Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Michelangelo "Wait. Just wait. In the car, that was—?"

Leonardo "Yeah."

Mikey "And in the other car that was—?"

Donatello "Yep."

Mikey "And the human guys?"

Raphael "You got me."

Mikey "Okay, cool. Just checking. I'm totally fine with that, wait, no I'm not."

Mikey "Whhaaat the hoohaw is going on here?! Is this the crazy-verse?"

Mikey "No seriously, Renet. Is this the crazy-verse? You didn't bring us to the crazy-verse, did you?"

Donnie "Calm down, Mikey. I'm sure there is a totally logical explanation for this..."

Donnie "...Renet, could it be possible that you, uh, brought us to the crazy-verse?"

Renet "Please. Like I would take you guys there. As if."

Renet "This place is what we call in the Time Master biz a "T.T. alter-stream." Like an alternate time stream that was formed by, like, a time traveler. Most alter-streams are "T.M." not "T.T.""

Renet "Taking into account like all the time streams, T.M. alter-streams are pretty rare but, like, T.T. ones are super rare."

Renet "And when I say "rare" I mean there are like an infinite number of them but they rarely occur."

Renet "If that makes any sense."

Raph "That actually doesn't many any sense. "Rarely" and "infinite" don't go together and all this talk about TP and streams is making me need to use a bathroom."

Leo "I can't believe she confirmed that there is an actual place called the "crazy-verse." "

Donnie "Actually, Raph, "rarely" and "infinity" do go together."

Donnie "Please allow me to clear this all up for you."

Donnie (narration) "As I said at the start of this story, this could get confusing. So while I explain this to my brothers, feel free to take your own notes."

Donnie (n) "On the other hand, if you think you get it, skip ahead. It is your comic. Read it backwards for all I care."

(blackboard diagram)

Donatello is a dweeb

Donnie "Here's our timeline. On the end is the Cretaceous period and on this end 2016."

Donnie "We travelled from here to here, but Bebop and Rocksteady travelled to some point in the middle, which created a new timeline."

Donnie "When we followed Savanti back to 2016 we were re-routed into the new timeline while Savanti went to our original timeline."

Page 2

Leo "But why'd he go back to the original timeline and not us?"

Donnie "That's tricky to explain, but it boils down to the fact that in our original timeline, we didn't show up like we are doing right now and Savanti did."

Donnie "So we're here and he's there."

Donnie "Savanti is literally right here, in this place, at this time, but we can't see him..."

Donnie "Because we are now in a different dimension."

Savanti Romero (other dimension) "So it is here that I shall find my loyal servants Bebop and Rocksteady."

Renet "He will meet Bebop and Rocksteady and they will take future Renet's Scepter from him."

Savanti (od) "They will be useful when I attack and overthrough the Time Master Council."

Raph "But what about Pepperoni? Is she with Savanti or what?"

Page 3

Renet "I hate to say it, Raph, but there's no way to know. It's possible. It's also possible she fell into a totally different point in your timeline. She could be lost in time forever."

Donnie "What we gotta do is go back to this point and the Scepter from Bebop and Rocksteady."

Renet "Actually, no. I can't determine what that point is, but I do know that they left there and went to at least one other point that I can determine with some accuracy."

Leo "And that is?"

Renet "2012."

Mikey "Whoa, that's when we were still just normal turtles!"

Leo "Do you know where in 2012?"

Renet "Some place called StockGen."

Raph "Y-You're joking!"

Donnie "Renet, that's where we came from."

Donnie "That's where so many things begin..."

Page 4

[StockGen Labs, 2012.]


>We have the building surrounded...<

>...Come out with your hands up.<

Mutant Rocksteady "They always say that. "Out with your hands up." As if that makes me any less dangerous."

Mutant Rocksteady " "Hands up" is my ideal clobbering position."

Mutant Rocksteady "You see what I mean? Now where's the mutagen?"

Scientist "I don't know. I'm nobody. They tell me nothing. Please."

Human Rocksteady "You believe him> You gonna do the lookin' in the eye thing?"

Mutant Rocksteady "...Nah."

Page 5

Mutant Bebop "Rocksteady, would you stop goofing off? Come over here and help with this door."


Mutant Rocksteady " "Goofing off?" "

Mutant Bebop "You know, fooling around, lollygagging. Why don't you do the one thing you are good at and break this door like the big dumb wrecking ball you are."

