Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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[These are the Collectors. Dimension-hopping demons who capture any living-being they're summoned to collect.]

[They have been sent after the ninja turtles by a fallen foe—Darius Dun—and only a complicated plan by the Ghostbusters has managed to keep the Collectors away from their prey.]

[Until now.]

Leonardo "They've found us!"

Winston Zeddemore "Take my thrower—"


Winston "—Only thing left to do is give them a hell of a fight!"


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Leo "Um... They aren't blowing up!"

'Winston "I wasn't sure they would, man. Power's maxed..."

Winston "...But we're still splitting the stream and these guys are too much for just one proton pack."

Winston "Maybe we should just bite the bullet and go back to that crazy parallel dimension of theirs, until we can escape from—"

Red Collector "No!"

Red Collector "You will not escape again. No one will escape us again."

Red Collector "This time, we intend to destroy—"

Red Collector "What...?!"

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Yellow Collector "No! Not when we were so close—!"

Leo "What... Happened?"

Winston "You know, I have a whole speech I could give you right now, man. It's a good one. Real philosophical. Has triumph and tragedy, lost loves and wisdom."

Winston "It'd make me sound real wise, like I knew exactly what just went down."

Winston "But the fact is, I think we just got lucky."

Winston "Now let's make an exit before they get a chance to come back, huh?"


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Bronson "Darius... What is this? You didn't—"

Darius Dun "What I did was call the Collectors back to explain why they failed me!"

Darius "They need to explain!"

Yellow Collector "You!"

Collectors "You summoned us again and cost us our quarry!"

Bronson "Collectors, my friend has paid the cost for summoning you, clearly, as one would have to be insane to summon you again. He meant no offense—"

Darius "Don't presume to speak for me!"

Bronson "Darius, I'm trying to save you!"

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Darius "Don't be absurd—I'm already a ghost."

Darius "As for you! When I hire someone, I expect results!"

Green Collector "We captured the quarry."

Darius "And then they escaped!"

Green Collector "We were dealing with that—until you summoned us here."

Blue Collector "Our price is a piece of the soul. The loss causes madness. Clearly, you are made."

Yellow Collector "Mad enough to summon us again."

Red Collector "Which means you must pay again."

Red Collector "But this time..."

Red Collector "...The cost shall be the entirety of your being!"

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Yellow Collector "His essence... It's poison! It's—"


Green Collector "What... What's happening?"

Yellow Collector "It hurts!"

Red Collector "It... It..."

Blue Collector "Hhnnh..."

Green Darius Dun/Collector "It's done."

Green Darius "I'm... Dun."

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Red Darius "We're all Darius Dun."

Yellow Darius "Dun is the Collectors."

Blue Darius "The power..."

Green Darius "...It's incredible."

Bronson "Oh, this is bad. I was just trying to be a friend, I didn't mean for this to happen..."

Blue Darius "Nonsense! This is extraordinary, Bronson! We are reborn! Our mind is completely restored!"

Blue Darius "We know everything the Collectors knew."

Red Darius "And we are no longer bound to the old rules! We can feel it!"

Yellow Darius "We are free to go after whomever we please!"

Green Darius "The mutant rat shall receive his comeuppance, Bronson. Directly. But first..."

Green Darius "...First we'll bring him the heads of his children."

Green Darius "Haha!"

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Michelangelo "You dudes have seen me flipping around. I'm a trained ninja. I could put you all down without breaking a sweat."

Mikey "You ready for this?"

Bill Music "Well, okay. I admit it—I wasn't ready for that."

Harold LaMarche "Perhaps the entity's hold on the young turtle is waning. Danny, go talk to them."

Dan Welker "{Sigh}"

Dan "Why is it always me?"

Peter Venkman "Why am I feeling deja vu..."

Dan "My name is Dr. Dan Welker."

