Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Raphael "I don't see the point anymore, Leo. Krang's just going to get away with it again."

Raph "I feel like a spoke on a damn wheel that never stops turning. The only way the wheel stops is if we stop."

Raph "Let Dimension X figure itself out on its own."

Leonardo "Don't see the point? You have the ability to stop a monster from inflicting harm on people, and you don't see the point?"

Leo "The wheel keeps turning, we put Krang in jail. Then we move on to the next world-conquering jerk."

Unknown "Leo, you have to see this. This planet... It's beautiful."

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Unknown "Seriously, Leo, you gotta see this."

Raph "Just going to disappoint yourself again."

Michelangelo "Whoooaaa."

Leo "Sorry, I'm not like you, Raph. This planet is—"

Leo "—Really something."

Mikey "What is that glow?"

Donatello "Perhaps an endothermic atmos...pheric..."

Unknown "Hey guys, look—"

Raph "Pull up! Pull up!"

Page 3

[Five years ago.]

Argonian "Krang! No! Please!"

Argonian "Please!"

Krang "You have pleased me again, Anemon. These Argonians are the only thing my little Flippy eats."

Argonian "Please! I swear I taste disgusting!"

Krang "I have another mission for you."

Anemon "Then you shall have another success."

Krang "This one is different."

Anemon "Another trip to the Zone of Yoko?"

Krang "No, this mission will only take a moment of your time but will secure our future together."

Anemon "My loyalty has always been absolute."

Krang "Has it? Worry not, I just need information."

Page 4

Krang "The Hidden Temples of Akebono."

Krang "I know your species stores its food reserves there. I need the coordinates, Anemon."

Anemon "...Sir?"

Krang "The amount of food stored there can feed my armies across the galaxy."

Anemon "But what shall my people eat?"

Krang "If they want to eat, they can be soldiers like you."

Anemon "But you promised if I became your loyal guard you'd spare my home, my people!"

Krang "Would you prefer they be prisoners, like the pathetic Argonians."

Krang "Now, the coordinates."

Anemon "20120915."

Krang "Every relationship must evolve. Even ours."

Krang "I know you are lying, Anemon."

Anemon "Nooo!"

Krang "Loyalty is never absolute. I prefer to preempt any betrayals."

Page 5

Krang "From soldier to prisoner... Take him away."

Anemon "You dishonorable scag!"



Anemon "Raaargh!"


Krang "He's escaping!"

Page 6


Eymo "Ahhhh!"

Eymo "This is the worst!"



Eymo "Oh, no... Are you okay?"

Page 7

Anemon "Be gone from me, creature."

Eymo "Aren't you hungry?"

Eymo "Aren't you thirsty?"

Eymo "I can help you."

Page 8

[Four years ago.]

Eymo "It's been some time. You're almost fully healed, sumo guy."

Eymo "Wow, you saved me again!"

Anemon "Do you trust me, eye?"

Eymo "You beat the cloud beasts and I help you farm. Of course I do, anemon!"

Anemon "Do you understand that eventually our relationship has to evolve?"

Eymo "What do you mean?"

Eymo "What, what... What are you doing?!"

Eymo "Let me go!"

Page 9

"It has been many years since then."

"Your ship was the first sign of life, outside of the wretched cloud-beasts."

Donnie "Anemon. How could you enslave a defenseless creature—"

Leo "—Not now, Don. Krang dishonored you, you can finally make sure he never betrays another!"

Leo "Join us and testify against him at his trial."

Anemon & Eymo "Why should I have any care to imprison Krang?"

Anemon & Eymo "In life, there is no honor, simply the strong beating the strong."

Raph "Pfff—come on, guys. There's no might in this sumo."

Anemon & Eymo "You insolent green teenager! I can destroy you!"

Page 10

Leo "Can you?"

Anemon & Eymo "With ease! Even blind, it would be no challenge."

Leo "If you beat us all, you prove your might and need not confront Krang."

Leo "If one of us beats you, though, you leave this defenseless creature behind and face your old employer."

Anemon & Eymo "Fine. We shall battle! Tomorrow, one for breakfast, the other for lunch. Then finally, dinner."

Leo "We shall see you for breakfast then, Anemon."

Leo "So that's the plan? Raph will handle breakfast, Don for Lunch, then me."

Raph "Whatever, man. Don't matter the meal, I can beat him at an all-day buffet."

Donnie "I gotta help the Neutrinos get the engines working, so try to stall him."

Leo "Mikey, I got a special mission for you."

Leo "You make some amazing three-topping Mikey's special pizzas and come dinnertime, he'll be too full to move."

Mikey "Milk from that fish-cow thing? Gnarly alien vegetables?!"

Mikey "That is totally a Mikey special pizza mission. Can do, Leo."

Page 11


Leo "Come on, Raph! You're not even trying."


Donnie "Leo, he must've eaten forty pizza empanadas, he's not even slowing down!"


