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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything! is an IDW Publishing comic mini-series event set in the IDW TMNT continuity that ran weekly throughout June 2016. The plot concerns Bebop and Rocksteady, feeling dejected following their defeat in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue #50 (IDW), and happening upon a Time Scepter. From there they cause more than just mischief as they cause massive damage to the timestream.

In the main IDW TMNT timeline, this story takes place between Chasing Phantoms and The War to Come.



Parallel Universe Characters

Part One

B&RDE 1.jpg

Released June 1st, 2016

65 million years ago, during the Age of Dinosaurs, the ex-Time Master Savanti Romero, wielding the Scepter of the Sands of Time, battles the Mirage continuity Ninja Turtles (all wearing red masks) and Renet, in a scene continued from The Return of Savanti Romero!. The Turtles defeat Savanti and he is banished, forced to remain in the prehistoric age. And while Savanti was once held in exile for eternity, he is suddenly rescued when the timeline is altered by two unlikely time travelers, explains our narrator Donatello.

In the present day, the Turtles are sneaking into the Natural History Museum in New York City to investigate a new exhibit, Mysteries of the Ancient Sorceress, featuring the mummified remains of a human that somehow dates back to the Cretaceous Period. While Raph comments that dinosaur bones aren’t nearly as impressive as living ones (like they saw in the Turtles in Time miniseries) and Mikey cracks jokes, Leo tells Donnie that he could have handled this mission by himself. Donnie tells Leo that it’s not the mummy he’s interested in, but two other specimens found nearby—two fossils that like exactly like their two bumbling foes, Bebop and Rocksteady.

In a separate panel, Donnie breaks the fourth wall, telling us, the audience, that this story revolves around Bebop and Rocksteady and their accidental adventure through time.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, present day. Bebop and Rocksteady are once again getting kicked out of a gang, this time because they accidentally sank their boss’s very expensive boat, loaded up with even more expensive war-bots. Their ex-boss (whom they try to dub Reggaeton, in keeping with their fondness for nicknames based on musical genres) orders his men to shoot Bebop and Rocksteady, who are bound together with chains. Annoyed by the gunfire, Rocksteady gets angry and slams a shipping container into the men shooting at them to get them to stop, but he hits it too hard and accidentally kills them. Bebop begs to be allowed to stay in the Lamina Negra Commandos, but the leader of the Lamina Negra tells Bebop and Rocksteady that they are going to die and he activates two of the war-bots, which promptly blast Bebop and Rocksteady with a missile. Bebop and Rocksteady, enraged, shake off the explosion and kill all the gang members.

Later, Bebop and Rocksteady lament their lot in life, sad after being kicked out of another gang and on their own again. Rocksteady, who is very bad with geography, wonders why they were sent to what he thinks is Africa. Rocksteady tells Bebop that they should just make some fast money and fly back to New York, but Bebop tells him that’s impossible, because they don’t look like the pictures on their old ID cards anymore.

Meanwhile, back at the Natural History Museum, Mikey calls for his brothers to take a look at the gemstone in the grasp of the prehistoric mummy. Mikey tells his brothers that the can hear the gem calling to him, telling him to touch it. He touches a finger to the gem and a beam of energy bursts outwards, opening a portal from which falls a confused Renet, the Turtles’ friend and  a Time Lord. Renet wonders how she ended up at the Museum of Natural History when she was traveling to the Neurial Empire in the year 6056 when she turns around and sees the Turtles. Donnie explains that Renet appeared when Mikey touched the mummy’s gem. Renet says it’s a type of automatic teleporter, and a rare one at that. Renet tells the Turtles that the mummy was a time lord who apparently knew the Turtles. Suddenly Renet realizes that the mummy is her in the future.

In an attempt to clarify things, Mikey asks Renet if she thinks that at some point in the future she will travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs and leave a gemstone to be found by the Turtles, which would summon young Renet to them. Renet tells them that if she went back in time to the Cretaceous Period, it’s because of Savanti Romero. Renet tells the Turtles that Savanti must have survived when they defeated him last. The Turtles, totally confused, ask Renet who Savanti Romero is. Renet tries to jog their memory, reminding them about how Savanti had taken her time scepter and attempted to cause all the volcanoes on earth to erupt at once, altering the earth’s orbit ever so slightly, so that the meteor that killed the dinosaurs would never hit the earth and its history would be changed forever, erasing the Turtles from existence.