Dan "As a duly appointed representative of the city, county and state of Zoo Amsterdam, I demand any entity currently in possession of this innocent youth release its hold and proceed forthwith to a state of visibility for further discussions."

Peter "Oh God, it's Ray."

Mikey "I'm not, like, a ghost, bro. And neither is my friend."

Mikey "We're visitors from another world. Cool, right?"

Mikey "I'm Mike, by the way. That's Peter."

Dan "Hey."

Harold "Don't trust him, Dan! Aliens don't exist!"

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Mikey "Not like that. We're not alien-aliens. We come from another dimension."

Mikey "Well, like, two other dimensions?"

Mikey "But we're not ghosts, or possessed—"

Dan "That's what a ghost would say."

Mikey "Dude, we're running. We really are. From something bad."

Mikey "I can tell just by looking that you guys take your job seriously, but I can also tell you're all good people."

Mikey "You restrained my friend instead of trying to nuke him on the spot."

Peter "Yeah, it was more like I was saved by red tape."

Mikey "Tell you what else I noticed, doc..."

Mikey "...None of you dudes have your fingers on the trigger of your weapons right now."

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Dan "Well, they are hair triggers, youngster. We wouldn't want any accidents."

Mikey "Dr. Welker, if one of the other, uh, Ghostbusturtles would just look at what my friend has on his back, maybe we can still sort this out?"

Dan "Harold?"

Harold "Holy—Dan, you need to see this."

Dan "What is it?"

Harold "Just come and look!"

Dan "{Sigh}"

Dan "Bill, you cover the boy while I—sweet Christmas, Harold... That's a proton pack!"

Dan "Less advanced than ours, maybe, but unmistakable."

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Peter "I will never be clean."

Dan "Look, we made a mistake. But you look like a demon doing an impression of a real person."

Peter "It's like you've met my exes."

Dan "I'm sorry about the confusion, but we take extra-normal threats seriously. Ever since a Marshmallow Bunny destroyed Fifth Avenue, well..."

Mikey "It's okay, dude. Better safe than sorry."

Peter "You and I have very different ideas about what is and isn't okay."

Mikey "They said the samples were necessary."

Peter "I'll bet they did."

Peter "Look, all kidding aside, you did good."

Peter "You read those guys and talked us out of there without having to crack anyone in the jaw. You ever think about a psychology degree?"

Mikey "I'm a mutant, dude. How am I gonna do classes?"

Peter "Eh, I've met some of Winston's night school classmates."

Peter "I doubt you'd stand out."

Bill "I'm glad they're gone. That thing gave me the creeps."

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Raphael's body (Gjenganger) "Gnaaar!"

Ray Stantz's body (Ray & Raph's ghosts) "Woo! This is incredible!"

Ray's body "Incredible hard, y'mean. You ever eat anything that ain't junk food, Ray?"

Ray's body "Says the pizza aficionado."

Ray's body "At least I stay in shape."

Ray's body "You're still gonna be stuck with a fat butt when I get back to my own body."

Raph's body "Hah!"


Raph's body "Oof!"

Ray's body "There guys got no sense of misdirection. I'll be home in no time. Right?"

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Ray's body "Well, great, my body's too tough. I'm gonna be stuck with you forever."

Ray's body "You're so negative, Raph. You can't—wait! That's it! I don't know why I didn't think of it before, I... Um..."

Ray's body "...Raph, I can't move my own arm right now."

Ray's body "There's a little spritzer clipped to my belt, right hand side."

Ray's body "We need it—just don't spray anything yet!"

Ray's body "We need to get behind your body and spray both it and me at the exact same time. Can you do that?"

Ray's body "Well, yeah. What is this stuff?"

Ray's body "Ho!"

Ray's body "Do you remember when we first met?"

Ray's body "When the spectral entity from your own dimensional plane forcibly possessed Winston?"

Ray's body "This can holds the same positively charged mood slime we used to resolve that situation. It should forcibly evict any negative energy and get you back where you belong."

