Talkin michelangelo.jpg

“Pizza Time!”, “Ha! Ha! Ha!” and “Kowabunga!” Accessories

  • Ninja Spear
  • Phrase Flag
  • Sausage Nunchukus

Favorite thing to do: Talk

Hey dudes and junior dudes! Mike’s Turtle tongue is yappin’ ‘n flappin’ a few funky phrases – and not just for fun! He’s on a Mutant mouth-off mission to mix it up, party-hearty and talk ’til the Foot drops. He’s slingin’ sewer slogans left, right and center. But he’s not the only Mutant to mutter a motto: Leo, Don and Raph have joined Mike to become the first Green Teen Talkin’ Team. So sit back and listen up as Mike has a Turtle sewer-speak session with his three babbling buddies. You just might learn something.


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