Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Page 1

Michelangelo "Holy moley, this place is bonkers!"

Mikey "Look at it! It's like my eyes don't know where to go. This is awesome!"

Leonardo "Totally is. But our eyes should be on one thing, Mikey—finding our next witness for Krang's trial."

Zayton Honeycutt >A task that may prove to be challenging, Leonardo.<

>Not only is Palmadise the most dense planet in the system...<

>...It's also the most dangerous.<

>An entire planet with money as its core foundation breeds a certain less-than-savory reputation.<

>Your target is more elusive than most. Not a lot is known about him...<

>...And what is known is questionable.<

>He's become a bit of a legend throughout several systems.<

>Gentlemen, I would proceed with caution... And a little luck wouldn't hurt.<

>You will most certainly need it.<

Page 2

Raphael "We've got a nice window to get in and out of here while the Neutrinos pick up supplies... But man, where do we even start?"

Donatello "Okay, so—based on the city's infrastructure, I've extrapolated our chances for success if we utilize a grid-formation individually—"

Leo "Donnie... English, please. I'm gonna vote no on that."

Leo "This place is way too big and way too sketchy."

"We absolutely have to stick together."

Mikey "Ooh, disgusting! I love it."

Mikey "Ooh, aggressive! I love it."

Mikey "Ooh, irresponsible! I love it."

Leo "Ugh, this is like finding a needle in a haystack. Where do we even begin?"

Donnie "Where would I go if I was a potential witness to a homicidal, genocidal alien maniac, and wanted to keep a low profile on the busiest planet in the galaxy?"

Leo "Guys, wait..."

Leo "...Where's Mikey?"

Page 3

Mikey "Okay, sure! Here you go, money-grabber dude."

Robot "Good luck, citizen."

Mikey "How much do I win?"

Leo "Mikey! This isn't some romp in the fun zone, this is serious."

Leo "No more games."

Mikey "But, but—dady wants his winnin's!"

Donnie "Guys, enough foolin around! We gotta beat our feet if we want to make any headway."

Donnie "We're already running blind trying to find our witness. He could be anywhere."

Raph "Not so fast, Donnie."

Mikey "Whoa. Isn't that..."

Leo "Looks like we're not the only one looking for Ace."

Leo "Exactly what kind of duck are we dealing with here...?"

Page 4

Papa Chum "I want that damn duck dead, and I want 'im damn dead now!"

Chum "You let that feathered fool just walk on into my yard and steal half a million in my imported weaponry."

Chum "He didn't even sell 'em. He dumped 'em in a lagoon like some happy do-good hero. He did it for fun."

Chum "So... It's open season on the duck. And it's open season on your jobs."

Chum "Wanna save your career? And make a cool million? Bring me Ace, plucked and stuffed."

"But now? Now you've got every rat-bag with a pulse breathing down your necks for the same prize."

"Every moral-free low-life with a pocket wants this bounty."

"No one messes with Papa Chum's business and lives."

Chum "It's time to collect the bill."

Hakk-R "Perfect."

Page 5

Random "Twenty says he's dead by dawn!"

Random "Thirty on Ace!"

Random "Hey, watch it!"

Ace Duck " 'Scuse me, comin' through hot here."

Random "Whoa!"

Thurk "Move!"

Random "Fifty bucks on that one!"

Ace "Little room {nng} please?"

Ace "Right behind you, buddy."

Ace "Just {hm} squeeze past you here."

Ace "Sorry, Thurk... Looks like today's just not your—"

Ace "Aw, c'mon!"

Ace "Thurk! Funny thing, seeing you here. I was just..."

Ace "... {Sigh} You got me, honestly."

Page 6

Thurk "You just made me rich, flyboy."

Thurk "Maybe I'll invest in a nice custom duck down jacket."


Ace "??"



Ace "!!"


Leo "Ace. We've been sent to find you."

Raph "Heh, so he is a duck. Like, an actual duck."

Mikey "But he's a cool duck. Look at his jacket."

Page 7

Ace "Whew. Thanks for the save, uhh, tortoise... Warriors?"

Mikey "Hi, Mr. Duckman! I'm Michelangelo! The cool one."

