsu, which could be used to return the Foot Clan to its dark ways. Maji learns that Saki has left for the mountains with the Ashi No Himitsu and sends men to persuade Saki to return. Although the men were instructed not to kill Saki, one overzealous soldier ignores the order and scars Saki's eye. Saki slays his attackers easily. Kitsune appears before him.

Present day: Splinter and the turtles fight Foot soldiers, led by Karai. April and Casey slip away to find Dr. Miller, but are forced to flee from Alopex and a large number of Foot soldiers. Donatello and Michelangelo distract Alopex and the Foot while April and Casey lead Dr. Miller away. 

Feudal Japan: Kitsune aids Saki in accessing the memories of his previous life as Takeshi Tatsuo. Saki and Kitsune plot to once again enlist the aid of the Iron Demon, the Utrom, in retaking the Foot Clan. 

Present day: the turtles begin to make their escape after getting Dr. Miller to April's van. Dr. Miller, April, Casey and the turtles (minus Raphael, who is holding off Alopex) flee the scene. Alopex tosses Raphael aside and pursues the van. Raphael borrows a bystander's motorcycle and takes off after her, disabling her with a well-thrown motorcycle helmet. Inside the van, Splinter informs Dr. Miller that the Shredder is actually Oroku Saki, the founder of the Foot Clan reincarnated. Dr. Miller reads part of the Ashi No Himitsu to them. They learn that the Shredder is  the Dragon Warrior, a person with the ability to be reborn whole. 

Feudal Japan: Oroku Maji sits drinking tea late one night. Out of the shadows his son Saki appears, dropping Master Masato's corpse at his feet. Saki declares that he knows the truth about the past, and that he has also glimpsed the future of the clan. He then slays Oroku Maji.




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