Mini Technodrome (2)
Technodrome Mark-II
Production information
Technical specifications

Five stories


Large cannon, forward canon, laser guns


3, Shredder, Krang, Chrome Dome




1987 series, Archie


Foot Clan

The Technodrome Mark-II also called the Mini Technodrome, is a semi-spherical, tank-like mobile fortress constructed by Krang and The Shredder, the main villains on the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series. It is a smaller version of the original Technodrome that was constructed while the original was trapped at the Earth's Core. It appeared during the TV special Planet of the Turtleoids.

It varies only in slight ways, the only major difference is the size and color. This version only stood about five stories tall, was gold in color, and had a large cannon attached to the eye on the top. Shredder and Krang operated the Technodrome Mark-II from a control room in one of the upper levels just above the forward canon.

It is unknown exactly what the capabilities of this smaller Technodrome were. It had large laser guns, tank treads, and a great deal of computer equipment. There was a large forward entry hatch big enough for a 15-foot robot to enter. The primary control room was located about three stories up, had two command chairs, and a large viewing window to see out.

The Technodrome Mark-II was built during a time that the Ninja Turtles were not on Earth, visiting the Turtleoid planet of Shell-Ri-La. It was built in Central Park by the Foot Soldiers, and the construction was coordinated by the robot Chrome Dome. They used the city's resources to construct the small battle fortress.

The Technodrome Mark-II was completed just as the Turtles returned to Earth. Shredder and Krang started the engines and prepared to crush April O'Neil under its wheels as they headed into the city.

The Turtles noticed the small Technodrome as they flew over the city. While Donatello prepared to attack it with the Turtleoid ship equipped with a pulverizer ray they saw April in the Technodrome Mark-II's path. As the Turleoid ship flew in and fired it's first shot at the Technodrome Mark-II, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael jumped out and saved April.

The armor protecting the Technodrome Mark-II was rather weak compared to the original, and it quickly took severe damage to its hull. Shredder and Krang evacuated in a Transport Module, with Chrome Dome close behind, just before the new fortress exploded after the damage suffered was too intense.

Technodrome Scout Vehicle

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Technodrome Scout Vehicle Toy


Technodrome and Technodrome Scout Vehicle toys

A toy of the Technodrome Mark-II was created to compliment the original. This version was referred to as the Technodrome Scout Vehicle, and was blue in color. Much smaller than the original, it could only hold a single toy figure. The sides of the Technodrome Scout Vehicle opened from the front, allowing access to the inside. The inside consisted of a single command chair, periscope, computer console, and gun controls.

The periscope on the top could rise several inches above the body of the toy, with the gun rotating 360 degrees. When the Technodrome Scout Vehicle was pushed, its rotating wheels caused the two drills on the front to rotate as well.

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  • One interesting difference between the Technodrome and the Technodrome Mark-II is that the latter was designed, built, and operated on Earth. The original Technodrome was designed, built, and first operated in Dimension-X.
  • It is unknown, but unlikely, if the Technodrome Mark-II has a Dimensional Portal.

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