Leo reminds Renet that all they did in the past was encounter some Utroms, not fight a time lord named Savanti Romero. Renet asks if she was there and Leo reminds her, and Renet realizes that the Turtles traveling back in time after being saturated with chronoparticles hasn’t happened yet for her, as she jumps around in time a lot. The Turtles realize that Renet doesn’t remember meeting them at the Battle Nexus either, because that had not yet happened for her either. The Turtles ask how Renet knows them if she hasn’t even met them yet. Renet explains that she’s met them many, many times, but some of them were alternate dimension versions of the Turtles. Renet explains that there are countless alternate dimensions, parallel universes, whatever you want to call them, but Time Lords like herself exist as singularities across all realities. Raph wants to know how Bebop and Rocksteady tie into all the situation. Renet explains that she must have set up the gemstone teleporter to get her to help the Turtles, and that Savanti must have gotten his hands on her time scepter, which means he could be anywhere in time or space, or even in another dimension.

Renet tells the Turtles that they still have an ace in the hole: the time scepter that Savanti has is a future version of Renet’s time scepter, which means that the two are linked and they can use the one to track the other. Renet inputs some information into her time scepter and she discovers that there’s another one on earth now.

Bebop and Rocksteady are rummaging through their belongings in their hideout in Rio de Janeiro. Rocksteady asks Bebop if he remembers the strange looking guy who asked them to join his gang about a week ago, who they had beat up because at the time they were still with the Lamina Negra. Bebop recalls that they’d stolen some type of wand-looking thing from the guy and says it must be somewhere in their hideout. The two begin looking for it, thinking that if they find it and return it maybe the guy they stole it from would let them join his gang. Finding the time scepter, Bebop and Rocksteady rejoice but are then surprised by a flash of light and the opening of a portal in their hideout, out of which comes Renet and the Turtles. Bebop and Rocksteady are just as surprised to see the Turtles as the Turtles are to see them. Renet wonders where Savanti Romero is while the Turtles charge towards Bebop and Rocksteady. Bebop and Rocksteady fight the Turtles while Renet tries to puzzle out the whole situation. Rocksteady accidentally hits Bebop in the head with the time scepter, activating it and sending the two of them through time, back to New York City. Bebop and Rocksteady are glad to be home and head to see if they could make use of their old hideout. When they arrive, Bebop and Rocksteady see that their old hideout is already occupied—by none other than themselves, pre-mutation. Bebop and Rocksteady realize that they’re in the year 2000.

Part Two

B&RDE 2.jpg

Released June 8th, 2016

Renet and the Turtles are still in Rio de Janeiro, confused and worried by Bebop and Rocksteady’s sudden disappearance. Renet attempts to explain to the Turtles that any act of time travel creates an alternate timeline, as the time traveler cannot return to their original timeline since it has been altered. Donnie picks up on what Rennet is saying, realizing that the fossilized Bebop and Rocksteady at the museum can’t be the same Bebop and Rocksteady they know from the Turtles’ own universe, because of the creation of alternate timelines. Renet tries to track Bebop and Rocksteady using the scepter they stole from her but it appears to have been damaged. Leo decides that until they know more their best bet is to head back to the Cretaceous Period, the source of the Bebop and Rocksteady fossils. Before they leave, Donnie asks Renet where Savanti Romero is now, if Bebop and Rocksteady took the scepter from him. Renet realizes she has no idea and exclaims “Gosharoonies!”.  The group departs through a portal and Leo cries “Ninja Turtles Go!” in an attempt at a catchphrase.

In New York City circa 2000, Bebop and Rocksteady’s future-mutant selves rock out with their past-human selves. The group finishes their jam session and enjoy the company of themselves. Future Rocksteady reminisces fondly about hanging out with Bebop back in the day, and tells their past selves that they’ll love being mutants. Past Bebop wonders why he and Rocksteady are still hanging out, as the two have been arguing a lot lately and thinking about parting ways. Future Bebop and Rocksteady remember the year they spent apart after a big fight and come up with the great idea to prevent it from happening, by taking their past selves to join the Foot Clan and get mutated now, and avoid time spent finding themselves. The group prepares to find the Foot and get some food on the way.

