TMNT Ghostbusters 2 3 cover

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters 2 issue #3, published on November 15, 2017 by IDW Publishing.



Leonardo and Winston face formidable foes in the form of ferocious frogs!


Darius Dun rages about the fact that the Turtles have somehow escaped his extradimensional prison. Bronson tries to assure him that his agitation is a sign of the price paid for summoning the Collectors, and the four demons are doubtlessly searching for the Turtles now.

In Zoo Amsterdam, the Ghostbusturtles immobilize Peter Venkman and then cover him in a gooey green gel. Michelangelo desperately tries to tell them that he's not a supernatural entity, but they don't listen to him. As they drive off, Michelangelo decides to use his ninja skills to free Venkman without having to hurt the Ghostbusturtles, and follows them easily. He successfully infiltrates their headquarters and tries to free Venkman, only to be caught by the Ghostbusturtles, who assume that he's been possessed. They try to immobilize him, but he avoids their proton beams.

Meanwhile, Raphael comes to his senses, only to find that his spirit is no longer in his body - and someone else is using it. A similarly disembodied Ray explains that they have been attacked by Gjenganger - Viking ghosts - and that the ghosts have hijacked their bodies in order to enjoy the physical sensations of fighting once again.

He tries to talk the ghosts into returning their bodies, but they only laugh at him; Raphael is similarly unsuccessful with his attempt to take his body back by force. Ray does manage to get himself and Raphael into Ray's body, but that still leaves them fighting a Viking ghost in Raphael's body. Furthermore, Ray is distracted by Raphael's memories of his own loneliness.

Back in the Ghostbusters' dimension, Donatello and Egon have moved their equipment to the "fantasy camp" enclosure, and Donatello begins experimenting with his new proton bo. While he fights a ghost as an experiment, he asks Egon what it was like being dead, and discusses his own near-death experience. Once he's satisfied that the proton bo works, he tries the inter-dimensional gate, but it fails to suck the ghost in - and something else is reaching out.

As Donatello tries to avoid the ghost, he begins sounding like Winston again, indicating more bleed-over from the headset he's wearing. As Egon tries to unlock the door, the two discuss Donatello's time in Metalhead's body, before Egon recaptures the ghost. He declares that they'll need to boost the gate's power considerably.

Meanwhile, Leonardo and Winston are suddenly assaulted by a massive slimy tongue that steals the dimensional gauntlet from Winston. It's a talking frog dressed in punk attire. The two pursue him, only to find that he's allied with three other talking frogs that plan to take Winston's tech and Leonardo's swords. However, their brute-force attacks are no match for Leonardo's ninja training, and he and Winston easily defeat them. The terrified frog returns the device in exchange for his brother's robot arm... but it may be too late, as the Collectors have just arrived.


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