Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Casey Jones "Okay, what exactly are we going to ask the professor?"

April O'Neil "You know, Casey, you didn't have to come."

Casey "I'm a team player, April, y'know?"

Leonardo "Guys, look—isn't that Dr. Miller?"

April "That's him. He's talking to someone."

Leo "The way she moves... It looks like—"

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"—It's Karai!"

Raphael "Yeah, and he's looking pretty friendly with her to me."

Casey "I knew my gut was on to something!"

Leo "We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. He could be in danger."


Leo "So we follow them!"

Page 3

Patrick Miller "So... Are all these men here for me?"

Miller "I'm just a professor, not a master spy."

Miller "...Though room..."

Oroku Karai "Dr. Miller."

Karai "We require your expertise, not your humor. Let us continue this ride in silence—"

Karai "—Wait. That van."

Karai "<We are being followed. Evade them.>"


Page 4


Raph "Looks like they spotted us!"

April "I won't lose them."



Miller "What's going on? Are we being chaed?!"

Karai "Silence!"

Karai "Prepare for battle!"

Miller "What—?!? Who are you people?"

Tollbooth Guy "Hey, stop—whoah!"


Page 5

Casey "Incoming!"

Raph "Yeah, Casey—we ain't blind!"

Raph "Keepin' this thing steady would help, April!"

April "I'm doing my best!"


Casey "Oh, no you don't!"

Casey "Guys, watch out—"

Casey "—There's still one more!"

Leo "Take care of it, Raph—I can handle these two!"

Raph "You got it."

Page 6

Ninja "Unh!"


Raph "Well, look who it is!"

KaraiLowly beast! ""

Raph "Aw, you're gonna hurt my feelings talkin' like that."

Karai "Perhaps I should hurt something else."


Page 7


Miller "Oh!"




Leo "Whoop—"

Leo "Are you two okay? We have to—"

Casey "You guys get after 'em—I'll check April out!"

April "You'll... What now?"

Leo "Faster!"

Raph "I'm goin'!"

Page 8

Leo "Karai!"


Karai "Too slow!"

Leo "No!"

Leo "You guys all right?"

Casey "Couple scratches, but we're fine. Lucky for us this van's practically a tank."

April "Did they get away?"

Raph "Not for long. Leo and I borrowed this think Donnie's been workin' on. Check it out."

Raph "We planted a tracker on 'em."

Page 9

Miller "I don't understand..."

Miller "Why did you bring me here? What do you really want from me?"

Karai "We want exactly what I said we did, Doctor. My master will make all things clear."

Shredder "Welcome, Miller Sensei."

Shredder "I must apologize for the stress you've been put through today. However, as Karai said, our offer is genuine. We would very much like to make use of your expertise."

Shredder "Karai."

Miller "What have I gotten myself into..."

Page 10

Shredder "You've simply found what you've been looking for, Doctor."

Shredder "We are the Foot Clan."

Miller "Impossible."

Shredder "We have been following your work, Doctor. You have found things that have been lost... Even to us."

Shredder "Would you like to see just how much more you can find with the proper support?"

Miller "The Ashi no Himitsu!"

Page 11

Monk (flashback) "Now, young Saki..."

Monk (fb) "...Which of these belongs to you?"

Oroku Saki (fb) "Ummm..."

Saki (fb) "...This..."

Saki (fb) "...And this..."

Saki (fb) "...Aaaaand..."


Saki (fb) "And this! I make this!"

Page 12

Oroku Maji (fb) "No! None of these things belong to you, Saki!"

Monk (fb) "I am sorry, Master Maji, but we cannot deny what we have seen. Tatsuo Takeshi has been reborn..."

Maji (fb) "...In the firstborn of his assassin. In my own son. The witch's curse has borne fruit."

Monk (fb) "Oroku Maji, you must listen: Even though it is Tatsuo Takeshi's soul inhabiting Saki's body, he is still your child... And children are blank washis, ready to absorb all that life gives them."

"You have the chance to save the spirit of a betrayed and bitter warrior with the most powerful and valuable of dharmas—"

"—Love. You can help to achieve a balance, Oroku Maji, and break the cycle of terrible karma that began over one hundred years ago."

"It will be difficult, but it can be done."

Page 13

"Time will tell what kind of man your son becomes..."

Masato (fb) "We gather to celebrate! A feast has been provided by the merchant Kaneko in gratitude for avenging the murder of his son and restoring his family's honor."

Saki (fb) "Ochi's guards were almost a challenge. Still, the contract could hardly have been completed without my involvement..."

Tang Shen (fb) "I'm surprised he hasn't yet taken credit for the entire mission... I do wish you would correct him, Yoshi."

Hamato Yoshi (fb) "I would, my love, but I find that I prefer his boasting to his attempts at conversation."

Yoshi (fb) "Oh! I must speak with master Masato. I will return in a moment."

Shen (fb) "Hurry back."

Saki (fb) "Why, Tang Shen—what is this?"

