Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Ch'rell DELI


Michelangelo "Oh, man—this thing is great!"

Ray Stantz "Well, like Pete said—we won't all fit in the car."

Mikey "Man, I so want one of these. We could get a full kitchen in here, easy!"

Raphael "Pfft. You're getting almost as bad as Donnie. What are you guys gonna want next, a blimp?"

Leonardo "Guys. Focus. We're almost at the Garden."

Leo "Are they still in there, Dr. Stantz?"

Ray "Oh yeah. I got a definite hot reading. There's something messy going on in there."

Donatello "So let's clean it up!"

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Donnie "All right, Chi-You...put up your—"

Donnie "—Hands?"

Donnie "Whoa."

Chi-You "Your mutants have found us, Casey Jones."

Chi-You "My thralls..."

Chi-You "...Subdue them."

Donnie "I don't think so!"


Donnie "Whoulp!"


Chi-You "Your aim is pathetic, mutant."

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Raph "Way to go, genius. Maybe you shoulda stuck with what ya know."

Donnie "I didn't mean to—I mean, these things pack a real kick!"

Peter Venkman "Don't sweat it... Egon's got more property damage to his credit than most standing armies."

Peter "Just plant your feet, go soft on the trigger, and be gentle about directing the blast."

Peter "It's more like a violent hose than a gun."

Leo "Whatever it is, just use it on Chi-You..."

Leo "...We'll keep these creatures busy!"

Leo "Kiyaaai!"

Ray "Like Pete said, Don—be gentle. Just aim for the glow. And don't worry, we have a plan."

Ray "Oh yeah—be careful not to cross the streams!"

Ray "Protonic reversal isn't on my list of things to do today!"


Chi-You "Hsssss"

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Mikey "Is it me, or is Chi-dude movin' slower than he was at the church?"

Leo "We saw him turning a guy into one of these things when we got here... Maybe that takes something out of him."

Leo "If so, we can use that to our advantage!"


Egon Spengler "Sound reasoning, Leonardo."

Peter "Hear that, kids? Let's kick him while he's down!"

Chi-You "Your fire will not burn me, Ghostbusters..."

Winston Zeddemore "Doesn't need to, fella."

Winston "They work just as well herding you like the cow you are."


Winston "Moo."

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Chi-You "Nyarrrrrghhhh!"

Ray "That's weird. He should've been sucked right into the trap. There's no way he could fight it unless—unless he's more directly connected to his thralls than we thought!"

Donnie "I think you're right—look!"

Donnie "Those things—they look like tethers, joining the minions to him!"

Casey Jones "They're right."

Winston "What—"

Casey "Listen—ngh—I'm fightin' with all I got, but it's not enough. You gotta tell the others... What I can see in Chi-You's mind."

Casey "You can't do anything to him until we're all taken out."

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Chi-You "Free us, Casey Jones! Now!"


Casey "Sorry, man. I can't stop myself..."


Chi-You "This is the second time you have caught me unaware, mortals. There will not be a third."

Chi-You "When next you see me... You will regret it!"

Peter "Why do they always say that? Is there a class or something?"

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Raph "This is friggin' ridiculous!"

Employee of the Month

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Raph "Ya let 'em get away! Again! If that's how you bust ghosts, I don't know how you guys even stay in business!"

Egon "Practice."

Egon "Look, Chi-You's connection to his thralls is atypical. Chasing them down when we have no practical way to sever that bond was not in anybody's best interests... And we still have the problem of getting you back to your home dimension."

Kylie Griffin "Dr. Spengler, I was thinking..."

Kylie "...What about those bird things that attacked us in the Firehouse a few months back? We exorcised them by using traps at a close range.*"

Egon "Unlikely. This is a different set of circumstances. We could do more harm to the victims than good."

Donnie "Well, what about... Hm."

Donnie "Your proton streams. Chi-You said in the church that they hurt him."

Donnie "If you hit his minions with a low-voltage pulse instead of a stream, would that..."

Ray "Hey, it could interrupt the connection! Change the rhythm!"

Egon "At close proximity... Like a defibrillator... I think it could."

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Ray "We could refit the arm-mounted packs for this!"

Egon "I agree."