In the Cretaceous Period, a version of Bebop and Rocksteady that have been in the past for quite some time stand around with their dinosaur mounts, awaiting orders from Savanti Romero. Narrator Donatello tells us that this Bebop and Rocksteady are the ones that will end up as fossils in the Natural History Museum. Savanti tells them that the end of his exile is at hand. Savanti points towards the valley below them, where an encampment of Utrom scientists from Dimension X study dinosaurs (this is the same camp seen by the Turtles when they traveled back in time during the Turtles in Time miniseries). This Savanti Romero does not currently have a time scepter, so he tells Bebop and Rocksteady that they’re going to raid the Utroms camp and steal their transdimensional transport technology to get back to the 79th dimension, home of the Time Lords, where he was once apprentice to Lord Simultaneous. Savanti charges into the valley on the back of a tyrannosaurus rex, flanked by Bebop and Rocksteady on their own dinosaur mounts. Down in the Utrom camp, the Military Transport Team commander tells Churk, an Utrom scientist, that their camp should be safe against “warrior lizards” (a preparation made after their camp was attacked by the Turtles just a few days ago).

Elsewhere, Raphael’s dinosaur friend Pepperoni is foraging for food. A small raptor stalks her through the tall grass and attacks, lunging at her. Nearby, Renet and the Turtles emerge from a time portal. Renet spies the Utrom camp being attacked by Savanti, Bebop, and Rocksteady. Realizing they’re in the same spot they were in the last time they were in the Cretaceous Period only a few days later, Raph calls out to Pepperoni and she comes running towards the sound of his voice. Raph and Pepperoni are happy to see each other and Raph asks Pepperoni about her new little raptor friend that is following her.

In the wreckage of the Utrom camp, Savanti gathers pieces of transdimensional tech when another time portal opens. A future version of Renet emerges, now the Lord Time Mistress, and squares off against Savanti. The current Renet and the Turtles look on as Future Renet is ambushed by the savage Bebop and Rocksteady working with Savanti. Future Renet kills the prehistoric Bebop and Rocksteady with a blast of energy but Savanti manages to steal her time scepter. Savanti stuns Future Renet and opens a new time portal, vanishing. Current Renet and the Turtles rush to Future Renet’s aid. She tells her younger self that she must retrieve the scepter and remove the gem. Before young Renet can figure out what her older self means, the Turtles urge her to hurry up as the portal opened by Savanti is closing. Young Renet follows the Turtles into the time portal, followed by Pepperoni and her new friend.

As the group travels through the timestream, Savanti comments on how interesting he finds it that the Turtles dare thwart him again. The Turtles tell him he must be mistaken, as they have never faced him before. Before Renet and the Turtles can catch up however, Savanti continues on while the Turtles are shunted into an alternate timeline. To Raph’s horror, Pepperoni is diverted into yet another alternate timeline.

NYC, the year 2000: future mutants Bebop and Rocksteady admire the custom car owned by their younger selves, as they had not yet destroyed it in a getaway chase. The group piles into the car and head to the Foot Clan’s headquarters. The four soon arrive at the Foot Clan Holding and Investment Corp’s office building, where future Bebop and Rocksteady are surprised by the lack of Shredder, Karai, or anything resembling the Foot Clan they know. An employee tells them that it is merely an office for lawyers and businessmen, and there are no ninja bosses with “kick ass claw gloves” as Bebop described. Past Rocksteady laments that they’ll just have to wait for the Foot Clan to become what it will one day be when Future Bebop realizes they can just use the time scepter again to travel to when the Foot Clan is a vast and powerful criminal organization with the technology to mutate people.

The two Bebops and Rocksteadys pile back into the car and use the time scepter to travel back to the year 2016. As they fly through the timestream, they see another car with another set of human and mutant Bebops and Rocksteadys. Confused but unconcerned, they continue on until one of the cars heads into an alternate timeline.