Saki (fb) "Has Yoshi left you all alone?"


Page 14

Saki (fb) "You—!"


Saki (fb) "You have made a mistake, Hamato Yoshi."

Masato (fb) "Stop!"

Masato (fb) "This is not the time for a fight. It is a time to celebrate, and for more than just one reason. Yoshi, walk your lovely wife home. And then join us at the castle. Saki, come with me."

Saki (fb) "But—"

Masato (fb) "Was I being too vague, Oroku Saki?"

Saki (fb) "I—no, Master."

Page 15

Saki (fb) "—But he started it!"

Maji (fb) "You must have more patience if you ever expect to lead, my son, and far more respect."

Saki (fb) "But..."

Yoshi (fb) "Masters. You requested my presence?"

Maji (fb) "Ah, Hamato Yoshi, yes. First allow me to offer my congratulations; I hear you are to be a father soon."

Maji (fb) "...But that was not why I summoned you. Ochi's assassination was an important contract and a dangerous mission. But it was also a trial."

Masato (fb) "The council has met, and agreed—it is time to increase your responsibilities within the Clan."

Masato (fb) "Tomorrow you will both become our newest chunins."

Saki (fb) "What?! Him?!"

Maji (fb) "Oroku Saki!"

Masato (fb) "WAit, Maji, if they are to lead one day, they must learn to work together now."

Masato (fb) "Yoshi, go talk with Saki. And do not let this be the time you fail to control your own temper."

Page 16

Saki (fb) "Have you come to mock me, then? Or perhaps to fight?"

Yoshi (fb) "I have no wish to fight, Saki."

Yoshi (fb) "Masters Masato and Maji are worried about you, however. I share their concern."

Saki (fb) "Oh, do you?"

Yoshi (fb) "I recognize your anger... And I do not envy you the struggle you will have to conquer it."

Saki (fb) "You know nothing of what I feel. My entire life, I have felt destined for greatness... But my own father has always been quick to disagree."

Saki (fb) "I have worked hard to prove my worth. And now, when I am finally recognized for these efforts..."

Saki (fb) "...I am forced to share the glory."

Saki (fb) "Perhaps my destiny is not what I have always believed after all."

Yoshi (fb) "Or consider that your anger is what truly delays your destiny, Saki."

Page 17

"Perhaps meditation will help you find your way, as it has helped me and mine."



Saki (fb) "Who speaks?"

Saki (fb) "Yah!"


Kitsune (fb) "You will find your legacy hidden in the floor."

Saki (fb) "In the... Floor...?"

Page 18

Donatello "You guys do know you could have done this before we got here. You had plenty of time."

Raph "Sure we coulda, y'know, exactly Donatello "duzmachines." "

Donnie "Are you ever going to let me live that screen name down?"

Raph "I'm thinkin' no."

Leo "Cut him some slack, Raph. His tracking-shuriken works perfectly."

Michelangelo "Awesome! I was helping him built more all day."

Donnie "He sat next to me and read a comic book while I soldered."

Mikey "Okay, I helped keep him company. Now what's the deal with the professor guy?"

Leo "The Foot took him... He's either working with them or he's onto something valuable."

Casey "So what's the play, coach?"

Splinter "We shall follow this signal to its source—"

"—And then we shall infiltrate."

Page 19

Casey "Maybe you shoulda stayed in the van."

April "Maybe you should have, too."

Casey "I... Er...well, somebody's gotta try to get the prof outta here while the guys deal with arrow girl, right?"

April "And that's why I came. He might not find the hockey mask as charming as I do."


Casey "Aw, nuts."

Mikey "Trick or treat!"

Donnie " "Trick or treat?" Really? That's the best you could come up with?"

Raph "Seriously. Ya had a whole climb to think of somethin' better!"

Mikey "I was gonna follow up with "smell my feet." Get it? Because—"

Leo "Mikey. Focus."

Page 20

Miller "This is incredible! There's no telling what I could discover with so much of the manuscript at hand..."

Shredder "I am pleased to hear this."

Miller "I just need to check this against my—"

Shredder "What is this?!"

Miller "I'm sorry?"


Shredder "You incompetent fool! How did you not see this?"


Shredder "You have given our position away!"

Ninja "Master!"

Shredder "What?!"

Ninja "The enemy is here, Master."

Miller "Enemy? What enemy?"

Page 21

Shredder "The only one that matters."

Shredder "Alopex!"

Alopex "Master?"

Shredder "Stand watch over this man."

Miller "But-But-But that's a—"

Shredder "A mutant, Dr. Miller, and a loyal follower. She'll keep you safe."

Miller "Why does she have to? I mean—this is the second attack today..."

Shredder "Our enemy, Doctor, fears the knowledge you can give to us, and is under the mistaken impression that they can somehow prevent it."

Shredder "I shall have to remind them of the natural order of things. Their destiny is to fail..."

Page 22

Shredder "...Whereas my destiny is to conquer."


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