Leo "Did his eye just protect Anemon from that attack?"

Leo "Sigh."

Page 12

Anemon & Eymo "I can't decide what is more satisfying, these meals or throwing you turtles around!"

Leo "You sound a lot more cheerful since we arrived. What happened to stone-cold Anemon?"

Anemon & Eymo "Uhhh—where is your brother with his special dinner? I want to try his latest pizza invention."

Mikey «Bon appetit!»

Anemon & Eymo "This is delicious! It's been so long since I've eaten like this!"

Mikey "If you leave this planet, I can take you somewhere they make pizza all day and night. It's called New York City."

Anemon & Eymo "That is a tempting offer... Maybe I will... I think..."

Anemon & Eymo "I think... I will nap."


Leo "No can do, Anemon, we got one last battle."

Anemon & Eymo "Wait, now? B-But..."

Leo "I'll catch you outside."

Leo "You got five minutes or you forfeit and are coming with us."

Page 13

Anemon & Eymo "Ha ha, you silly turtles."

Anemon & Eymo "You thought feeding me would give you the advantage?"

Anemon & Eymo "But I've never felt stronger. Eating is the sumon way!"

Leo "Guys, looks like we are gonna have to do plan B!"

Leo "He's got the stamina of four of us now!"

Leo "If we work together, we can exhaust him."

Leo "Come on, Anie! Time to burn off some calories!"

Anemon & Eymo "{Huff huff huff} Stay still {huff huff} blue turtle!"

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Page 15

Leo "Thanks, Raph. I was starting to think you didn't care whether we won or lost."

Raph "Hey, if you're not around, who'se going to care about me not caring?"


Donnie "Another cloud beast!"

Anemon "Please! Please! Where are you?! I cannot live like this! I need you!"

Anemon "I am no mighty warrior! Please come back to me! Please!"

Leo "Hey, snap out of it!"

Anemon "I need my Eymo! I need my Eymo! I can't do anything without my Eymo!"

Leo "Eymo? C'mon, let's get out of here before another cloud beast gets us."

Mikey "Uh. Leo."

Anemon "You don't understand."

Mikey "You think all four of us can take this thing?"

Anemon "I'm not the same man without my Eymo!"

Page 16 & 17

Mikey "If we couldn't beat Anemon till now, how are we going to beat this thing?!"

Raph "Come on, you hamburger, prove you're the mighty sumo you said you are!"

Anemon "I didn't say that. Eymo was just trying to gas me up."

Anemon "I have no fight left in me. Eymo saved me."

Raph "Who the—"

Raph "—Heck is—"

Eymo "Anemon!"

Anemon "Eymo!"

Raph "—Eymo?"

Eymo "I'm here!"

Anemon & Eymo "Together—we have plenty of fight!"


Anemon & Eymo "You will not be—"

Page 18

Anemon & Eymo "Rude to my—"

Anemon & Eymo "—Guests!"

Page 19

Eymo "My name is Eymo. I am the one who boasts and makes a big show of being a mighty sumo. I've been playing the part of his mouth and his eyes."

Eymo "Anemon was blind when he got here, but worse, the guilt of what he did to his planet and his people crushed him."

Eymo "If he never affiliated with Krang, his people would still be alive today."

Eymo "Anemon could never forgive himself. He was depressed, and his will to live was fading drastically."

Anemon "I let him speak for me, I was too ashamed. I did not want to live any longer, but Eymo shoved me how to continue."

Eymo "I wanted you to be scared, so I told you I was his prisoner. But the truth is..."

Eymo (flashback) "Come on, you big lump! You'll be eaten alive!"

Anemon "I have been defeated, once again."

Anemon "First Krang, now you turtles."

Anemon "I'm the last of my kind, and history will remember that I betrayed my people and dishonored all of them. What is the point?"

Raph "I used to think a lot of things were pointless too, Anemon."

Raph "And you have every reason to not want to leave. You think all you enjoyed, eating, fighting, farming, are things of the past."

Page 20

Raph "But look at everything you did in the past few days. Fighting the cloud beasts, eating pizzas, and farming with Eymo. That's a sumo's life."

Raph "And you're still living it. You're the last link to this world, and you're keeping the people of Akebono alive everyday with dignity."

Raph "Your eyes may be damaged, but you're not blind, can't you see that the life you loved is still around you?"

Anemon "But what of Eymo, if I leave this planet I will have to leave him behind."

Eymo "That's not true, I'd love to get off this rock! I'm tired of cloud beasts scaring me my whole life!"

Anemon "Really?! Yessssss!"

Anemon & Eymo "...I will be a witness against Krang!"

Anemon & Eymo "Not for the family I lost, but the family I gained."

Leo "Let's go, Raph. On to the next one?"

Raph "Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'."

[One hour later.]

Hakk-R "Pizza's still warm. I must have just missed them."

Hakk-R "What good is a blind witness, anyway? Kind of defeats the point."

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