Talbot Peak is a location in the 2012 TV series. It is an extremely steep, bare rocky mountain near the O'Neil Farm in North Hampton, New York. The mountain is geo-thermally active, with a geyser vent on its slope.


Talbot Peak made its first appearance in Eyes of the Chimera. The mutant Chimera had made a nest high on the mountain, and carried away Casey Jones, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael to its nest, intending to eat them. As they tried to escape the Chimera, they were knocked into the geyser vent further down the mountain's slope, fortunately landing on a ledge inside the vent and not directly into the boiling water. However, with the next eruption imminent, they needed to escape the vent as soon as possible. Donnie and Mikey had forgotten to carry their grappling hooks, so Raph tied his grappling hook rope to Mikey's kusarigama chains to create an escape line long enough to climb out of the vent in time. The plan failed when the Chimera spotted them down in the vent, swooped down and attacked them, severing the rope in the process and knocking the four back down onto the ledge. A blind April O'Neil and a crippled Leonardo had cooperated to climb the mountain to rescue the four, but were attacked by the Chimera and snatched away by it. They managed to climb onto the Chimera's back and start steering it, flying it head-first into the geyser vent, partially obstructing the hole with its massive body and increasing the pressure inside the vent. The four trapped in the vent climbed up the unconscious Chimera's body and out of the vent. As the six descended the mountain, the pressure inside the mountain triggered an explosion in part of the mountainside above them, forcing them to seek shelter from a rock avalanche.

In Vision Quest, mountains very similar in appearance to Talbot Peak appeared in the vision quests of both Leonardo and Donatello. It is not clearly established whether these scenes took place on Talbot Peak.


  • Talbot Peak is named in honor of Mirage Studios veteran Eric Talbot.
  • In real life, there are no geysers anywhere in the state of New York, or indeed anywhere in the northeastern parts of the United States of America. There are hot springs in the state, but none with enough hydrothermal pressure to form geysers.
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