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[In orbit around Planet Go'mo.]



Hakk-R "Ahhh, Neutrinos. Such lovely musicians. Yet so easy to kill."


Hakk-R "Or perhaps those qualities are connected. Perhaps great art requires an emotional vulnerability and volatility that leaves them susceptible to predatory acts."

Hakk-R "I should make a note to ponder this further. I can learn from--"

>Attention: Subjects located.<

Hakk-R "Good."

Hakk-R "And what will you fine folks teach me today?"

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Raphael "No, I am not overreacting. And yes, Mikey, your feet do stink!"

Raph "And I don't see why they're shoved in my face every night—"

Michelangelo "Shoved?"

Raph "—When we could just as easily rotate seats, so that—"

Mikey "Hey, it's not my fault the Neutrinos like me best."

Leonardo "Enough!"

Leo "We're all tired of being cooped up in the hot rod. Believe me, you're getting on my nerves too. But what we're doing is more important than—than petty squabbles. Okay?"

Leo "Fugitoid said this planet has emotion-based physics—"

Raph "Whatever that means."

Leo "—And that means we need to calm down."

Leo "At least until we figure out what it actually means."

Leo "Now let's focus. There's an important witness against Krang on this planet—and we need to find him. He could be anywh—"

Donatello "He's in that cave."

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Leo "Fugitoid said these things are empathic. They can sense your emotions—"

Raph "Great, more emotions talk."

Leo "—And change colors, based on them."

Mikey "You mean the way that thing just changed colors?"

B'een Go "Eeeeee!"

Leo "Wait No!"

Leo "Follow the, uh—"

Mikey "The bouncing ball!"

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Leo "B'een... I'm Leonardo. And these are my brothers."

B'een "Please just leave me alone."

Leo "We... We're here to take you to the planet Neutrino. So you can testify in the trial against Krang."

B'een "What? I--I won't! I can't!"

B'een "And I won't!"

Leo "We know it's a lot to ask. But think of all Krang has done. To you. To your people. To the whole dimension."

Leo "You can help stop him from ever doing that again."

B'een "I..."

B'een "I don't know. I need to--"

Hakk-R "Look out!"

Hakk-R "Those creatures are assassins!"

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Donnie "What? No! He's the assassin!"

Mikey "Yeah! And we're the glorious heroes of the Krang War!"

Hakk-R "Then you admit you fought alongside Krang in his war?"

Donnie "That's not! He's—"

Raph "He's twisting things around! Trying to confuse you! Besides, if we were assassins, why haven't we killed you already?"

Donnie "Raph, that's—that's probably not the most comforting—"

B'een "Because you can't. My people's empathic connection makes us nearly invulnerable. Unless we leave the planet."

B'een "Like you were trying to convince me to do!"

Hakk-R "I had no idea! These assassins truly are devious sorts."

Leo "We didn't know, B'een Go. But even so, my brothers speak the truth."

Leo "You have to come with us! You—you have to, or—"

Hakk-R "No--you don't have to do anything you don't wish to do. I know you are confused and know not whom to believe."

Hakk-R "But even if you don't trust me--don't trust them either!"

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Hakk-R "Excellent choice."

Leo "B'een! Wait!"

Leo "You don't under—"


Mikey " "Even if you don't trust me, don't trust them either." Man, that was a good line. Why didn't we think of that?"

Raph "Because we're not diabolical."

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B'een "That was foolish of them. Sending such wild, emotional beasts to assassin an empath!"

B'een "Thank you for saving me. While being so... Comfortingly even-keeled."

Hakk-R "Emotions have no place in my line of work."

B'een "Your line of work?"

Hakk-R "You know... Being a hero. The hero profession."

Hakk-R "Heroing."

Hakk-R "And because I'm a heroic hero, I'm afraid I have to tell you the truth. The warlord Krang really is on trial. And we really do need your testimony."

Hakk-R "Those assassins used that nugget of truth to gain your trust. To manipulate you. I don't know what Krang did to you, but--"

B'een "You're right."

B'een "You don't."

Page 8

B'een "My people spent millennia in peaceful isolation, until an Utrom scouting ship arrived."

B'een "Before long, Krang discovered our unique ability. He enslaved us, and used us in his interrogation chambers."

B'een "Evaluating prisoners' emotional states, in mid-torture."

B'een "The things we saw... The things we were part of..."

B'een "...But I survived."

B'een "I alone survived."