Mikey "These are my bros Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael."

Leo "We came a long way for you, Ace. We need you."

Ace "Oh yeah? That's great. Glad you found me, fellas."

Ace "And nice to meet you... Botticelli, or whatever your names are."

Ace "Now cut the nice guy act. Valiant effort, yet I award you no bounty."

Ace "Tell Papa Chum to send some scarier goons next time."

Ace "G'night, tortoise warriors!"

Raph "Ah, let him go, Leo. I didn't sign up to receive attitude from some shifty duck."

Mikey "Ace, wait! We're not bounty hunters!"

Mikey "We need your help! It's about Krang!"

Ace "Krang?"

Ace "Did you just say... Krang?"

Page 8

Leo "You fought alongside the Neutrinos? Wow."

Ace "Sure did. Infantry X-5. Special ops. Skyborn, baby."

Raph "So what? Look at all we've been through. Plus our hideout is nicer."

Leo "That's where it happened, isn't it?"

Leo "Whatever it is, Krang doesn't want you to tell the court."

Ace "Yeah. I've got something, all right."

Ace "A real smoking gun on that Utrom mound of waste."

"We were born to fly, every last one of us. And we'd die in the air if we had to."

"All just to stand up to the bullies and say 'Naw. Not today. Not ever.' "

"Fighting the Utroms was like a stormy day at the beach. Sure, it was rough and a bit choppy, but you could still enjoy yourself."

"You know, hah, for a fleeting moment it was fun. Almost forgot it was a war."

"We were so good. Took those sludge-lumps by surprise when we started running circles around them."

"Maybe—and this is a significant maybe—I got a little too cocky."

"Or maybe they were simply... Better."

Page 9

"That was the first time I left my baby behind."

"But it wasn't the last I'd mourn that night."

"The rest of Infantry X-5 joined me on the ground. We surrendered."

"There're still rules to the madness. I wasn't a company duck by any means, but I was honorable."

"I can't say the same for that bastard Krang."

"As if the conventions meant nothing, he shot us down while we surrendered."

"Krang slaughtered us where we stood."

"And I just watched."

Ace "So, yeah. If it means locking Krang up until he rots?"

Ace "Testifying is the least I can do."

Ace "That's the easy part. The tricky part?"

Ace "Getting off Palmadise in one piece."

Ace "I may or may not have destroyed a very dangerous, very expensive shipment of guns from a very dangerous, very wealthy sack of bile."

Ace "So get me outta here and I'm all yours."

Page 10

Leo ··This is not going to work.··

Mikey ··Wanna be on it? Ten bucks—··

Raph ··Mikey! Enough with the bets!··

"The hyper-train is the fastest, most direct way back to your ship..."

Ace "...But we're all going to be sitting ducks. Hang tight. Keep your wits."

Ace "We're only entering a high-speed bullet hyper-train with little means to escape."

Ace "What's the worst that could happen?"

Leo ··Easy does it, bros. Just act natural.··

Mikey "Lovely day for a train ride! Jolly good tunnel!"

Donnie ··Mikey! Shut it!··

Ace "Heh."

Ace "You guys, I think we actually might—"

Page 11


Ace "Damn bounty hunters found me."

Leo "That guy... Yeahhh he's kinda with us..."

Ace "That right?"

Ace "Well then good luck with that!"

Mikey "Bet you can't—"


Leo "Mikey!"

Raph "Stay focused on Hakk-R..."

Page 12

"...Mikey can handle himself. I think."

Mikey "{Hnng}"

Ace "Sorry, kid. Gotta fly."

Mikey "Wait! We have a cool red hot rod! It's cool!"

Mikey "Uh, guys? Ace just flew the coop..."

Leo "Rrrr—great! Fantastic!"

Bounty Hunter A "Nuh-uh. The duck is ours, pal."

Bounty Hunter B "We're Papa Chum's boys! We ain't competin' with no freelancer."

Hakk-R "Insignificant morons."

Leo "Now's our chance. We gotta get off this train..."

Leo "...And hope Ace isn't halfway across Palmadise by now."

Page 13

Robot "Last call for tickets! Lottery draw in T-minus 2 minutes!"