Mutant Rocksteady "You know, Bebop, ever since we picked up our younger selves, you been acting like a real jerk to me."

Mutant Rocksteady "Waving your magic time wand around like you're the Lord of the Rings."

Mutant Rocksteady "That's it! You think you're the leader now."

Mutant Bebop "Hey, escduse me for having a little ambition. We're not all so happy to just follow along."

Mutant Rocksteady "You think this is like your gang now and you think you're the boss."

Mutant Bebop "Well, someone's got to use their brain around here. And me? I'm using all ten percent, jerk face."

Human Rocksteady "Jeez, is that really what we sound like when we fight? So annoying, 'specially you."

Human Bebop "That's it, jerk face!"

Mutant Rocksteady "Oh, yeah? Whose idea was it to get our younger selves mutated, huh?"

Mutant Bebop "That was my idea!"

Mutant Rocksteady "No! I let you think it was your idea."

Mutant Bebop "You only think you let me think that because I let you think that!"

Page 6

April O'Neil "What are those monsters?"

Lindsey Baker "We have to get out of here, April!"

April "Stay calm, Lindsay. Looks like they're fighting with each other. This might be our chance."

Lindsey "You expect to get out of here with the turtles?"

April "I can't leave these little guys behind. They're like my best friends. Where's your rat?"

Lindsey "Splinter has free range of the lab, he's probably already out. Rats are the first to abandon a sinking ship!"

April "Let's go."

April "Don't worry, guys, I'll get us out of here."

Lindsey "I can't believe what they did to Dr. Stock"

Mikey " "Anchovy," huh?"

Raph "You like "Bell Pepper" better?"

Mikey "Name him "Canadian Bacon." "

Leo "April?"

Donnie "No way!"

Page 7

April "More of them?!"

Raph "Guys. Check out what she's got."

Mikey "April, this is going to sound bananas but it's us. Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. It's us from the future."

April "How'd they get so bi—"

Chet Allen "A-Ah!"

Chet "Everyone! Y-Y-You-You-Y-Y-Y-Yyyyy—You need to get to safety!"

April "Chet! You're okay. Do you know what's going on here? Who are these—"

Page 8

April "Chet!"

Mutant Rocksteady "It's the turtles! 'Cept now they got a runty dinosaur."

Mutant Bebop "Haw! Are you creeps following us?"

April "Oh, my God! What's happening to you?"

Zayton Honeycutt (Chet) "I'm f-f-fine. These two br-br-br-bruteshave mere b-b-blown my cover b-before I was ready to reveal myself."

Mutant Bebop "Oh, yeah? We'll buh-buh-buh-blow this, dweebpod."

Leo "Cut 'em no slack, team. Strike fast and hard."

Mikey "Protect those little green dudes, April."


Page 9

Renet "Hey, April, sorry about all this. I'll fix everything as soon as I can. For now, you guys better stay safe."

April "Wh-Who are you?"

Human Rocksteady "Hey, if you're gonna mess with him you'll have to deal with me!"

Mikey "When did Beboop and Rocko get groupies?"

Raph "You're gonna pay, you Bebop wannabe."

Leo "I think it is Bebop, Raphael!"

Leo "It's them before they mutated!"

Leo "We need to simplify the problem."

Leo "Take down the human versions first, they'll be easier!"

Leo "Renet, buy us some time!"

Renet "Sure thing."

Page 10

Mutant Rocksteady "My eyes!"

Donnie "Watch out!"

Human Bebop "Take this, you green monsters!"

Raph "Monster? Look who's talking, pal."

Mutant Bebop "Give em hell, young me!"

Mutant Rocksteady "C'mon, they got them held down. Let's get the mutagen."

Human Bebop "Aah!"

Human Rocksteady "Knife stars! They got knife stars!"


Mikey "Where are they going?"

Human Rocksteady "You like stars, huh?"

Human Rocksteady "I'll show you stars!"

Human Bebop "Rrraaaoohh!"

Page 11

Mikey "These guys are almost as big a pain as the mutant Bebop and Rocksteady!"

Raph "They're distracting us from stopping their uglier selves who just busted through that door!"

Leo "Okay, change of plans. Forget taking anybody down. Just get the Scepter!"

Mutant Bebop "Didn't I tell you? I knew this would be the place to have the stuff."

Mutant Rocksteady "You? I'm the one who said, "let's go get the mutagen." "

Leo, Mikey, Donnie & Raph "Banzai!"

