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The Mutanimals have uncovered a new mutant who has undergone unspeakable trauma at the hands of the Null Group. Hob and company are determined to bring the corporation down, but already divisions begin to form in the group when deadly tactics are discussed. Will the Mutanimals be able to stay intact?


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Herman the Hermit Crab (fully decked out in matching pajamas) gets a glass of milk from the fridge. Mondo Gecko, who is in the kitchen eating a snack, notices the despondent look on Herman’s face and asks him what’s wrong. Herman explains that being used to the high-stakes tension of the battlefield all the time, he feels unsure of how to handle downtime. Mondo explains that while he is totally dedicated to Hob and their cause, he does his best to relax when they’re not on missions. Despite trying not to think about their situation, Mondo admits he is disappointed that Lindsey left them and feels bad for Mutagen Man, who was tortured and experimented on by the Null Group. Herman agrees that his plight was terrible, but is confident that if they can help Mutagen Man find a purpose then he will regain the will to live.

Inside the Null Group’s office building, Madame Null speaks to Lindsey and Jillian. Madame Null states that it only takes eight pounds of pressure per square inch to crush a human skull. Null then proceeds to conduct a very enigmatic job interview with Lindsey. Null explains that the nature of the job is all about testing the limits of human ability and pushing them further.

On a rooftop overlooking the Null Group’s lab, Hob eyes the heavily increased security forces through binoculars. He tells Slash that they definitely won’t be able to break in unnoticed. Slash advises that they head back to their base to regroup with the others and formulate a plan. Hob, spotting what he thinks is a weak link in security, says he already has a plan and tells Slash to follow him.

At the Mutanimals’ headquarters, Mutagen Man wakes up and heads into the living room. He apologizes to Herman for leaving his room, but states he was unsure of what to do as up until then there were always scientists around giving him orders. Herman assures him that everything is fun. Mondo encourages Mutagen Man to do whatever he wants and suggests he join him in the video game he is playing. Mutagen Man is unfamiliar with the concept of fun and asks what the purpose of the activity is. Mondo tells Mutagen Man that he needs a real name, so he jokes that he’ll call him Seymour Gutz, as his guts are visible inside his suit. Mutagen Man accepts the name Seymour and laughs for the first time in his life.

In an abandoned warehouse, Hob questions a scientist he saw leave Null’s grounds for a smoke break. The man is tied to a chair while Hob makes him provide information on the Null Group’s operations. The man explains that Madame Null is obsessed with “eliminating human weakness” and that all their work stems from a belief that human workers are fragile, cowardly, and inefficient. The man states that they are working on creating mutant hybrids that transcend the limitations of human laborers, first to replace workers in high-risk jobs, then eventually the entire workforce, in a bid to take over of the world by seizing control of its economy. Hob says he doesn’t want to hear about Null’s business plan and demands to know the location of the other mutant captives. The scientist tells Hob that besides Mutagen Man, most of their experiments so far had been failures, so there were only currently two mutants being held. The man is scared to reveal the location of the mutants as he knows the Null Group will kill him if he does, so Hob threatens to skin him alive. Slash tells Hob that they do not torture their prisoners, but the man breaks down and tells Hob that the mutants are being held at a train yard in northern New Jersey. Before leaving for the train yard, Hob wants to kill the scientist to keep him from talking, but Slash prevents him from doing so. Hob tells Slash to tie him up instead.

At the Mutanimal base, Hob gives everyone orders to prepare for their rescue mission. Slash asks if he plans on killing anyone who gets in their way. Hob tells him that he’ll do whatever it takes to save mutants. Slash urges Hob to consider non-violent means first but Hob isn’t having it. Hob orders the Mutanimals to finish getting ready.

As the Mutanimals finish loading their van, Hob tells Mutagen Man that he doesn’t have to come if he doesn’t feel up to it yet. Mutagen Man explains that he was motivated by Hob’s speech about doing whatever is necessary to save mutants, and also that his name is Seymour Gutz now.

Hob pulls into the rail yard and tells the other Mutanimals the plan. Suddenly their tires are shot out by Null security guards. The Mutanimals jump out of their van and attempt to hide among the train cars but they are quickly surrounded. Madam Null appears and orders her guards to stand down. Null reveals that she orchestrated the trap to recapture Mutagen Man as well as get ahold of the Mutanimals, more mutants she could experiment on. Seymour begins having a panic attack at the thought of returning to being held captive. Hob shoots four rounds into Null’s chest, knocking her backwards, but her security guards hold their ground and don’t move. Hob is confused by the guards’ lack of reaction but it is quickly explained by Null getting back up, completely unharmed. She order the guards to capture all the mutants. The Null guards focus on Herman first, using smoke to blind him and prevent him from providing cover fire, then quickly subdue Hob, Pete, and Seymour. Hob urges Slash and Mondo to flee so that there’s someone left to rescue them.

Inside one of the train cars, a mutant lion and mutant stingray wonder what could be going on outside based on all the noise. The stingray, Man Ray, surmises that it’s probably a fight of some kind. The lion, Sally Pride, is eager to help any way she can, but Man Ray is content to bide their time, as they can’t help from the confines of their cage anyways. Just then, Null guards open the car door and throw in Pete, Herman, Seymour, and Hob.

On a ledge overlooking the rail yard, Slash and Mondo plot their next move. Slash tries to puzzle out the best course of action but Mondo is daunted by their situation, being cut off from the rest of their team and even from their van. Slash rouses Mondo, telling him that no matter what they’ll find a way to be the good guys, as that’s what heroes do.





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