Donnie "I have some ideas on a more direct delivery system. Can I borrow a sheet of paper?"

Enjoy Blody

Raph "Is it at all creepy to you that these guys picked up Donnie's point that fast?"

Leo "Their focus must be incredible."

Peter "Focus. Yeah. That's what they're known for."

Raph "So how long'll it take ya to build the thing? I wanna get goin'!"

Egon "Shouldn't take too long, but..."

Raph "But what?"

Egon "But we have to take other things into account. Such as whether your friend's warning was genuine, or whether it's a trap."

Raph "It's genuine. Casey's a fighter."

Egon "We still have to run all the variables. In the meantime, I suggest you all get some sleep and refresh yourselves. Time is in short supply, but we can't afford to make any mistakes."

Egon "We'll wake you when we're ready with a prototype."

Winston "C'mon, guys. I'll show you where you can crash."

Mikey "What about Egon? Doesn't he need to sleep, too?"

Winston "Not sure he knows how."

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[Chinatown. Hours later.]

Chi-You "How do you defy me?"

Chi-You "You have been fighting my control from the beginning."

Casey "Heh. M-Maybe you and my dad should form a support group, then..."

Casey " 'Cause I'm not gonna stop fightin' you... 'Til I'm all the way free."

Chi-You "Rrrraggghh!"

Chi-You "You are infuriating! You—"

Chi-You "You're doing this on purpose!"

Casey "Finally figured it out, huh? That brain link of yours goes both ways. I know how stupid you get when you're angry... So I aim to make you good and stupid."

Chi-You "And you will regret it."

Casey "C'mon, what else can you even—"

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Peter "Janine!"

Janine Melnitz "I know, I know, you didn't want to take a case while we had company..."

Janine "...But this seems relevant."

Peter "Huh. Yeah, it does."

Peter "Hey, Egon? You work some magic? We got a date in Chinatown!"

Egon "I've modified these packs for the purpose of using Donatello's suggestions. Touching one of Chi-You's minions in the chest with this hand attachment should sever their connection to him."

Leo "Check. Don and April should stay here with you and Dr. Stantz to get working on our way home."

Leo "Mike, Raph, and I will head out with the others to look for Casey."

Peter "Bossy much?"

Mikey "It's kinda his thing, dude."

Mikey "Now, important question about your car..."

Mikey "...Can I work the siren?"


Mikey "Hahahaha—yes!"

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Chi-You "Snort"

Chi-You "Harooo!"



Chi-You "?!"

Peter "Hey, Ferdinand!"

Mikey "Who's Ferdinand?"

Peter "You're a bull in a China town? Really? You're gonna go that way?"

Chi-You "Ghostbusters. Mutants."

Chi-You "I told you that you would regret our next meeting—"

Chi-You "Did you think me a liar?!"

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Leo "Heads up, guys. The thralls are coming."

Peter "Daah!"

Raph "Yeah, Leo, but I—I don't see Casey!"

Raph "All I see is a big red target!"

Leo "Raph, no! The Ghostbusters were very specific about how to use this equipment!"

Raph "Well, they can go ahead and be specific when it's one of theirs missin'!"

Chi-You "Away from me, mutant!"


Winston "Raphael! This ain't the kind of thing you improvise on, man! If you want to help your friend—focus on the thralls!"

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Leo "Easier said than done, Winston! These guys have skills."

Mikey "And we have to hit them in the, um... Chest, right?"

Raph "Yes! Weren't you paying attention?"


Mikey "I was thinkin' about the siren."

Mikey "But mostly I just wanted to be sure!"


Thrall "Eyyaahhh!"


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Hockey Player (Thrall) "Wha-What happened? Who're you?"

Mikey "I'm Mike, dude!"

Mikey "And, uh, you should probably get outta here!"

Player "What do you mean? I—"

Player "I think you're right, Mr. Talking Turtle. I must have some kind of concussion."

Chi-You "Retreat, my thralls! I will see to this!"

Peter "Oh yeah? I'd like to see how!"


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Peter "Okay, that's on me. I jinxed it."

Chi-You "Hrrrk—"

Winston "What was that?"

Chi-You "Hrrrkkkkkaaaaaakk"


Mikey "Um, ew."

