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The Technodrome is a giant mothership used by the Kraang Hive Mind to invade Earth. The Technodrome makes its latest appearance in Booyaka-Showdown, the Season 1 finale of Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Here it bears a greater resemblance to the one seen in Turtles Forever than the original version. It flies and has an overall purple theme to it, much like other Kraang technology. It's the lair of Kraang Prime, the 2012 series' version of Krang. It is used by the Hive Mind in their attempt to invade New York City, terraform the entire planet, and capture human specimens.


  • Showdown, Part 2- The Technodrome dispatched collector pods to gather any human and animal specimens for experimentation. What's more, the Kraang Hive Mind had finally captured April O'Neil, as Kraang Prime started to siphon her unique mental energies so as to allow the Technodrome to mutate the entire planet for the Kraang to inhabit. However, the turtles interfered, managing to save April and caused the Technodrome to crash into the East River. The turtles managed to escape and freed all the captives. Later, the Technodrome was revealed to still be active but immobile at the bottom of the river.
  • Plan 10 - Raphael accidentally trades minds with a Kraang Hive Mind agent, being taken to the Technodrome. There, he was able to take a look at the Hive Mind's plan of invasion.
  • Battle for New York, Part 2 - The turtles managed to invade and takeover a Technodrome (fighting the Kraang Hive Mind in the process) as they used it to retromutate the millions of humans that had been captured when the Hive Mind invaded New York City in The Invasion. This Technodrome is then sent into a collision course with a rock island in Dimension X. The Mighty Mutanimals use TCRI's portal to teleport the turtles back to Earth, trapping Kraang Subprime inside just before impact.
  • Dinosaur Seen in Sewers - In this episode, the Turtles find out the Kraang was in the process of using the Statue of Liberty as a secret base to launch a portal that would transport a large fleet of Technodromes to New York. With the Triceraton Morag's help, the Turtles closed the portal.
  • Annihilation: Earth! Part 1 - It is revealed that the Technodrome that crashed into the East River in Showdown is still stranded there, two years after it crashed. A very much alive Kraang Subprime is repairing it under the command of Kraang Prime. The turtles, Leatherhead and the Utrom Bishop stage an assault on the Technodrome to try to prevent it from returning to the air, in order to avoid provoking the Triceraton fleet into destroying the Earth for being infested with Kraang. Unfortunately the Triceratons arrive in orbit, and in their first assault they easily blast the Technodrome out of the sky with Prime and Subprime still inside, right before the fleet commences with the systematic annihilation of Earth and all the humans and Kraang on it but it was thwarted by the future versions of the turtles, April, and Casey in Earth's Last Stand. In the end, the Fugitoid sacrifices his life to destroy the Heart of Darkness and the entire Triceraton fleet.


Similar to the much smaller Kraang Stealth Ship seen earlier in the series, the Techndrome has multiple lasers and advanced weaponry, along with pods that can be released from the ship that are designed to accommodate humans, so that they can be taken up to the ship and captured. The capture pods are smaller spheres, about the size of an average car. It is also quite indestructible, made of super durable metal. The Kraang generate anti-gravity inside the ship to ease the movements of their hovercrafts. With its eye, it is able to "Kraangform" millions of people, and large landmasses at a time, with one supply of mutagen. With the unique mental energies of April O' Neil transferred to Kraang Prime, it could have terraformed entire planets.  


It is shaped similarly to a sphere, with multiple spiky points protruding from the ball that can shoot lasers. One of it's most visible features is a huge purple eye-like shape in it's center that is very menacing looking, and is made to resemble a Cyclops. On the inside, it looks similar to the TCRI building, a huge spacious inside with many abysses situated beneath designed to catch opponents off-guard. The interior of the ship is made up of vast corridors and houses thousands of Kraang.



  • This Technodrome looks similar to the Turtles Forever Technodrome, complete with the 'eye' in the center and the spiky appearance.
  • Much like the 1987 TV series, the Technodrome comes out to attack in the final episode, only to get stranded someplace after The Turtles beat the bad guys.
  • The Technodrome's "eye" in its center may be a reference to the Death Star from Star Wars. The 1987 series Technodrome also had an eye but it was located on top of the structure.
  • It is unclear exactly why it crashed into the River, but it can be presumed the Turtles just caused enough damage to it in their rescue mission for April.
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