Donatello with his T-Pod

The T-Pod is a music-playing device created by Donatello using parts from a military junkyard. According to him, it was the most advanced music player in the world. Michelangelo was quick to take a shine to the device. Thanks to an advanced A.I. chip, the T-Pod had the ability to continuously reconfigure and upgrade itself.


I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman - As a music player the T-Pod was harmless and simply downloaded thousands of songs onto itself. But when it fell into the hands of Baxter Stockman, he plugged it into his powered battle armor, upgrading it from a laughable exoskeleton to a formidable mecha called "The Stockman Pod". The Turtles had to destroy the T-Pod for good.

Baxter's Gambit - After the Turtles, Fishface, and Dogpound escaped his labyrinth, they end up encountering Baxter's Monster of Doom (an upgraded Stockman Pod). The upgrade is controlled by Baxter Stockman by his UFO and it has snake-based lasers, Mousers launching out of it, and the same abilities the original had. As instructed by Leonardo, Mikey and Dogpound attempted to draw it under Baxter, though he escaped. Mikey taunts it to come and get them. As it reaches Baxter's location, Fishface and Raph were instructed to destroy the UFO. Fishface launches Raph up and he damages the UFO. The UFO collapses and crashes into the Stockman Pod, though Baxter survived with his helicopter hat.


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