Back in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Renet and the Turtles return from the Cretaceous Period in pursuit of Savanti Romero but are confused when they don’t see him. Renet tells them that its actually a week before they were first in Rio, and that Savanti is in the same place and time but in an alternate timeline, as the Turtles can’t get back to their own timeline due to it being changed by time travel. As the Turtles talk through the strange situation, a car with two sets of Bebops and Rocksteadys, one human, one mutant,  flies out of another time portal. Another time portal with another car containing two Bebops and Rocksteady opens and the two cars crash into each other in a fiery explosion. As Renet and the Turtles look on in shock, the two sets of mutant Bebops and Rocksteadys pick themselves up, unscathed, and the uninjured human Bebop and Rocksteady all pile into one car, leaving behind an injured human Bebop and Rocksteady. The car containing three sets of Bebop and Rocksteady leaves through another time portal and the wrecked car left behind blows up, killing the human Bebop and Rocksteady left behind.

"Gosharoonies!" exclaims Raphael.

Part Three

B&RDE 3.jpg

Released June 15th, 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016: Renet and the Turtles look on in shock at the charred remains of the explosion caused by several Bebops and Rocksteadys. Renet tries to explain that they now appear to be in what the Time Lords call a ‘T.T. alter-stream’, an alternate timeline created by a time traveler, which is even rarer than a timeline created by a Time Master as time travel is usually carefully regulated (although there is an infinite number of both as there is a countless number of timelines that exist). Raph says that none of that makes sense, but Donnie explains things to him and his other brothers. Narrator Donnie tells us that this story about time travel was bound to get confusing, and we can read the comic book in any order we like. In story, Donnie explains that because Bebop and Rocksteady traveled back to some other point in time between the time of dinosaurs and the present day, they can’t get back to their original timeline since it's now been altered. Since the Turtles originally didn’t travel through spacetime to Brazil in their original timeline, Savanti was able to get their timeline but the Turtles were diverted to an alternate dimension.

In the original timeline, Savanti Romero walks the streets of Rio, knowing that he will soon find Bebop and Rocksteady, who he intends to make his minions to help him overthrow the Time Council, not knowing that they are destined to beat him up and steal the time scepter he stole from Renet. In the alternate timeline with the Turtles, Raph struggles to stay calm while he tries to figure out where Pepperoni ended up. Renet breaks the bad news to him that she may be lost in time forever, as they can’t track where she went. Donnie guesses that if they can travel back in time to the first point that Bebop and Rocksteady had the stolen time scepter then they could prevent all of this from happening. Renet tells him that she can’t figure out when that was, but she can see that Bebop and Rocksteady went back to 2012 at some point. The Turtles freak out, because in 2012 they were still non-mutated baby turtles living in the Stockgen Labs, and Bebop and Rocksteady could potentially alter their timeline further and keep the Turtles from ever being mutated.

In the year 2012 at the Stockgen Labs, security and police have the building surrounded. Inside, the mutated Bebop and Rocksteady along with their pre-mutated selves are wrecking up the place. Mutant Rocksteady demands that a cornered scientist tell them where the mutagen is kept. Mutant Bebop interrupts Rocksteady and tells him to quit goofing off and help him break down a door. Rocksteady tells Bebop that he’s sick of getting bossed around all the time, while Bebop counters that Rocksteady is too dumb to lead them himself. Mutant Bebop and Rocksteady begin to fight, while human Bebop and Rocksteady look on and then they begin to fight as well, the tension growing between them coming to a head. Unnoticed by both sets of Bebop and Rocksteady, Stockgen scientist Lindsey Baker and intern April O’Neil cower in fear as the Bebops and Rocksteadys fight each other. April, clutching the terrarium containing the pre-mutated turtles that would one day become her friends, tells Lindsey that they should make a break for it while the intruders are distracted. As they head down a hallway April asks Lindsey where the rat she’s been running experiments on has gotten to; Lindsey tells her he’s probably already made it out of the building. Lindsey is still in shock about what Bebop and Rocksteady did to Dr. Stockman when suddenly Renet and the Turtles emerge from a time portal. Mikey tells Raph that he should name their new pet velociraptor Canadian Bacon instead of Anchovy. The Turtles are pleased to see April but she is very confused as she has not yet met the post-mutation Turtles. Raph points out the tank with their baby selves inside and Mikey explains to April that they are the same turtles, from the future. April faints but is caught by Chet, another Stockgen scientist.  