Ray's body "Y'know, it's kinda creepy that so you're excited, Ray."

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Ray's body "Remember, we both need to be spritzed at the same time to be sure this will work!"

Ray's body "Yeah, I got ya..."

Ray's body "Heh, or maybe I should be saying..."

Ray's body "...I got me."



Page 15

Raph "Did it—hey, it worked! I'm me again! I—"

Raph "Hang on—you just said that stuff bumps off negative energy. How come it blasted me?"

Ray "We can talk about that later."

Gjenganger "No!"

Raph "I don't think they plan on lettin' us leave, Ray."

Ray "Well, since we're free to run the remote portal is charged—"


Ray "—What they plan is beside the point if we move fast enough!"


Page 16

Raph "Did they follow us?"

Ray "No. Whew."

Ray "I think we're clear."

Raph "Good, 'cause I got a bone to pick with you, Ray. You said that pink goop worked against negative stuff—how'd it knock me back into my own body?"

Ray "Well, you're very negative."

Raph "Gee, thanks, Ray."

Ray "I meant by comparison to me. I got a look at who you are while our spirits were joined. You're a real heart-on-your-sleeve guy, but you're so angry..."

Ray "...So I rolled the dice that the anger would be negative enough to interact with the properties of the mood slime and affect you as it would any unwanted entity possessing my body."

Ray "But I won't be rolling anywhere else for a while. Am so sore."

Raph "Try some yoga."

Raph "As for that anger... I grew up alone, y'know? I still got a lot of issues about that, but, uh, I feel a little, I dunno, lighter since I got back to my own body."

Raph "If that's a piece of you, I should maybe say tha—"


Raph "—Ackkk!"

Mikey "Raph?"

Raph "Get %$#@ off me!"

Ray "So much for that lighter mood."

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Donatello "Okay. That's it."

Donnie "With that bit of solder, we've completed the power boost to the trap-gate."

Donnie "I just hope a five-fold increase is enough."

Egon Spengler "It should be, but it will shorten the window of use."

Egon "If even one of the Collectors is left free, the others will be able to escape the containment unit."

Donnie "Don't you worry about that, Egon—with these proton weapons, my brothers and I will make sure those things get trapped."

Donnie "Not to change the subject, but since we're about to ejump into a dangerous fight with powerful otherdimensional monsters, I wanted to ask you about your experiences with..."

Donnie "...Well, I mean, when I "died" my mind was transferred to a robot body. It was kinda like I was still here."

Donnie "But what was it like for you?"

Egon "..."

Donnie "C'mon, Egon..."

Egon "I would have preferred if a robot had been involved."

Page 18

Egon "I can accept dying at the hands of an entity—that's an occupational hazard."

Egon "But if I were to be rescued, I would have preferred for it to have been through science."

Donnie "You're upset because you weren't brought back to life by technology?"

Egon "Saying it out loud... I suppose that's right. But it has, at least, given me a wealth of tests to run on myself."

Egon "We need to move. The equipment is as done as it will ever be, and we don't want to push our luck."

Egon "Let's contact the others."

Donnie "This is weird. The trackers you have in their remote portal access bands—"

Donnie "I will never get tired of how cool that is."

Donnie "—It says they're all currently at the same frequency? But that means..."

Egon "They're all in the same place! Which means they could have been captured!"

Egon "We need to get to the portal... Now!"

Page 19


Donnie "Heeyaahhh—"

Donnie "—Huh?"

Mikey "Donnie! Dude!"

Mikey "You're here, too!"

Donnie "I'm so glad you guys are all right!"

Donnie "When we saw you were all basically in the same place, we thought the worst!"

Ray "I'm still wondering what brought us all to the same dimension. It has to be some kind of equipment hiccup, because the odds against a coincidence like this are—"

Tang Shen "It was no coincidence..."

Page 20

Shen "...I called my sons to me."

Mikey "Mom?"

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