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Journey to Stump Asteroid, where the biggest no-hold barred brawls in Dimension X can be found! The newest warriors to enter the ring? The TMNT!



Professor Honeycutt briefs Donatello on the next witness they are due to collect, whom he describes as unusual, "even by Dimension X standards." Raphael is displeased by their current errand, but Michelangelo is delighted that they're going to see wrestling at Stump Asteroid. He seems unaware that the wrestling is fake.

Shortly after arriving, the four Turtles are greeted by Stump and his business partner Sling, who are moving tree aliens. Leonardo explains to Stump that he is required as a witness against Krang, but Stump states that he doesn't have anything against Krang, since Krang paid him handsomely for the genocidal lumber rights of his planet. Raphael is enraged by this revelation, and argues that they should just let Hakk-R have Stump. Stump is impressed by Raphael's "dark... angry charisma" and agrees to leave after Grappleganza if Raphael agrees to lose an opening match.

After donning a costume, Raphael goes up against Antrax the Executioner, and ends up beating him. Stump is outraged that Raphael has "ruined" Grappleganza by not throwing the fight, and eventually ends up convincing Donatello and Leonardo to fight a tag-team round against Cryin' Houn' and a rookie wrestler.

They are debuted in the ring as "El Samurai" and "Superstar Donnie," but are horrified when Hakk-R appears and is mistaken for Houn's partner. They attack Hakk-R without success, and a displeased Cryin' Houn' joins them when the assassin lashes out at him. Michelangelo joins the fight as well, distracting Hakk-R long enough for Donatello to immobilize him. Hakk-R then teleports away.

The audience is displeased by the outcome of the match. Stump insults them for a moment before declaring that he's taking his new stable of "Stump-Thumpers" (the Turtles) and Cryin' Houn' and leaving with the heavyweight title.

On the Neutrino Hot Rod, Stump is delighted and is already planning Antrax's comeback and Cryin' Houn's return. He also wants the Turtles to return to drop their titles, and gleefully mentions that they are contractually obligated to return. Michelangelo is enthusiastic about the idea of the Stump-Thumpers returning, and Raphael offends Cryin' Houn' by declaring that the wrestling is fake.


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  • In this issue, Dask makes a brief appearance on the hot rod with a line of dialogue, but he was never part of this mission, having remained on Planet Neutrino to oversee defenses there. Only Kala and Zak accompanied the Turtles and trial witnesses on the spacecraft. "Dask's" speech uses speech affectations (like "daddy-O") particular to Zak, suggesting Dask was drawn in Zak's place by mistake.
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