Tang shen
Tang Shen
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Japan, Earth


Japanese and Chinese(?)

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2003 TV series

Voiced by

Karen Neill

Teachers and Students

Tang Shen killed by Yukio Mashimi.

Tang Shen was raised by the Ancient One, along with Hamato Yoshi and Yukio Mashimi. Yoshi and Shen fell in love, but this attracted the jealousy of Mashimi. To make matters worse, while both Yoshi and Mashimi were Guardians of the Utroms, Yoshi was promoted up to the rank of Guardian Prime while Mashimi was passed over. Mashimi's jealousy of Yoshi eventually led him to betray everything and join the Foot Clan. He killed Shen and led an attack against the Utroms. The attack failed, and the Utroms fled to a new hiding place, but Yoshi stayed behind and sought revenge. He attacked the Foot headquarters alone, fighting his way up to Mashimi, until finally he dueled Mashimi and killed him. Later, he moved to New York City, the new hiding place of the Utroms. On her gravestone, her name was written as (Mandarin Chinese: Táng Shèn). While she did not appear again in the series, her grave was later visited by Hamato Splinter, who brought Yoshi's ashes back to Japan to be buried next to her.

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