B'een "Now I'm an outcast among my people. It's too... Difficult for other empaths to be around so much trauma, somsone so broken."

Hakk-R "I understand. I'll make sure you're safe. And then--"

B'een "And then you'll take me to this trial."

Page 9

Donnie "No, we don't have time for trial and error. We just need to find a way to create more force. Or build a stronger fulcrum than my bo staff."

Leo "Or reach the hot rod, which I still can't do through all this rock."

Mikey "What we need to do is break through that wall."

Mikey "Before this whole place caves in!"

Raph "Mikey is right. We need to get out of here."

Mikey "Yes!"

Raph "And stop that hooded freak."

Donnie "Oh, come on. Some of our best friends are much bigger—"

Raph "He played us!"


Mikey "We're free!"

Page 10


Donnie "Uh... Guys?"

Donnie "I think I just figured out what "emotion-based physics" means."

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Hakk-R "Would you like some tea, B'een?"

B'een "Oh. No, that's... That's all right."

B'een "You sure do have a lot of weapons. And books on... How to use them."

Hakk-R "Yes. Well. Heroing is a dangerous profession."

B'een "Right. Of course."

B'een "And... And how long a trip will this be?"

Hakk-R "Not long at all. In fact, I think you'll be shocked to discover just how close you are to the end of your journey."

B'een "Oh..."


B'een "Oh, no."

Page 12

Donnie "Good job, guys!"

Donnie "Just focus on things that make you angry!"

Donnie "Or happy! Or—"

Mikey "Red curry pizza! With double eggplant and extra cheese!"

Leo "There is is!"

Leo "We're too late!"

Raph "I don't think so."

Raph "Mikey's stinky feet!"

Page 13

B'een "You--You can't do this! You can't!"

Hakk-R "Well, that's obviously not true."

Hakk-R "I should probably thank you, B'een."

Hakk-R "My profession--my actual profession--doesn't usually require this level of subtle deceit."

Hakk-R "I've learned a lot from the experience. Gained new skills. Improved my craft. I hope that brings you comfort, as you--"

B'een "It doesn't!"

Hakk-R "Ah. Ah, well."


Page 14

Hakk-R "No!"

Hakk-R "You should never enter where you're not invited."

Raph "{Cough} {cough}"

Page 15

Hakk-R "Face it, Earthling. This one is mine."

Hakk-R "You've lost this round of our little game."

Hakk-R "I outwitted you. Outmaneuvered you."

Hakk-R "I made no mistakes."

Raph "Sure you did."

Raph "You really ticked us off!"

Page 16

Hakk-R "Honestly, gentlemen. We've done this dance before."

Hakk-R "What makes you think you can defeat me in an open field of combat?"

Mikey "Because this planet taps into our emotions!"

Mikey "And makes us stronger than ever be—"

Leo "Mikey, could not give away our strategic advantage?"

Hakk-R "Ah. So that's how you were able to tear my ship apart. No matter."

Hakk-R "Strong or not, you still can't defeat--"

Hakk-R "--What you cannot hit!"

Mikey "See, Leo?"

Mikey "He's giving away his strategic advantage, too!"

Page 17

Hakk-R "Yes, but in my case it doesn't matter."

Hakk-R "Because you're really just not very good at this."

Hakk-R "Whereas I can go all--"


Page 18

Mikey "Well. That takes care of that."

Donnie "For now. For this planet. Until he repairs his ship."

Mikey "Just let me have my moment, dude."

Leo "B'een... I know you've been through a lot, but... The trial of Krang. It's very important that you—"

B'een "I know."

B'een "And I'm ready to do my part."

Leo "Oh. Good."

Leo "Because our ride is here."

B'een "And... And how many weapons will be on this ship?"

Raph "A lot."

Raph "But none of them will be pointed at you."

Page 19

B'een "I must say, I was incredibly impressed by your performance."

B'een "Among my kind, such strong emotions are displayed only by those on the cusp of full maturity."

B'een "At a time when their orbs are rapidly changing and their hormones are running amok."

Mikey "You mean like... Teenagers?"

Mikey "Dibs on the same seat!"

Raph "I don't think so, Mikey!"

Leo "Yeah, we... We are, actually... Uh..."

Donnie "Our orbs are rapidly changing."

B'een "That explains so, so much."

Page 20

Hakk-R "Uggghh..."

Hakk-R "Ah, well."

Hakk-R "No use getting upset over it."

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