Raph "Wait—look!"

Raph "Is that..."

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Chi-You "These are Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael? None have the necessary skills to bring me to other worlds."

Chi-You "Destroy them."


Raph "Case!"

Raph "What are you doin', bro? Fight his control! I know you can hear me! Fight him!"


Raph "Okay. We do it the hard way."

Raph "Rrrraaaagh!"


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Winston "Man, he's workin' that kid like a damn puppet."

Peter "Yeah. Looks like he forgot all about us, too, once he stomped us."

Peter "And that wasn't very smart of him."

Winston "So let's step in. Leo and Mike are dealing with the other thralls—the kid could use our help."

Peter "Hold that thought, Winston... I got an idea."

Raph "C'mon, Casey, we're trying to help you!"

Chi-You "He cannot hear you anymore, mutant."

Chi-You "He will never defy me again. He will only obey."


Peter "Hey, you can get a kid like that to obey? You should write a book!"

Chi-You "The Ghostbuster."

Page 18

Peter "Say cheese!"


Chi-You "Noooooo---"


Casey "Eh?"

Raph "You should know better'n anyone, Casey—"

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Casey "Ugh!"

Raph "—Don't take your eye off the ball."


Casey "Ngh..."

Peter "How about that, eh? Us old guys can come up with plans, too!"

Leo "You blew him up. Why on earth wouldn't you lead with that?"

Peter "Because with ghosts, it's only a temporary fix. Our pal Chi-Chi is gonna pull himself back together eventually, and when he does, he's gonna be cranky."

Peter "So let's get out of here and see about getting you kids home. We can deal with the rest of this mess with a full crew later."

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[Later, back at the Firehouse...]

Egon "Well, all of his signs appear steady... No arrhythmia, PKE reading negligible. There may be mood swings, but that's normal. Overall, he should be fine."

Egon "It would be best if we let him rest up a while."

Casey "Yeah, gettin' that stupid light outta my face'd be a good start."

Casey "Hey. Raph. About kickin' your butt... I knew what I was doin', but I still couldn't stop... I just... I wanted to say I'm sorry."

Raph "I'm happy you're okay."

Raph "But if you think you kicked my butt, then maybe that ghost jangled yer brain worse'n they thought!"

Casey "Heh. Glad we're cool, bro."

April O'Neil "What did Casey say, Raph?"

Raph "Something about winnin' a fight with me. Don't worry, I told him he was only dreamin'."

April "Right."

Raph "What are you guys doin', takin' a break?"

Ray "Mikey here was just filling us in about Chi-You's thralls. And introducing us to this pineapple sriracha pizza. I never would've thought to combine the two."

Mikey "It's the sweet that makes the spicy pop, Ray."

Raph "You missed a callin' as a cult leader, kid. And you Ghostbusters don't worry—next time we see those thralls, we're gonna flatten 'em."

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Winston "You don't have to, man. You guys got your friend back. You can get out of here as soon as that that thing downstairs is up and running."

Leo "No."

Leo "We need to get home, but we brought Chi-You here. We'll help until the last possible moment."

Donnie "Well, if we can't tag everyone individually, what we'll need is a nuclear option, like an EMP... Take out Chi-You's forces all at once."

Ray "Good ol' EMP—there's nothing they can't fix. And I bet we can cook one up."

Egon "Actually, I think Donatello and I would be better off focusing on the portal, Ray."

Egon "Miss O'Neil—you said your background was not electronics, but you showed an aptitude for it earlier. Perhaps you'd be willing to work with Ray on the EMP device?"

April "I'm in. Just tell me what to do."

Mikey "Isn't all this camaraderie awesome? We're totally like one big happy team."

Raph "Yeah, I don't think they got a jumpsuit you'll fit into."

Mikey "But they look so stretchy."

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[Meanwhile, back in Chinatown...]

Chi-You "I am not accustomed to defeat."

Chi-You "It does not suit me."

Chi-You "I don't believe I can simply ignore the Ghostbusters or their mutant allies while I build an army worthy of conquest. Not any longer."

Chi-You "We must hunt them. Destroy them."

Chi-You "Tonight my thralls..."

Chi-You "...We go to war."

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