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Casey and April leave New York City in April’s van. On the radio they hear a news report about Dr. Miller’s murder. Eventually, they make it to the Southwest. They briefly discuss the apparent growing distance between them.

Later on they stop the car for some reason and get out to read the scroll. April explains that she thinks it refers to the land bridge between Asia and North America thousands of years ago, and that there are pictures in the scroll that indicate its companion scroll is in an area with yucca trees, so they must be close. Casey picks up a heart-shaped rock and April explains the finer points of the geography around the San Andreas fault. Casey says he’s hungry.

Back in the van, April tells Casey about a childhood trip to the Grand Canyon. She tells him how she made star charts that her dad would correct the next morning. Casey is startled by a cyclist crossing the street. Casey tells April about how growing up in the city with a lot of light pollution, he never saw a star until he was twelve, but then it just turned out to be the lights on an airplane. The two discuss how if they’d met as children, they would have been so different they might as well have been from different worlds.

Casey and April stop at a diner to get some food. Two of the locals at the bar have a serious problem with them being from New York. One of the men makes fun of Casey for having the same name as a Grateful Dead song and the two exchange some fighting words. Casey fights the two men and April tells him they need to leave before the locals call the police. Driving away in the van, April is upset that Casey got into a fight. The two argue all the way to a gas station where they stop to refuel. April states that the location of the next scroll seems to be near an armory in the area.

As they drive away an old man in a truck rear-ends them. April is very apologetic and the man explains that it's fine, but he’s worried that he will now be late to meet his sister and she may begin to worry. As she doesn’t have any type of phone, April offers to drive to her house and tell her what happened while the man fixes his truck. The man offers his motorcycle to Casey to use to continue on his way, so after April and Casey exchange heated words Casey heads off to check out the armory. As he and April each leave, Casey throws the heart-shaped rock he had picked up earlier. The old man picks it up. It turns out he’s the Rat King.




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