Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Deep Space April
Publisher(s) Nickelodeon
Platform(s) Flash
Release date 2016
Genre(s) Infinite runner
Input method(s) Keyboard

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Deep Space April is a Flash-based browser game released on the Nickelodeon website in 2016.


April O'Neil must chase after Mozar while fighting off enemies to get the pieces of the Black Hole Generator.



Deep Space April is a side scrolling action game where the play controls April O'Neil. April must destroy various enemies using different attacks. Each attack corresponds to a different enemy color. The tessen destroys red enemies, the kick blue, and the Psychic Attack green. Once enough enemies are defeated April can perform a Super Attack, which can damage all enemy types. Each level features an unique enemy type and ends with a boss battle with Mozar. The first level takes place on Varanon and the enemies are the Vreen. The second level is on the Moon of Thalos 3 and features Ice dragons. The third and final level is on Thalos 3, and features Triceratons as enemies.

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