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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.



The climactic conclusion as the teams reunite to face their adversaries... and a long lost ally!


Major Characters

Minor Characters



  • In a moment of flirtatious banter, Peter Venkman compares Tang Shen to The Mikado, a reference which immediately provokes an icy penetrating glare from her. The Mikado is a 19th century comic opera by authors W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, set in a farcical version of old Japan which was actually meant to stand in as a veiled satire of Gilbert and Sullivan's own Victorian England. The opera includes three bubbly, gossipy young women famously associated with the song "Three Little Maids from School are We". Productions of the opera commonly portray these women wearing elegant traditional Japanese dress and hairstyles similar that worn by Shen in this story.


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