The mutant Bebop and Rocksteady crash through a wall as they fight, covering Chet in debris. Bebop and Rocksteady see the Turtles and laugh at them for trying to follow and catch up to them as they jump around through time. Chet, who is secretly an alien from Neutrino whose body was destroyed and mind transferred to a robot, has his cover blown as his camouflage mechanism is broken by the collapsed wall. The Turtles spring into action and attack Bebop and Rocksteady to protect their pre-mutated selves as well as the others. Renet tells April that she’s going to fix everything and that she’ll see her later. As the Turtles fight mutant Bebop and Rocksteady, human Bebop and Rocksteady join the fray, confusing the Turtles. Leo realizes who the two humans are and tells his brothers that they should take them out first so that they can focus on the mutant Bebop and Rocksteady. Renet temporarily blinds the mutant Bebop and Rocksteady with a burst of light from her time scepter while the Turtles dodge gunfire and attack the human Bebop and Rocksteady. After recovering, the mutant Bebop and Rocksteady crash through another wall and go in search of mutagen. The Turtles change tactics and focus on taking the scepter from Bebop and Rocksteady. Mutant Bebop and Rocksteady find the room where all the test specimens are kept. The Turtles arrive and attack, and Bebop tosses Mikey aside, sending him crashing into one of the specimen tanks, breaking it open. A mutated snapping turtle emerges from the tank, Slash, still feral as he has not yet escaped Stockgen and joined up with Hob or received the psychotropic serum. The Turtles take the opportunity to regroup while mutant Bebop is distracted by Slash and mutant Rocksteady tries to get the mutagen and mutate human Bebop and Rocksteady. Before they can do anything else, a time portal opens up and the car containing the other human Bebop and Rocksteady and two mutant Bebops and Rocksteadys flies out and crashes into the other specimen tanks in the lab, spilling mutagen everywhere. The newly arrived Bebops and Rocksteadys are confused because they meant to go to Las Vegas. The mutant Rocksteady that was already at Stockgen tells them that they’re at the mutagen store.

One of the freed test subjects, a large bat mutant with mechanical wings and a parasitic fly larvae attached to its head emerges from the crash wreckage and attacks, picking up a mutant Bebop and soaring into the air. More mutants crawl out from their destroyed containment tubes, a cockroach mutant with mechanical implants, as well as a mutated seahorse and angler fish. A portal opens and a platoon of stone soldiers pours out to secure the supply of Utrom ooze while at the same time the police outside blow a wall to breach the room, ordering everyone to freeze. Chaos ensues as the Turtles, the many Bebops and Rocksteadys, the accidentally freed mutants, the stone soldiers, and the police all battle each other. A mutant Bebop hits Raph in the shell with a chainsaw but just then another time portal opens and Pepperoni flies out, hitting Bebop in the head. Another mutant Bebop, deciding that there is too much going on, uses the time scepter to open several portals and starts pushing combatants through haphazardly, sending them to different time periods and wreaking havoc on the timestream. Rocksteady grabs another time scepter and begins doing the same. Renet freaks out as she sees what Bebop and Rocksteady are doing. A rock soldier and a SWAT officer fall into a puddle of mutagen, splashing it onto others as well including April, and they all begin mutating wildly. A mutant Bebop and Rocksteady and a human Bebop and Rocksteady pile into their car, deciding they’ve made a huge mess of things and should just leave. Mutant Bebop is grossed out because he accidentally stepped on a rat, killing it. The four leave through another time portal.

Renet tells the Turtles that Bebop and Rocksteady have created more T.T. alter-streams, sub z-streams, and box dimensions through all their time travel shenanigans. She tells the Turtles that the only ones who can help them now are the Time Lords in the 79th Dimension.

Part Four

B&RDE 4.jpg

Released June 22nd, 2016

A human and mutant Bebop sit in the front seats while a human and mutant Rocksteady sit in the back seats of their car, careening down a tunnel through time. The Bebops and Rocksteadys continue arguing with each other, accusing the other party of being unreasonable. Soon the two Rocksteadys decide to depart with their time scepter and they leap out of the car and head down a separate time tunnel. The two Bebops decide they’re better off without them.

