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In the IDW continuity, the Techno Cosmic Research Institute, also known as T.C.R.I., is one of Baxter Stockman's many technology shell companies, and becomes his primary base of operations during the Vengeance story arc after both the loss of StockGen and the defeat of General Krang on Burnow Island. Stockman created TCRI in secret after initially partnering with Krang, founding the company using funds and resources embezzled from what Krang provided him for work at StockGen. Like StockGen, TCRI is located in New York City.

During the Vengeance arc, Stockman enters into a partnership with the Shredder to help the latter mount an attack on Splinter and the Turtles in their own home in exchange for the Foot Clan providing greater funding and security to Stockman's operations. However, Oroku Karai, who has come to see the Shredder's collaboration with outsiders as an existential threat to the Foot, goes behind the Shredder's back to help broker a traditional clan challenge between between the Shredder and his nemesis Splinter. Knowing a sinking ship when he sees it, Stockman quickly withdraws his involvement with the Foot, and Shredder is soon after killed by Splinter in a duel.

In The War to Come arc, former StockGen intern April O'Neil confronts Stockman at TCRI's recently opened Laboratory #7 in Ridgewood, Queens, and requests that he join forces with others in defense of the world. She also unnerves Stockman by smugly revealing how much she already knows about the Shredder, Splinter, Krang, the Neutrinos, the turtles, the flyborgs, the Mousers, and especially how Stockman has repeatedly run away from conflicts for purely selfish reasons. Meanwhile, a mutant scorpion named Zodi has secretly infiltrated TCRI to conduct corporate espionage for her employer, Madame Null. All are caught in the building when it is abruptly attacked by join force of Agent Bishop's Earth Protection Force with assistance from Wesley Knight's group Dark Water and the New York Police Department with Detective Kara Lewis as police liaison. The Turtles, who are already hidden outside monitoring April's safety, become temporary allies with Zodi and Stockman to repel the EPF-DW-NYPD attack.

The Turtles revisited T.C.R.I. during the Metalhead 2.0 arc, when Metal-Don infiltrated the facility in order to connect himself to the main computer server core. The Turtles stopped him from doing so, which caused Metal-Don to activate a self-destruct sequence that eliminated all emotion and humanity. He then broke out of the building and flew away.

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