Mutant Bebop "It's a swarm! A turtle swarm!"

Turtle "Michelangelo!"

Mikey "...Uuuugghh..."

Page 12

Slash "Uuugggragh!"

Mutant Bebop "Whoa, did that little turtle just transform into a more badass turtle?"

Mutant Bebop "Cool!"

Leo "You all right, bro?"

Mikey "Ohhh. Yeah, just a little shellshock."

Raph "Slash?! Are you kidding?"

Donnie "If he can keep Bebop busy, maybe it'll give us an opening to nab the Scepter."

Human Bebop "Hey, shouldn't you help him! That turtle's gone Super Sayin."

Mutant Rocksteady "Your head was gettin' a little too big anyway. This oughta teach you a lesson about how to treat your friends."

Human Bebop "As if you know how to treat friends."

Mutant Rocksteady "I tell you what. I'll mutate you. Then you can save yourself."

Page 13

Donnie "Cripes, did you hear that?! They're going to try and mutate themselves. I mean, their human selves! You know what I mean?"

Mikey "Two mutated versions is already two too much!"

Leo "That must be why they came here. They're deranged!"

Leo "Raph, stay on the Scepter. We gotta stop Rocksteady."

Mutant Rocksteady "You guys? What are you doing here?"

Other Mutant Bebop "Hey, we have every right to be in Vegas as you do!"

Other Human Rocksteady "Maybe more so."

Mutant Rocksteady "This isn't Vegas! This is the mutagen store, you bozos."

Leo "What what what what what?!"

Mikey "Oh, I see! Nothing to worry about, bros. This has got to be a nightmare I'm having."

Donnie "If only, Mikey. Look, they have Scepters too! That's the car we saw back in Rio de Janeiro!"


Page 14

Wingnut "Eeeyyaaahhh!"

Other Mutant Bebop "Get down! It's a dracula!"

Scumbug "Hhisss!"

Page 15

April "Bug off!"

April "We should get out of here!"

Renet "Fer sure! Before things get any worse—"

Stone Soldier "Kill the intruders! Stop them from stealing General Krang's precious ooooooze!"

Mikey "More bad guys? It had to be more bad guys."


SWAT "Freeze! You freaks are under arrest!"

Leo "Is that better, Michelangelo?"

Mikey "Hmm. Not exactly."

Page 16 & 17

Stone Soldier "Kill them!"

Renet "Where are the turtles?"

Renet "This is no use, we have to get out of here!"

Raph "Ghaaa!"

Other Mutant Bebop "I'm really starting to hate turtles."


Raph "Pepperoni! I can't believe it you made it!"

Page 18

Mutant Rocksteady "I don't even know what's going on, anymore!"

Mutant Bebop "I got a plan! We need to simplify the problem!"

Mutant Rocksteady "Why didn't I think of that?"

Renet "They can't do that! This is like way-way-way bad!"

Scientist "No! My precious sea mutants! What are you doing to them?!"

Mutant Bebop "If you love them so much—"

Mutant Bebop "Why don't you marry them?!"

Page 19

SWAT "It burns! It burns!"

Raph "Oh, no! April!"

April "What is this stuff? It's all over me!"

Human Rocksteady "Some idea this way."

Mutant Bebop "Uhh. Yeah. Some idea, Rocksteady!"

Mutant Rocksteady "Would you shut up and let's shove some of these freaks into portals."

April "I can feel it changing me! Making me... Into something else!"

April "Aaaaahhh!"

Honeycutt "April! Take my hand!"

Page 20

Mutant Rocksteady "That mutagen must have expired, those guys aren't turning into cool mutants at all."

Mutant Bebop "C'mon, let's blow this popsicle stick."


Mutant Bebop "Aw, gross! This dump's got rats, too!"

Mikey "April... She just... Then gone."

Donnie "All those people, mutants, and rock soldiers pushed into time portals can't be good."

Mikey "Renet, we've got to do something! Go back before all of this happened!"

Renet "It's too late for that! They've seriously fractured your timeline. It's randomly sprouting T.T. alter-streams, sub-Z-streams, box dimensions, you name it."

Renet "We're sooo getting out of here!"

Raph "Where are we going?"

Renet "To a place where we might fix this. A place outside of time. We're going to..."

Renet "...The 79th Dimension!"

[To be continued next week! Or last week? Who knows!]

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