Mutant Bebop and human Bebop wind up on Earth in the year 2110. The city is populated with mutants and aliens, mostly Utroms. Bebop and Bebop sit at a bar and drink beer. Mutant Bebop tries to tell human Bebop about his future adventures, but then remembers that since the past versions of Bebop and Rocksteady split up those adventures will no longer happen.

Walking through a foggy field in Verdun, France, the year 1916, mutant Rocksteady and human Rocksteady complain about Bebop. Future Rocksteady admits to Past Rocksteady that when he and Bebop weren’t talking he went back to his awful ex-girlfriend Stacy. Suddenly a French soldier sees the pair and fires a shell at them, sending them flying.

In the future, Bebop and Bebop are deep in their cups and still complaining about Rocksteady. A group of Utrom guards arrive and demand that they turn over their unauthorized transdimensional travel device. The Bebops taunt the guards and then begin bickering with each other, before fleeing from the guards’ superior numbers. Bebop and Bebop jump back in their car but their way is quickly blocked. The two attempt to come up with a plan. In the past, Rocksteady and Rocksteady find themselves pinned down in a trench with some German soldiers. Both mutant and human Rocksteady pick up weapons and begin shooting at the people shooting at the soldiers trapped in the trench. Another shell crashes down on top of them, sending them reeling again. Human Rocksteady is severely injured and as he lays dying, he laments that he’d have to go back to his ex-girlfriend instead of hang out with Bebop. Mutant Rocksteady tears up and the two both wish they had apologized to Bebop and quit their old gang with him. Suddenly another mutant Rocksteady emerges from a time portal, clutching a SWAT officer and asking the other Rocksteadys if they’ve seen any rock soldiers. Another portal opens up and rock soldiers begin pouring out, and the Rocksteady who was comforting the human Rocksteady as he lay dying hands a gun to the newly arrived Rocksteady and then departs in search of Bebop to mend things.

In the future, Bebop and Bebop are driving down a bridge, the way ahead blocked by Utroms and several more hot on their tail. Mutant Bebop opens a time portal for them to leave through but he accidentally opens one immediately behind them, causing them to rear end their own car and fall off the bridge. The car lands and explodes, killing human Bebop. Mutant Bebop says that it’s not a big deal because he was pretty annoying. Bebop sets off in search of his Rocksteady, the timestream now littered with debris as a result of all their tampering. In 2012 at the Stockgen labs, the anglerfish mutant fights some of General Krang’s rock soldiers. Bebop is about to open a time portal and start pushing people through it when a portal opens up and Rocksteady flies out, knocking over a Bebop and Rocksteady. The two fall into a puddle of mutagen and fuse together into a grotesque abomination. Rocksteady is unfazed and continues to search for Bebop, ignoring three other Bebops fighting in the lab as they aren’t the right one. Rocksteady opens a portal and departs, followed by the mutant anglerfish.

People run screaming from Bebop in Florence, Italy, the year 1490. Bebop spots Slash, who was accidentally set free during the fighting at Stockgen and pushed through a time portal. Bebop, mistaking Slash for a disfigured Michelangelo, asks him where Rocksteady has gone. Slash, still animalistic in nature, merely roars in response. Bebop leaves through a portal just as another one opens up above Slash and a car with more Bebops and Rocksteadys, dressed in clothing from various time periods falls out and crushes Slash. At the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, 1969, the Apollo 11 shuttle launch is reviewing its checklist for launch. The guidance technician urges them to abort the launch when he sees that two monsters (Rocksteady and the anglerfish) have appeared on top of it and begun fighting. Rocksteady shakes off the fish mutant and with a wave of his time wand both he and the rocket disappear.

