Truth be told, mutant turtle designs were traditionally below average in height, especially in the Mirage continuity.

In fact, in Mirage Volume 4 it even became a minor plot point that the more efficiently agile ninja—like the Turtles themselves—tend to be shorter than average, and the Triceratons developed their own ninjutsu-like martial art, t'jat uhasil, based on video archives of how the Turtles fought in the Tri-Sports Arena back in Volume 1. At the time, Triceraton All-Star Team were massive and relied on overwhelming force to win battles, but the Turtles killed them with shocking ease, with the effect that traditional Triceraton combat wisdom was turned upside down. Since then, Triceraton practitioners of t'jat uhasil tended to be leaner and below average height to try to capture a similar advantage. Some formed teams like T'Zirk's Terrors, and became among the Triceraton Republic's most elite stealth commandos. Sometimes it just helps being smaller.

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