Robot "Last call for tick--"

Ace "Not a good time, robo-peddler."

Ace "Cool red hot rod."

Ace "Bingo."

Ace " 'Scuse me. Pardon. Coming through."

Ace "{Huhn}"

Raph "Gotcha!"

Ace "Guys, listen. I can explain."

Raph "Save it, Ace. You're a spineless, feathered turncoat who cares only about himself."

Raph "You just want off the planet that wants you dead. We get it."

Page 14

Mikey "Oh, hello!"

Robot A "Congratulations, winner!"

Robot B "You've won the Palmadise grand lottery!"

Mikey "I... Won?"

Mikey "I wonnnnn!"

Raph ··Guys... I think we've been spotted.··

Donnie ··Just... Be cool.··

Raph "Ace!"

Leo "Again? That damn slippery duck!"

Leo "He's shipjackin' us!"

Donnie "Huh. Not going to lie... I'm actually kind of impressed."

Page 15

Mikey "Hey, dude. I won. Help me carry this."

Raph "I think you have a gambling problem."

Raph "And in case you haven't noticed, we are stranded on a very angry planet!"

Donnie "Also... There's that."

Hakk-R "I will find that ship."

Hakk-R "After I take care of you... Constant distractions."

Raph "{Sighhh}"

Mikey ··More money, more problems, man.··

Page 16


Donnie "Oooff!"

Chum >Citizens of Palmadise—I raise my bounty on Ace to two million!<

Chum >Dead or alive! This system or any other! I want that duck!<

Chum >May the best scum win.<

Random "Put everything I got on the scary purple one!"

Random "Fifty on the ninja lizards croakin'!"


Raph "{Hnng}"


Raph "Gah!"

Mikey ··Hey... Gimme twenty on the other guy.··

Page 17

Mikey "{Gllk}"

Hakk-R "Too easy."


Hakk-R "{Hurrr}"

Ace "I don't know who you are or what your deal is..."

Ace >...But I suggest you beat your feet before I blast you all the way to Balaraphon.<

Page 18


Hakk-R "{Hurrr}"

Mikey "Ace! Ace is back! He's so cool."

Raph "Yeah. Real cool leaving us to handle the android assassin."

Ace "Woooo!"

Ace "For Infantry X-5! Skyborn, baby! We're coming in hot for ya, Krang!"


Leo "Move it or lose it, my dudes! I'll bet Hakk-R isn't out for good..."

Ace "Hiya, fellas, you didn't think I was just gonna steal your ride and leave you here, did you?"

Ace "Rule #1: Always run if you don't have to fight. It's quicker."

Ace "Rule #2: Always bet on Ace."

Page 19

"Rule #3: I'm driving. Adios, Palmadise."

Hakk-R "Unbelievable."

Raph "You flighty, two-faced fowl! You almost got us all killed back there! It could've jeopardized our entire mission!"

Raph "You could've single-handedly set Krang free."

Ace "Oh, I'm sorry. It wasn't me who saved your shells from that octo-killer back there?"

Ace "I'm a duck of action. I get things done one way or another."

Mikey "Guys, guys, guys—please. Ace, you're cool. Like, too cool. Raph... You're kinda cool."

Mikey "We're all cool, right? So let's just... Be cool."

Raph "Until this hothead is on the witness stand, I wont trust him."

Raph "When Krang's behind bars for the rest of his slimy life—then we're cool."

Page 20

Leo "We are off Palmadise. And Ace, we're in your debt for agreeing to testify, but that doesn't mean we're scot-free."

Leo "The only way this mission can be pulled off is if we stick together. Every part working as one. Against Krang."

Leo "You've been through a lot, Ace. You lost your team. But it's not your fault."

Leo "You don't have to be alone anymore. We've got your back."

Ace "I've got yours too. Leave no soul behind. I get it now."

Mikey "Ahh, I love a happy ending that ends with us being cooler. Right, Raph?"

Raph "Mikey, please tell me you saved your winnings so I can buy my own ship."

Ace "All right! Wars aren't won on autopilot!"

"Strap in, folks... We're about to get way ahead of schedule."

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