Bebop falls out of a time tunnel into a strange landscape. He sees other time tunnels with other versions of himself and Rocksteady traveling to various time periods. A robed man sees Bebop and decries his appearance the fulfillment of a prophecy. The man asks why Rocksteady isn’t with Bebop and Bebop tells him that he’s been searching all over for him as some other robed ones present a roast pig to Bebop. The cultists, who apparently worship Bebop and Rocksteady as deities, despair when Bebop leaves again in search of his friend. The head cultist laments that they will have to face the sea horsemen and their forces on their own for another fifty years. A female cultist spots an opening portal and a Bebop/Rocksteady/rock soldier fusion-mutant coming through, and it begins terrorizing the cultists. One Million Years B.C.: Rocksteady and the Apollo 11 space shuttle fall out of a time portal and crash amongst a herd of wooly rhinos and mammoths.

At the site of Stockgen labs in the year 2012, Bebop steps out of a time portal and sees that the entire landscape has been transformed into a shanty town in a barren wasteland. Bebop calls out for Rocksteady. Other Bebop and Rocksteadys, the inhabitants of the shantytown, spot the newly-arrived Bebop and rush him to see if he still has a working time scepter. Bebop flees from the horde of desperate mutants. Somewhere, at some point in time, Rocksteady still searches for Bebop in a medieval castle, although he begins to think his search may be in vain. All around him other Bebops and Rocksteadys and mutants escaped from Stockgen fight and run from each other, time portals opening and closing everywhere.

In the 79th Dimension, outside of time, Renet and the Turtles watch in horror as they see the timeline fracturing spread further and further, threatening to destroy all of time.

“Bogus,” says Michelangelo.

Part Five

B&RDE 5.jpg

Released June 29th, 2016

In the 79th Dimension, Time Lord minions inform the head Time Mistress that more and more  time-traveler alter-streams are being create, wreaking havoc on the timestream. Renet and the Turtles arrive and inform the Time Mistress that all of the people and mutants being flung through time at random is the work of Bebop and Rocksteady. The Time Mistress is upset that they’ll have to identify the dimension of origin of every accidental time-traveler in order to send them back and restore order. Renet tries to tell the Time Mistress that while they do that, Bebop and Rocksteady will still be sowing chaos. The Time Mistress dismisses Renet so Renet leads the Turtles down a hallway in the Time Lord headquarters. In a hangar Renet spots a ship, the F4 Time Intruder. Renet tells the Turtles that they’re going to steal it. The mutant Bebop from dimension CZ-750 (the Turtles’ home dimension) travels through a knot of time tunnels along with various other Bebops, Rocksteadys, and various other beings accidentally thrown through time. Bebop begins calling out for Rocksteady, the one from his timeline. Rocksteady, in a nearby time tunnel, hears him and calls back in response.

In the 79th Dimension, Renet and the Turtles approach the central hub, a point where all time tunnels can be diverted to, in order to shut it down, thus directing all the beings in the tunnels to the same dimension. The Time Mistress is alerted to what is going on and is furious that Renet defied her orders and interfered. Renet and the Turtles shut down all the time tunnels but one, leaving it open so that they can enter it and find Bebop and Rocksteady. The Time Mistress orders security to enter the central hub room and stop Renet but the doors are sealed. Renet and the Turtles hop in the F4 Time Intruder and fly into the time tunnel. They eliminate all the Bebops and Rocksteadys save for the original two, the ones who still have time scepters. Elsewhere in the time tunnel, Bebop and Rocksteady are finally reunited. Rocksteady and Bebop apologize to each other for the argument they had earlier, as well as past transgressions that they each regretted. Just then Renet and the Turtles spot Bebop and Rocksteady, with only nine minutes left until a total collapse of the multiverse. The Turtles gear up for battle and Raphael cries, “Turtle Power!”

The Turtles leap from the ship and attack, at first struggling to move through the gravity-less time tunnel. The Turtles quickly adjust and begin making headway against their foes. Raph pries one of the time scepters from Bebop’s hands as the multiversal collapse becomes imminent. The Time Mistress watches nervously on a monitor as the final seconds tick away and all of existence outside of the time tunnel begins to collapse. The Turtles tag-team Bebop and Rocksteady one final time and knock the final time scepter from Rocksteady’s hands, sending it flying through the tunnel. Just before it sails through the tunnel wall, Pepperoni leaps into the air and catches it. The group piles back into the F4 and head back to the Time Lords’ base. Renet and the Turtles watch Bebop and Rocksteady drift down the time tunnel, which leads right back to the same time and place that it all started, in the time of dinosaurs. Bebop and Rocksteady emerge from a portal on a prehistoric shore to see Savanti Romero dragging himself out of the surf. The two help him up and tell him that they regretted not taking him up on his offer and tell him that if he still wants them, they’ll be his new henchmen.

At Time Lord headquarters, Renet and the Turtles reactivate the central time tunnel hub. Renet tells the Turtles that she’s probably going to be in even more trouble than the time she caused the whole multiverse to need to be rebooted. Donnie asks Renet about all the timelines that were destroyed by Bebop and Rocksteady’s meddling; Renet tells him that ultimately it was only a small fraction of all the timelines in existence, so it’s no big deal. Mikey suddenly realizes that now there’s a dimension full of nothing but all the alternate Bebops and Rocksteadys that were created through their time travel shenanigans. Renet informs the Turtles that she saved a set of Bebop and Rocksteadys, the two that died in the fighting. Renet and the Turtles travel back to the Cretaceous Period with the dead Bebop and Rocksteady, to find the unconscious Bebop and Rocksteady that had lived there in the past for some time while working for Savanti Romero. Renet explains that in order to restore the Turtles’ timeline, they have to send the unconscious Bebop and Rocksteady home and leave the dead ones behind, to become the fossils that ended up at the Natural History Museum.

Renet suddenly notices that the body of her elder self that had died in the fight with Savanti Romero had already been mummified, even though the fight had occurred relatively recently. Renet remembers the words her future self told her before she died, telling her to remove the gem. In Rio de Janeiro, 2016, the Turtles dump the unconscious prehistoric Bebop and Rocksteady in their hideout, hoping that when the two wake up they’ll think it was all a crazy dream.

The Turtles and Renet return to the Museum of Natural History in New York City, 2016. The Turtles comment on how surreal it is to see the skeletons of the Bebop and Rocksteady that they left in the past. Renet approaches her mummified older self and takes the future time scepter from Leo. As the scepter nears the gem held by the Renet mummy there is a flash of light and future Renet awakes, her body restored. Future Renet explains that when she was mortally wounded she used her time scepter to go into stasis until she could be healed. Future Renet wishes Present Renet and the Turtles well and she departs. The Turtles decide to go get some pizza as Renet wonders how exactly Bebop and Rocksteady met Savanti Romero and got the time scepter from him. In Rio de Janeiro, one week prior, Savanti Romero arrives and walks the streets until he finds Bebop and Rocksteady. Bebop and Rocksteady, still with the Lamina Negra Commandos and not yet introduced to Savanti, tell him to get lost and when he persists, they beat him up and steal the time scepter from him. Savanti then teleports away to another dimension using a transporter he stole when he, Bebop, and Rocksteady stormed the Utrom camp during the Cretaceous Period.

The next morning in Rio, Bebop and Rocksteady wake up and are confused to find themselves back in the present day, after having lived in the dinosaur age for a year and a half. Rocksteady and Bebop decide it is time for them to return to New York. As they step outside their hideout they are surprised to see their old car, with the baby velociraptor Anchovy hiding out in the back seat. The begin the long drive back to New York but crash the car two blocks down the road. Narrator Donnie explains that after returning home to New York, Pepperoni had her first slice of real pizza and joined the Turtles on many adventures. Savanti Romero, now in hiding in another dimension, is likely plotting to attempt to overthrow the Time Masters yet again. The alternate-timeline April O’Neil that was accidentally mutated by Bebop and Rocksteady and then sent back in time to the 1960’s along with the Fugitoid went on to become a crimefighter known as Nightbug, using her insect-like abilities to fight crime and thwart evildoers. All the duplicate Bebops and Rocksteadys are now in a dimension by themselves, waiting for an unsuspecting interdimensional traveler to happen upon them.




Rocksteady's Pac-Man nipple tattoo.

  • In one scene of issue #5, Rocksteady is shown to have a nipple tattoo of Pac-Man, positioned so that his right nipple looks like a pellet about to be eaten.
  • When the Turtles are in the 79th Dimension, their feet have three toes apiece instead of the usual two.